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I Put This in The Corners of My House and The Next Day All The Cockroaches Were Dead! It is a fact that all people find cockroaches disgusting, mostly due to the fact that they carry dangerous diseases.

I Put This in The Corners of My House and The Next Day All The Cockroaches Were Dead!

Even though these pests are often eliminated with the help of commercial products, they are often loaded with harmful chemicals. On the other hand, you can try a natural solution to this problem, which causes no harm, and instantly destroys cockroaches. This extermination method is completely safe and poses no health risks. Yet, it definitely provides the effects you are wishing for. You should combine half a cup of powdered sugar, half a cup of flour, half a cup of minced onion, a quarter cup of shortening, and 8 ounces of baking soda. EC/TDS/PPM Meter. TDS is the measuring of the amount of salts in a solution.


For alot of applications the amount of salt is indicitive of the levels of other stuff in a solution. TDS/PPM meters sold for gardening and aquariums figure the amount of salt in Parts Per Million by measuring the Electrical Conductivity of the solution under test. Recette de la peinture à la farine pour la protection des bois extérieurs.

Vous mettez quoi pour protéger vos bois extérieurs ?

recette de la peinture à la farine pour la protection des bois extérieurs

> cette drogue de lasure (quand c’est fini le bois en redemande l’année suivante) ? > votre bois est autoclave (vous trouvez çà beau) ? > votre bois est brut mais à tendance à mal vieillir aux outrages du temps ? Donc laissez vous tenter par une belle peinture (avec les pigments naturels), écologique, résistante, simple, pour un coût ridicule. La base essentielle de cette peinture sont les pigments, cette poudre donnera la couleur à votre peinture, laissez vous à dénicher celle qui vous plaira. Ingrédients pour 3 litres de peinture à la farine. Inteligência Financeira. Posted by Inteligência Financeira under dicas | Tags: receitas caseiras | [5] Comments Mais um produto multi-uso que não é caro – a CAL VIRGEM, ou Óxido de Cálcio.

Inteligência Financeira

Produto natural, não tóxico, que provém da calcinação de rochas calcárias. Tanning, dye and processing materials & discussion. Tanning Tannins are organic compounds, mostly glucosidal, which have an acid reaction and are very astringent.

Tanning, dye and processing materials & discussion

Their biological function is in doubt. Oak, Common. Home Page.

Oak, Common

How to Dye With Oak Galls. Oak galls are a natural source of tannin that can be used to colour natural materials.

How to Dye With Oak Galls

Galls form when a tiny gall wasp lays its egg in the leaves or twigs of an oak tree. Iron-gall dye first saw use in the 12th century and continued to be a source of dye and permanent ink for over 700 years, according to the Maryland State Archives. Using natural plant dyes. Extraction of Woad by Teresinha Roberts. 9.

Extraction of Woad by Teresinha Roberts

Concentrating the Pigment Let the liquid in the jar settle for a couple of hours. You may see a blue sludge at the bottom of the jar. Carefully empty 2/3 of the jar or siphon most of liquid away with a glass siphon. Then fill it again with clean water. Pitch and hardener (primitive epoxy) I have read a couple of formulas for hardening pine pitch or other conifer pitch.

Pitch and hardener (primitive epoxy)

One calls for a 5:1 pitch to hardener ratio, the hardener being wood ash. How to Make Pine Pitch. I try to collect pine resin deposits that happen naturally, usually caused by a fracture in a limb by a storm, lightning, or animals scratching on the bark.

How to Make Pine Pitch

I also gather resin that oozes naturally out of the broken knots in the pine tree. The runny clear resin, the dried up clumps of amber or the flakey white drips, dried from seasons past, are all good resin for making pine pitch. Usually I collect my resin in some sort of metal container, such as a soup can or a little larger can with some pre-punched holes in the bottom of the can. The holes are about the size of a common finish nail and covers the bottom randomly. Black Dye. A deep, black dye can be created using water, tannins, and iron. Any natural material can be colored a black tone by first soaking the item in a tannic acid solution. Then the material is immersed in a second solution of iron salt to give it the permanent dark pigment.

Surfactant based soap

How to make concrete at home: CoRncrete TU Delft - TfCD (Sam Smits& Zsolt Hayde) - 9. 50 Things You Should Stop Buying & Start Making. You may be realizing that most conventionally made products out there contain a lot of toxic chemicals. Not only that, many of these products are harmful to our environment in a number of ways. Making things yourself not only saves you money and helps the environment, but it lets you know where your products are coming from and exactly what has been put in them. You can make anything from food items to personal care and cleaning products, all in very simple ways.

Remember: Whenever you can, use organic foods and ingredients in recipes. Use sea salt instead of table salt. 50 Things You Should Stop Buying & Start Making. Forget the Silicones: Six Plants that Cause Breasts Growth. Plastic surgery became the fashion, but nature still gives the best. Here are tips on plants that are not common, and have a powerful effect on breast size. The first on the list is the fenugreek, seed originating from Greece.

Seeds can be purchased in any herbal pharmacy, and should be soaked in water overnight. The second day you should massage your breasts with this water. Greater burdock has long been known by its various beneficial effects. Adiós al Vello en Piernas, Axilas, Espalda y Cara. Cada uno de nosotros, pasamos tiempo dedicándonos a lucir mejor, cuidamos de nuestro cabello, y por supuesto, del aspecto de nuestra piel, pero hay un detalle que puede no ser tan atractivo, y es el vello. Las mujeres también pueden enfrentarse a crecimiento de vello facial, en muchos casos existe una razón específica que generalmente se trata de trastornos hormonales. El crecimiento de vello excesivo suele relacionarse directamente con el nivel de hormonas (estrógenos). Si ya estas cansada o cansado de tener que depilarte las piernas, la espalda, las axilas, la cara, etc, existen algunas fórmulas a base de hierbas e ingredientes caseros que se han utilizado por años para impedir el crecimiento del vello.

Aceite de almendras. Dom's Kefir-making in-site. Greetings Welcome to Dom's in-site Page Contents HOW TO PREPARE TRADITIONAL MILK KEFIR RECIPES with KEFIR EXPERIMENTAL METHODS & UTENSILS for KEFIR MAKING + NATURAL LIQUID DETERGENT In dedication to... Genius Ways To Recycle Used Coffee Grounds - Womans Vibe. If you grow azaleas, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, camellias, roses, or other acid-loving plants, then used coffee is the fertilizer for you! Mix your old grounds with dead grass clippings, brown leaves, or dry straw to neutralize some of the acidity, the spread them around your plants. Used coffee grounds add nitrogen and potassium to the soil (the first and third numbers in the fertilizer formula: N – P – K) as well as a boost of magnesium which all plants need to stay healthy. Just remember that this fertilizer lacks phosphorus and calcium so it isn’t ideal for encouraging blooms and fruiting.

30 uses for wood ashes, you never thought of. 1. Make lye water out of ash. You can boil 2-3 spoons of ash (clean white/grey fluffy ash) with water and then filter it with a coffee filter.


GNOWFGLINS - Fotos da cronologia. Under the Floors: Wisdom of the Ancients. Fun Home Things: Tip of the Week. DIY: Cheap, Quick, Easy, & Portable Stove Design. Catching it, saving it, treating i, ... DIY Non-Toxic Mold and Mildew Spray Recipe. Make It Or Fix It Yourself! The winter is approaching and it is definitely the time to take that extra step to ensure that your feet stay soft and smooth during the harsh weather. Paper Bag Floors – A Tutorial. Pure & Mild Castile Soap. Building a Celtic Roundhouse. DIY Borax Free Laundry Detergent. 15 Surprising Uses For EggshellsOne Good Thing by Jillee. 3 NEW All~Purpose Healing Salve Blends! - Nightly.

Make Shingles and Siding Out of Aluminum Cans (Beer Can Roof) - Nightly. 60 Wonderful Ways To Use Baking Soda - Denise In Bloom - Nightly. (8) Fotos da cronologia. CASA SUSTENTÁVEL – FAÇA VOCÊ MESMO. Turn Baking Soda into Washing Soda {#TinyTipTues} : Nature's Nurture. Zero Waste Recipes. Never Throw Out Citrus Peels – Ideas Of What To Do With Them.

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