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DAY Elevator & Lift (NY)

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Benefits of Installing a Residential Elevator. Today, residential elevators are installed not only in huge mansions but also in many ordinary houses with more and more people becoming aware of the many advantages they offer.

Benefits of Installing a Residential Elevator

They provide valuable support to mobility-impaired individuals and at the same time help other members of the family to transport heavy and bulky items from one floor to another, and move around the house easily. Installing a vertical mobile device makes life safer and more comfortable for the whole family as well as for the visitors. Traditional or Contemporary Traditional elevators are cable-driven or hydraulic models somewhat similar to commercial lifts whereas contemporary models are vacuum, or pneumatic that use changes in air pressure for their operation. Traditional models are relatively larger and have greater capacity compared to contemporary models. Choosing a traditional or modern elevator depends upon the purpose of its usage and the design of the house. Benefits. How to Choose a Glass Elevator That Can Accommodate a Wheelchair.

A glass elevator is an attractive and practical solution to improve mobility at your home or workplace.

How to Choose a Glass Elevator That Can Accommodate a Wheelchair

You need a compact elevator that can fit into small areas; at the same time it must be strong and sturdy enough to carry heavy weights and wheelchairs. Glass elevators are great addition to your building, providing an attractive, panoramic view of your building’s interior while moving from one floor to another. Pneumatic glass elevators are available that add value and beauty to your building. DAY Offering Quality Commercial Accessibility Equipment for Banks and Supermarkets. West Hempstead, New York -- May 11, 2016 / ( -- DAY Elevator and Lift, a reliable elevator and lift company serving the areas of New York, and New Jersey, offers quality accessibility equipment such as commercial elevators and lifts to improve vertical transportation in banks, supermarkets and other public facilities.

DAY Offering Quality Commercial Accessibility Equipment for Banks and Supermarkets

The quality accessibility devices available here are from top manufacturers such as Savaria, Federal Elevator and Cambridge Elevating and DAY offers the products at competitive prices. All the models are designed to meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the relevant elevator codes. The elevators for multi-floor buildings consume less space than stairs. They come with a good load capacity and allow users to move smoothly and quickly to the upper levels during peak hours. Different Uses of Dumbwaiters. A dumbwaiter is small freight lift that connects two or more floors.

Different Uses of Dumbwaiters

It helps in carrying goods from one floor to another. It can also be used a type of portable serving stand or table. It usually comes with shafts, ropes or pulley but now with advanced technology, a modern one includes electric motors like a small scale passenger elevator. It is a metal or wooden frame like box suspended in a shaft and can be operated from the top or bottom.

Today, dumbwaiters are used for residential as well as for commercial purposes. Residential Uses of Dumbwaiters. DAY Offering Competitively. West Hempstead, New York -- May 06, 2016 / ( -- An established elevator and lift company serving the areas of New York and New Jersey, DAY Elevator and Lift offers competitively priced straight and curved Harmar stairlifts.

DAY Offering Competitively

These lifts are designed to provide older adults and people with special needs with smooth and comfortable access over stairs. DAY offers Harmar stair lifts for both indoor and outdoor applications. Customers can choose from Harmer straight stair lift models such as SL400 Vantage, SL350OD Outdoor, SL600 Pinnacle, SL600HD, and Pinnacle Heavy Duty. Tips to Choose Your Residential Elevator. Residential elevators are now available in a variety of models that can be customized as per the user’s needs.

Tips to Choose Your Residential Elevator

For the same reason it is not an easy task to choose an elevator that suits your home. People install such mobility devices at home for various reasons such as improving accessibility for the elderly or disabled, or even adding more value or resale value to the home. Apart from providing safe access to your residential floor levels, these devices also allow easy transportation of heavy goods such as laundry, furniture, groceries and other items from floor to floor. >> Purpose – The choice depends on whether you are installing the device to increase resale value or to improve the mobility of your loved ones.

An aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-use model would make your home attractive. Accessibility Device to Ease Living with Arthritis. Arthritis is one of the most common medical conditions affecting millions of adults in the U.S.

Accessibility Device to Ease Living with Arthritis

It can make movement difficult, especially going up and down stairs. Accessibility devices such as stairlifts and platform lifts ease life for people with this debilitating condition. Improve Your Mobility and Lifestyle with Stiltz Home Elevators. Elevators have come a long way since they were invented.

Improve Your Mobility and Lifestyle with Stiltz Home Elevators

Along with improving mobility, modern systems can increase the value of your home and improve your quality of life. Stiltz home elevators are specifically designed to provide all these benefits. A perfect and affordable alternative to a stairlift, a Stiltz residential elevator is a spacious and can carry two or three people and a wheelchair if required.

It can even fit in a vacuum cleaner and the family pet. Distinguished by their unique dual rail technology, drive mechanism and small footprint, these compact systems can be fitted almost anywhere in a two-story home. These home lifts do not use hydraulics and are powered by an intelligent electric motor drive system that is very quiet and housed, out of sight, at the top of the lift. Visilift Elevator - Beautiful Compliment to a Home. These systems comply with ASME A17.1-2007 Section 5.3 for Private Residences and ASME A18.1 for Commercial Applications.

Visilift Elevator - Beautiful Compliment to a Home

They come with several safety features which include: two independent cables that lift and lower the carfour emergency brakes that can stop the car if one cable were to failmultiple electronic sensors to ensure all doors are closed before operationmany safety switchesautomatic battery lowering so that the car will descend to a lower level if a power outage occursautomatic emergency cab lighting system for added safety Other features common to both Visilift models: Flexible configurations to meet many diverse needsCan accommodate a wheelchairTravel height – 50 feetWinding drum system utilizes two aircraft cables to move safely and quietlyLoad capacity: Round – up to 839 pounds; Octagonal – up to 744 poundsSpeed: 30 feet per minute There are slight differences between the Visilift systems. Savaria Stairfriend Stairlift - Resolve Your... Quality Accessibility Solutions for Educational Facilities Available at DAY Elevator and Lift.

West Hempstead, New York -- Apr 21, 2016 / ( -- DAY Elevator and Lift, a reliable elevator and lift company serving the areas of New York and New Jersey, offers quality mobility products to improve accessibility in educational institutions.

Quality Accessibility Solutions for Educational Facilities Available at DAY Elevator and Lift

The company is an authorized dealer in accessibility equipment from industry leaders such as Savaria, Federal Elevator, and Cambridge Elevating. DAY’s inventory includes elevators, wheelchair lifts, and stair lifts specifically designed to make schools, colleges and universities more accessible for students and visitors. The company supplies and installs accessibility equipment to help people move safely to and from their classrooms and offices. The installations help students with mobility challenges to manage their day-to-day activities independently and confidently. DAY has successfully installed mobility products in several educational facilities including Nassau Community College, Bronx Charter School, and the New York Academy of Art.

The Stiltz Home Elevator – An Economical Alternative to a Stair Lift. Most wheelchair users and people who live in two-story homes and have difficulty with stairs opt to install a stairlift to improve access in their homes. Actually, there a better option – a Stiltz home elevator. This elevator is a more economical alternative as it can carry two or three people and a wheelchair if required. Additionally, it can accommodate a pet and a vacuum cleaner too.

Stiltz Home Elevators – Compact and Fast These residential elevators come in two models - Stiltz Duo and Stiltz Trio. >> Space saving – The Duo takes up just 7 square feet when installed. >> Quick set up – Composed of modular sections that can pass through and under standard doorways and ceilings, the Stiltz systems can be installed quickly. >> Quiet operation - As they feature a quiet self-contained electric motor, these lifts ensure quiet operation. >> Energy efficient – Stiltz is also economical in terms of power consumption. Choose from Several Stiltz Models. The Right Elevator Company to Improve Building Access. Avoid/remove obstacles: The positioning of furniture and fittings and display of goods should be such that it does not obstruct circulation. Clutter in pathways will obstruct wheelchair users as well as those who use mobility aids such as walking sticks or walkers.

In a store, care must be taken not to leave goods on the floor that may become a tripping hazard. Fit handrails: Internal steps or internal ramps need to have handrails that extend beyond the rise or fall of a ramp or steps. DAY Elevator & Lift Installs Platform Lifts at Met Life Stadium. A vertical platform lift or wheelchair lift is of great assistance to people with physical limitations, especially in public buildings such as stadiums and shopping malls.

One of the main advantages of these lifts is that they can provide easy access between floors and porches for disabled persons, without leaving the wheelchair. DAY Elevator & Lift recently installed vertical platform lifts at four main entrances of Met Life Stadium, so that accessibility was just a press of a button on any given Sunday. Owned by the New York Giants and New York Jets, this sports stadium is located in the Meadowlands at the MetLife Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Commercial Elevators for Airports Available at DAY. West Hempstead, New York -- Apr 12, 2016 / ( -- An established supplier of accessibility equipment based in New York, DAY Elevator and Lift offers quality commercial elevators from leading brands. Most of these safe, reliable and efficient elevator systems are ideal for installation in airports. The quality elevators are designed to ease the management of passenger traffic in airport terminals and importantly, improve accessibility for travellers with disabilities.

Improve Quality Of Life with Harmar Straight Stair Lifts. Many homes as well as commercial settings have straight staircases which pose a barrier for the elderly and people with disabilities. Designed to ensure user safety and comfort, straight stairlifts from leading manufacturer Harmar can help you regain your mobility and move freely from one floor to another. An established NY dealer in accessibility equipment would offer both indoor and outdoor Harmar stair lifts.

Designed to help you move up and down the stairs safely, these lifts come with features such as swivel seat with adjustable seat heights, obstruction sensors on footplate, and a patented helical worm drive system that provides a remarkably smooth ride. They are also continuously battery powered from a standard household outlet.

Installation of a Harmar straight stair lift does not require any major home renovations. User Friendly Features To Ensure a Smooth, Comfortable Ride. Savaria Stairfriend Stairlift. DAY Elevator and Lift Successfully Installed Vertical Platform Lifts for Met Life Stadium. West Hempstead, New York -- Apr 07, 2016 / ( -- An established dealer in accessibility equipment serving New York and New Jersey, DAY Elevator and Lift has successfully installed vertical platform lifts in Met Life Stadium, the sports stadium located in the Meadowlands at the MetLife Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Church Elevators and Lifts - Making Life Easy for Parishioners. Elevator companies in New York are seeing a rise in demand for installation of accessibility equipment in places of worship. DAY Successfully Installs Dumbwaiter at Conde Nast. DAY Elevator and Lift Adds the Savaria K2 Stairlift to Its Product Line. West Hempstead, New York -- Mar 31, 2016 / ( -- DAY Elevator & Lift has added the Savaria K2 Stairlift to its extensive line of premium quality accessibility equipment. Visilift Glass Elevators - Add Functionality and Style to Your Home or Business. Top Models of Residential Elevators Available in New York. Residential elevators allow improved access to all levels of your home.

They can also be used to transport items such as laundry, furniture, seasonal items and groceries from floor to floor. LULA Elevators - Ideal for Public Buildings Up To Three Levels. Designed for low-traffic, low-rise installations, LULA (Limited Use Limited Application) elevators are different from standard passenger lifts. This makes them the ideal option for commercial buildings with up to three stories. In fact, many offices, restaurants, and retail stores in New York are equipped with these LULA systems. DAY Elevator & Lift Providing Customized Accessibility Solutions for Diverse Industries. West Hempstead, New York -- Mar 21, 2016 / ( -- A leading supplier of accessibility equipment in the U.S., DAY Elevator & Lift supplies a wide selection of elevators and lifts for diverse industry sectors.

In addition to offering competitively priced products from leading brands, DAY’s comprehensive suite of services include site evaluation and design support, customized installation and reliable maintenance services. The company’s clientele includes homeowners, contractors, builders, developers, in architects in New York and New Jersey. This elevator and lift company has a successful track record in handling various types of accessibility equipment installation projects in airports, municipalities, high-end retail, stadiums, restaurants, supermarkets, banks, educational facilities, places of worship and hospitals in addition to residential settings. Top Models of Residential Elevators Available in New York. Morris Elevators, Home & Commercial Elevators Morris NJ. DAY Elevator and Lift Offering Cambrian Residential Elevator at Competitive Price. Inclined Platform Lifts – Improved Access for Wheelchair Users.

Installing Ceiling Lifts - Important... DAY Elevator & Lift Offering Advanced Ceiling Lifts at Competitive Rates. Add Convenience to Your Lifestyle with a Savaria Residential Elevator. Wheelchair Lifts for Home Owners. Quality Vertical and Inclined Platform Lifts from Savaria. Stairlift Installation – Important Considerations. Harmar SL400 Vantage Straight Stair Lift. Harmar CPL800H-1400H Hydraulic CPL with Modular Tower. Platform Lifts – Make Your Building Wheelchair Friendly.

DW100 Ascent Dumbwaiter. TG400 Toe Guard Commercial Platform Lift. Top Models of Residential Elevators Available in New York. Elevators in New York - Need to Reduce Wait Times. Key Features to Look for in a Stairlift. Tips for Choosing a Commercial Elevator Dealer in Manhattan. Journey Lula - Right Choice for Shorter Travel Distances. Economically Priced Ceiling... Buying Residential Elevators in New York City.

Basic Considerations When Buying a Home Elevator. Outdoor Stair Lifts - Key Features. Ceiling Lifts Take the Load off Caregivers. Journey LULA for Low-Rise Commercial Buildings. Tips to Help Buy an Outdoor Stair Lift. Portable Ceiling Lifts – Ideal Solution for Safe and Easy Patient Transfer. Competitively Priced Qualit... SL400 Vantage Straight Stair Lift – Practical... SL350OD – A Reliable Outdoor Stairlift. Harmar Straight Stair Lifts - Improve Home Accessibility. Premium Quality Residential... SL350OD Outdoor Stairlift –For Easy and Safe... Features of a Ceiling Lift.

CSL500 Helix Curved Stair Lift – Innovative Design... Savaria Gearless Home Elevator – For a Smooth, Quiet and Safe Ride. DAY offering Special Pricin... Mobilift CX Portable Wheelchair Lift for Instant... Portable Ceiling Lifts for Safe and Easy Patient Transfer. Tips to Help Maintain Your Stairlift. CPL400P Portable Vertical Platform Lift –... CSL500 Helix Curved Stair Lift – A Sturdy and User-friendly Stair lift. DAY Elevator and Lift offer... SL350OD – A Durable Stair lift for Outdoor Use.

Cambridge Elevating Residential Elevators - Enhance Accessibility and Aesthetics. DAY offering Quality Home E... CPL400P Portable Vertical Platform Lift – Ideal... Panorama Home Elevator – Smooth, Dependable Operation. DAY Offering Quality Reside... Harmar CPL Vertical Platform Lift – For Safe... Panorama Home Elevator – Smooth, Dependable Operation. CPL400P Portable VPL - Versatility and Convenience. Savaria Telecab Elevator – a Versatile,... SL600 Pinnacle Straight Stair Lift for Smooth and Safe Stair Access.

Savaria Gearless Home Elevator – Enjoy Smooth,... DAY Elevator and Lift Offer... Savaria Gearless Home Elevator – Enjoy Smooth,... Portable Ceiling Lifts to Avoid Patient-handling Injuries. DAY Offers Special Pricing. Elmira Home Elevator – Ideal Choice for New and... CSL500 Helix Curved Stair Lift – Compact and Whisper Quiet. ADA Compliant Platform Lift for Little Brown Church. DAY Elevator and Lift Offering Quality Journey LULA Commercial Elevator from Cambridge Elevating. SL350OD – A Durable Stairlift for Outdoor Use. DAY Offering Premium Quality Savaria Home Elevators at Competitive Pricing. Savaria’s Gearless Home Elevator – Smooth,... Maintaining an Outdoor Stair Lift. DAY Offering Quality Bruno Stairlifts at Competitive Prices.

RP350S Alpine II Signature Stair Lift – Smooth... Portable Ceiling Lifts for Easy, Safe and Comfortable Patient Transfer. DAY Offering a Range of Quality Home Elevator Models for Residents of Connecticut. CSL500 Helix for a Smooth Ride over Curved... Purchasing a Stair Lift in New York – Useful Tips.