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Trust betting tips from experts or make our own analysis? - Ligue❶ Betting Tips & Previews. As the title says, we will try to figure out which is the best approach in betting, either to trust betting tips from experts, or to do our own analysis.

Trust betting tips from experts or make our own analysis? - Ligue❶ Betting Tips & Previews

Since sports betting can be more profitable than stock investing, it’s no wonder there is so much hype around it. In stock market’s history, the average yearly return for periods of 25 years or longer has been around 9-10%, and that includes dividends. In sports betting, a tipster (or bettor) can easily achieve higher returns. Let’s start with the more complex task of finding our own tips, and have a look at the implications behind it. 1. Basically there are two ways in which we can create our own betting tips: we can simply place bets based only on teams’ value The good thing about this approach is that it saves us a tremendous amount of time. The ones with a bit more knowledge on betting prefer playing singles instead of accumulators. We can make an in-depth analysis on games from tournaments we are familiar with 2. Record ?? Conslusion. Betting tips. Best odds. Football betting tips. Football Betting Tips - Ligue❶ Betting Tips & Previews. The new football season is just around the corner and it’s only a matter of time until all major tournaments will resume.

Football Betting Tips - Ligue❶ Betting Tips & Previews

The betting activity will definitely increase in the following weeks, when all specialized sites will once again start providing football betting tips. Talking strictly about Ligue1, you can rely on us for professional analysis, for free football tips. It should be an interesting season in Ligue1, especially since Ibrahimovic transferred-out and newly arrived Ben Arfa will try to take over his tasks. Betting Apps - Ligue❶ Betting Tips & Previews. If you have a device operating on an Android platform you’re in luck, because we developed a couple of sports betting apps to help improve your betting and increase your profits.

Betting Apps - Ligue❶ Betting Tips & Previews

Along with valuable information, we want to deliver our visitors a comfortable and pleasant experience, and this is also one of the reasons we developed the betting apps. Free Football Betting Tips. Free Football Betting Tips. Betting In Running - Ligue❶ Betting Tips & Previews. If you aren’t familiar with betting in running, you should know first of all that it can be more profitable and more fun than pre game betting.

Betting In Running - Ligue❶ Betting Tips & Previews

Betting in running is also known as live betting or in play betting. This type of betting is preferred by many bettors, because they can exploit at maximum their analytical skills. A successful in play betting strategy implies first of all studying games, just like professional bettors usually do when placing pre game bets. But besides the usual analysis, it would be ideal if the bettor could watch a couple of minutes into game before placing the live bet.

Most probably you already enjoy watching sports, so this shouldn’t be a burden. Clubgowi. Learn How To Invest In Penny Stocks and Find The Best Stocks On The Market. Football Betting Tips. Football Betting Tips. Stock Market Explained– Intelligence Analyst. The mainstream media is constantly making the case for investing in it, but never really bothered to explain the stock market.

Stock Market Explained– Intelligence Analyst

Take CNN for example, they are relentlessly pushing people to invest in the stock market and making all kinds of funny tutorials. But there are many things that CNN forgets to mention, things that both investors and ordinary people should be aware of. How to beat the bookies - Ligue❶ Betting Tips & Previews. If you are searching for a magic formula to teach you how to beat the bookies you came to the right place.

How to beat the bookies - Ligue❶ Betting Tips & Previews

Actually it’s no magic and no formula but some advice that will definitely help you in having an edge over the bookies. First of all you need to make sure you always bet at the best possible odds . Not many bettors are aware of this but by betting at European bookmakers you lose even when your bets win. Sounds like a paradox but European bookies (like bet365 for example) actually steal you blind. Understanding the refugee crisisIntelligence Analyst. If you don’t live isolated somewhere in the woods and you have access to technology then surely not a day goes by without new information regarding the refugee crisis.

Understanding the refugee crisisIntelligence Analyst

The only problem is the information presented to you is carefully selected and crafted and the most important parts are always left out. Below you can find an excellent article written by analyst Tony Cartalucci that will help you understand the origins of the current refugee crisis: “Starting in 2007, the US was already in the process of engineering the overthrow and destruction of all prevailing political orders across the Middle East and North African (MENA) region. It would be in Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh’s 2007 New Yorker article, “The Redirection: Is the Administration’s new policy benefiting our enemies in the war on terrorism?” That it was explicitly stated (emphasis added):

Stock Market or Sports Betting? - Ligue❶ Betting Tips & Previews. There is a common misconception that investing in the stock market is not for everyone and that sports betting is more accessible.

Stock Market or Sports Betting? - Ligue❶ Betting Tips & Previews

Stock market was never only for the elites, everyone could use their savings and buy stocks based on what they saw at TV or read in the newspaper. On the other hand for turning sports betting into a profitable activity it takes discipline and a solid money management plan. Investors pick between the stock market and sports betting based mostly on their preferences. You will have difficulties in convincing a football fan to buy pharmaceutical stocks, but he will place at least a football bet every week without thinking twice. The same goes for stock market investors, they will find sports betting a waste of time especially if they don’t like sports and they know that Alibaba and Yahoo are about to strike a deal.

Sure Betting Tips - Ligue❶ Betting Tips & Previews. Need sure bets?

Sure Betting Tips - Ligue❶ Betting Tips & Previews

So you are looking for sure betting tips? Well who isn’t… Unfortunately things aren’t that simple and betting is a bit more complex than sure wins. Value Football Betting. Value Betting – what it really means and how to find it Value football betting may be the only thing separating professional bettors from amateurs.

Value Football Betting

If you make an online search on “what is a value bet” you get all kind of nonsense as result. Montpellier PSG Preview. Although they haven’t conceded for 85 minutes Montpellier had a poor performance last week away at Rennes, and in the end the final result perfectly described the events in the field (Rennes won 1-0). BETTING ADVICE bet like a pro Newly arrived midfielder Boudebouz was only on the bench, maybe as a warning from coach Courbis that Montpellier don’t need wizards who can hide the ball but instead they need pragmatic players who can make a difference. Boudebouz needs to stop with unnecessary dribbling moves and focus on creating tunnels for teammates.

Central defender Hilton returned from suspension last round and there was a clear improvement in the defensive phase, but players still needed midfielders’ support for keeping opponents out of the penalty box. In the attack Montpellier weren’t able to have a decent attempt on target and the poor fitness level is still a major issue. How to bet on football for profit. The title may have very well been “how to bet on sports for profit” but since football is the most popular sport we will be concentrating on that. Even you are already aware of the multiple bet types,various betting systems and you aren’t exactly a novice when it comes to betting on football you will definitely learn a thing or two by reading the entire text.

Unfortunately betting is not an exact science and the final outcome in a football game is influenced by many factors. Not even the weight carried by each factor can be precisely determined. But the good news is that most of the betting experts out-there agree on which those factors are: value, tactics, form, morale, team news, referee, weather and even fans. Zlatan Ibrahimovic Quotes. Ibrahimovic is undoubtedly the biggest name in Ligue1 at the moment. This is not only because he is scoring tons of goals and delivering assists on a conveyor belt but also because of his way to deal with the media, fans and even teammates. Although his ghostwriter admitted some of the quotes from the recent book “I am Zlatan” were simply invented, others were caught on camera and make for memorable moments. Here are some of the best Zlatan Ibrahimovic quotes: -Reporter – “Is your playing style Swedish or Yugoslavian?”

Zlatan – “It’s Zlatan-style.” Best Tipsters. Ligue1 Don't Miss Home / French Football Analysis / Best Tipsters Best Tipsters. US PGA Championship betting preview: Bubba Watson. I am largely going to leave this until the weekend, probably Sunday, maybe Saturday, but just want to have a little on Bubba Watson, who is incredibly well suited by the course and arrives in great form. I must admit to being a little disappointed with our long term bet on the man from Bagdad , Florida to win the US Money List (see below), he has circa $5.65m in the bank and is in second place currently (leaderboard) and that would have us very excited in every other year in history....except this one ! Jordan Spieth has had the season to end all seasons and sits atop the leaderboard with a whopping $9.32m and injury aside, will breakthrough the $11m least !