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100 Google Apps Tutorial Videos. Often when I'm stuck on a technical problem all I need to get myself over the hurdle is just a quick tip. That's why when I started making ed tech tutorial videos I made a conscious effort to keep them short and sweet. My YouTube channel now has more than 400 tutorial videos including 100 Google Apps tutorial videos organized into a playlist for you.

The topics covered in my Google Apps tutorials video playlist include features within Google Maps, Blogger, Google Sites, Google Classroom, Google Forms, Gmail, domain admin, Google Sheets, and Google Docs. My entire Google Tools Tutorials playlist is embedded below. Join one of my online classes or come to the Practical Ed Tech Chromebook Camp to receive direct instruction on how to use Google Apps in your school.

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Google forms. Google Calendar. Google classroom. 7 Gmail Tricks That Will Make You More Productive. Google’s Gmail is one of the best email solutions for your small business — and it could be even better. On its face, the service offers free accounts, tons of space, advanced security features and more. But beneath Gmail’s minimalist interface are dozens of hidden features that can boost your productivity. Here are seven tricks to turn your basic Gmail account into the ultimate email service for business. 1. Unimportant emails can bog you down during the workday. The feature uses information gathered from your everyday use to evaluate the importance of each incoming email, including who you’ve emailed and chatted with most, or which words appear in the messages you tend to read first.

If Gmail gets it wrong, you can flag messages as important so Google knows better next time. Don’t worry — messages deemed unimportant are simply moved to a separate low-priority folder, not erased. 2. Running a business means juggling dozens of responsibilities every day. 3. 4. Your options are limited. 5. Updated - 86 Page Guide to Using Blogger in School. Guide to Using Blogger in School.