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CSS Hack: Move Your TypePad Navbar Above the Banner. Yes Virginia, you can move your navbar above your banner!

CSS Hack: Move Your TypePad Navbar Above the Banner

(What's a navbar?) Here's how: The default arrangement for your blog is Banner stacked on top ofThe navbar (if there is one) stacked on top ofThe content and sidebarsThe footer (if there is one) So using a test blog with Journal Black theme. First thing we need to do is give ourselves some room at the top to put the navbar. We added 40px to the top margin of the banner 'box' which pushed the whole thing down: The number of pixels you end up using may be more or fewer. So we've made some breathing space for our navbar. Again the number of pixels you use may be more or less. Color Palette Generator: Automagically create a color palette from any photo. Perfect multi-column CSS liquid layouts - iPhone compatible.

By Matthew James Taylor on 27 October 2007 This series of website layouts use percentage widths and relative positioning, and they work with all the common web browsers including Safari on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Perfect multi-column CSS liquid layouts - iPhone compatible

They're also 'stackable' so you can use multiple column types on the one page. This makes the number of possible layouts endless! Follow the links below for the demos and more detailed info: Free iPad CSS layout with landscape/portrait orientation modes. By Matthew James Taylor on 27 May 2010 The iPad has finally launched in Australia today, hooray!

Free iPad CSS layout with landscape/portrait orientation modes

I will probably get one soon so I can continue to optimise my CSS layouts for as many devices as possible. But in the mean-time I will continue using the iPad emulator that comes with the iPhone SDK. To celebrate the launch of the iPad I have built a special iPad optimised website layout that uses pure CSS to change layouts in the portrait and landscape orientation modes. The layout can be downloaded for free at the bottom of this article or from my iPad demo page. In Landscape mode the layout is in two columns. The Floating Boxes CSS Layout. By Matthew James Taylor on 16 June 2007 An alternative to the standard 'fixed width' or 'liquid layout' designs For those who can't wait, go straight to the demo page.

The Floating Boxes CSS Layout

If you prefer, see my liquid layout designs. Layout problems for variable screen sizes. How to convert a liquid-layout to a fixed-width design with simple CSS. By Matthew James Taylor on 2 July 2008 A lot of people have emailed me asking how they can convert my liquid layouts into fixed-width designs - this post will explain how that's done.

How to convert a liquid-layout to a fixed-width design with simple CSS

The process is very simple and it will work with all of my liquid layouts (percentage and em/pixel versions). Two simple steps 1) The HTML Add a div around the existing liquid layout and give it an id: Equal Height Columns with Cross-Browser CSS and No Hacks. By Matthew James Taylor on 17 October 2008 Creating equal height columns with CSS is not as easy as it may first seem.

Equal Height Columns with Cross-Browser CSS and No Hacks

This tutorial highlights the display problems that occur with multiple column layouts, and then shows a simple solution that works in all common web browsers. The method shown here is 100% CSS hack-free, image-free and JavaScript-free so it can even be used on the most strictly coded websites. For those who want some action immediately check out my demo pages: 2 column, 3 column, 4 column and 5 column. HTML/XHTML / Universalattribute / Event-Handler für Scripts. Pen. Pen Actions Create New Pen Save Info Panel (if owned) Re-Run Code Editor Commands.


How To Create a Pure CSS Polaroid Photo Gallery. Magical things can be done by combining various CSS properties, especially when some of the new CSS3 tricks are thrown into the mix.

How To Create a Pure CSS Polaroid Photo Gallery

Let’s take a look at building a cool looking stack of Polaroid photos with pure CSS styling. View the Demo Check out the demo to see what we’ll be building. Remember, because we’ll be using a couple of CSS3 properties, users with IE won’t see the complete effect, but fully supporting browsers such as Firefox and Safari will be treated to the whole experience. A CSS permanent click gallery with vertical slide thumbnails. 30th November 2009 Absolutely NO javascript, just HTML and CSS Winter branches Followed by some descriptive text and maybe a link.

A CSS permanent click gallery with vertical slide thumbnails

Pure CSS Sliding Image Gallery « tobypitman.com. So, another random CSS3 experiment!

Pure CSS Sliding Image Gallery « tobypitman.com

This time it’s an image gallery that has a slide effect. This was a bit tricky to work out but I got there in the end. The idea is to get one image to slide in while the current image slides out. There’s a lot of z-index going on as well so the new image always appears to be at the top. A Photograph Gallery. Updated 24th September 2009. 4 Uber Cool Css Techniques For Links. I thought of writing a series of tutorials for various link techniques. When I start writing I realized that they are pretty simple (yet effective ) and it might be better to have them summarized. Links (A tags) are one of the most important elements on your document. There wouldn’t be any navigation without it, would it :)? The main feature that made following techniques possible is cross browser :hover pseudo class support. Download link techniques Pure Css Tooltip. Gallery - simple photo click. Simple photo click gallery 2nd November 2007 Caption #1Some pretend to see a difference between the Greenland whale of the English and the right whale of the Americans.

Caption #2But they precisely agree in all their grand features; nor has there yet been presented a single determinate fact upon which to ground. Caption #3It is by endless subdivisions based upon the most inconclusive differences, that some departments of natural history. CSS Decorative Gallery. Did you like my previous CSS tutorial on how to create gradient text effects? I'm using the same trick to show you how to decorate your images and photo galleries without editing the source images. The trick is very simple. All you need is an extra <span> tag and apply a background image to create the overlaying effect. Creating a Slick Auto-Playing Featured Content Slider.

I love the Coda Slider plugin for jQuery. I've used it recently to build a couple of tabbed "widgets". One here on CSS-Tricks in the sidebar to show Script & Style links, Featured Posts, and Popular Posts. Just kind of a fun way to show lots of content in a small area. I also used it on an article for NETTUTS for a similar purpose. Both of these examples use the Coda Slider pretty much "out of the box". Suckerfish HoverLightbox Redux. When the original Suckerfish HoverLightbox was published, I was honestly surprised at the amount of attention it received. A Scrolling Photograph Gallery. Hoverbox Image Gallery.

RGB Color Codes Chart. RGB color space | RGB color picker | RGB color codes chart | RGB color format and calculation | RGB color table RGB color space. Jess & Russ. Pink Paislee + Glue Arts - Say Chez! Vintage Wanna Bee: HOW TO MAKE A FB TIMELINE COVER... S.britt.com - Some Sort of Website. On mouse over. CSS Borders: The Basics And Rounded Corners. Last week I walked through the css background property. The other half of the same W3C spec covers borders and so today I want to begin a walk though of css borders. CSS Transitions: A Simple Way To Delight Your Visitors. We all want our designs to be functional and usable. We want visitors to easily complete tasks and find what they want. We’d also like to delight them and make their experience enjoyable and memorable.CSS3 transitions are an easy way to begin creating that delightful experience.

Centering in the Unknown. When it comes to centering things in web design, the more information you have about the element being centered and its parent element, the easier it is. CSS Background: There’s More To Know Than You Think. Understanding CSS’s vertical-align Property.

Numbering In Style. How Clean is Your Web Design? Source Code Comment Styling: Tips and Best Practices. Is your website secure? Is your website secure? Bring Your Forms Up to Date With CSS3 and HTML5 Validation. CSS3 Image Styles. Responsive Design in 3 Steps. Web development blog, news and reviews - Developer Drive. Adaptive Images for Responsive Designs… Again.