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Best Practices for Architecting GWT App. Mvp4g - Project Hosting on Google Code. GWT is a very powerful framework that allows you to build efficient applications, especially if you follow the best practices described by Ray Ryan at Google IO 2009: Event Bus Dependency Injection Model View Presenter Place Service (see for the video or for the text, thanks to Araik Minosian.)

mvp4g - Project Hosting on Google Code

However, following these best practices is not always easy and you can end up with a project with a lot of boilerplate code that is hard to manage. That's why Mvp4g offers a solution to following these best practices using simple mechanisms that only need a few lines of code and a few annotations. Gwt-presenter - Project Hosting on Google Code. Google. Code Conventions for the Java(TM) Programming Language: Contents.

GinTutorial - google-gin - Using GIN to create a GWT widget - Pr. This tutorial will show how a simple GWT widget can be constructed with GIN.

GinTutorial - google-gin - Using GIN to create a GWT widget - Pr

You should be already familiar with Guice - if not, then please read the Guice User Guide for an introductory overview of Guice concepts. In regular Guice, you would use: // Does NOT work in GWT code!