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Twitter Sues Five Spamming Sites. Twitter's had it with spammers and wants to send a message with the help of law enforcement.

Twitter Sues Five Spamming Sites

On Thursday, the company filed a suit against five separate web tools and providers that allegedly make it easier to spam people on Twitter. "Twitter now has more than 140 million active users, and we continue to grow at a record pace," Twitter said in a statement. "As our reach expands, we become a more attractive target for spammers. Even though spam is a small fraction of the content you can find on Twitter, we know just how distracting it can be. " The defendants in the suit are TweetAttacks (, TweetAdder (, TweetBuddy (, James Lucero (of and Garland Harris (of, and are allegedly in violation of The Twitter Rules. View the suit here. Twitter Co-Founder: Spending Too Much Time On the Site is 'Unhealthy'

Biz Stone, a cofounder of Twitter, told an audience in Montreal this week that spending up to 12 hours a day on the platform is not necessarily a great idea.

Twitter Co-Founder: Spending Too Much Time On the Site is 'Unhealthy'

"To me, that sounds unhealthy," he said on Wednesday at the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal business conference, according to a report in The Guardian. Stone told the audience that users should leave the site after they found the information they were looking for. "I like the kind of engagement where you go to the website and you leave because you've found what you are looking for or you found something very interesting and you learned something," Stone said, according to the report. " Twitter Ordered To Turn Over I.D. Of User Who Threatened Bachmann.

Twitter needs to turn over the identiy of a user who made threats against Rep.

Twitter Ordered To Turn Over I.D. Of User Who Threatened Bachmann

Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., according to a federal judge's ruling that was released Thursday. The user was identified as Mr. X in court papers. In August, he posted "I want to f--- Michelle Bachman ... with a Vietnam era machete" in reference to the then Republican presidential candidate. In denying a motion by Mr. We've asked Twitter for comment and will update when we hear back. Twitter Turns Over User Information In Criminal Probe Of Occupy Boston. Twitter Is Selling Your Old Tweets [REPORT] For Sale: Your Old Tweets. Twitter is the latest social network to turn a buck with content you created.

For Sale: Your Old Tweets

The company sold two years worth of old tweets to Datasift, a marketing data firm. Datasift will make the tweets and other data, including the locations of where people were when they used Twitter, available to its clients. Datasift is the first of what is believed to be more than 1,000 companies on a waiting list to purchase the data. We've asked for Twitter to comment and will update as soon as we hear back. By now, most people know that social networks generally claim ownership of content and other data users post using their services.

"You thought that tweets you posted months ago had vanished, or were simply hidden away so deeply and awkwardly on the Twitter website that they would be too difficult to uncover? Twitter Pulls Plug on @OscarsAudioGuy Spoof Account. Tweeting as a defensive Oscars sound tech, Barrett Tryon was apparently mistaken for a spambot by Twitter.Photo courtesy Barrett Tryon Editor’s note: This story has been updated to indicate that @OscarsAudioGuy is back online.

Twitter Pulls Plug on @OscarsAudioGuy Spoof Account

The Twitter account @OscarsAudioGuy was suspended for several hours Monday, leaving its operator theorizing that some of Hollywood’s power players had complained about his satiric tweets regarding sound problems during the Academy Awards show. “I’m just going to add it to my resume that I was banned by the Academy,” said Barrett Tryon (@barretttryon) in a phone interview with

Twitter Investors, Including Employees, Can Only Sell 20% of Their Stock [REPORT] In a move designed to forestall an IPO for as long as possible, Twitter has a rule barring any investor, including employees, from selling more than 20% of their stock, according to a report.

Twitter Investors, Including Employees, Can Only Sell 20% of Their Stock [REPORT]

Twitter initiated the rule about a year ago, but it hadn't been made public, according to CNNMoney. The guideline is somewhat controversial within the company and allegedly prompted Senior Technical Engineer Evan Weaver to resign last August. Twitter: Yes, We Keep Your iPhone Contacts Too. Twitter has acknowledged the "Find Friends" feature on its iPhone app stores contact lists on its servers, echoing a recent controversy surrounding the Path iOS app.

Twitter: Yes, We Keep Your iPhone Contacts Too

UPDATE: Wednesday afternoon, Apple issued a statement saying iOS apps accessing users’ contact lists will require explicit permission. After users opt to have the Twitter app search their phones, the company stores their address book's names, emails addresses and phone numbers on its servers for 18 months. Like many other iOS apps, Twitter allows users to have the app "scan your contacts for people you already know on Twitter. " Until now, the storage aspect had not been explicitly stated in Twitter's privacy policy nor did the Find Friends function specify it would be transmitting and storing data. Twitter's policy stated that "Log Data" could include IP addresses, browser types, referring domains, pages visited, mobile carriers, device and application IDs, and search terms, among other activities.

Twitter Admits Verifying @Wendi_Deng Was a Mistake. What Are Your Twitter Followers Worth, and Who Owns Them? A new lawsuit values a Twitter follower at $2.50 per month and argues that each one belongs not to the tweeter, but to their employer.

What Are Your Twitter Followers Worth, and Who Owns Them?

The ramifications for employees who tweet and who leave their company are huge, says Brian Ries. Company Sues Former Employee for Value of 17,000 Twitter Followers. Meet the Writer Being Sued For His 17,000 Twitter Followers. Time To Revise You Social Media Policy on Who Owns Your Followers. Earlier this fall, a judge ruled that a lawsuit filed by against one of its long-departed employees, Noah Kravitz, has merit.

Time To Revise You Social Media Policy on Who Owns Your Followers

According to Eric Goldman's Technology and Marketing Law Blog, the company is suing Kravitz over three points, including trade secrets and misappropriation of the account. The ruling, reported by Goldman and the New York Times, states that Kravitz is liable for several hundred thousand dollars in damages, calculated at $2.50 per month per Twitter follower. Lawsuit Over Twitter Followers May Not Set Precedent For Similar Cases. The outcome of a lawsuit in which a company is suing a former employee over Twitter followers will most likely hinge on how the list was developed and what value each side places on the followers, according to legal experts.

Lawsuit Over Twitter Followers May Not Set Precedent For Similar Cases

"This case is another example of the application of relatively old legal rules applied to new technology," said Bill Nolan, an attorney with Barnes & Thornburg LLP. "It's the 2011 version of the salesperson taking the Rolodex when he/she leaves the company. " An Update on PhoneDog v. Kravitz, the Employee Twitter Account Case. [Post by Venkat Balasubramani] PhoneDog v. Kravitz, No. C 11-03474 MEJ (N.D. Cal.) Twitter Ordered To Turn Over Data On WikiLeaks Backers. Twitter will have to comply with a ruling by U.S. District Judge Liam O'Grady to turn over information collected in the accounts of three WikiLeaks backers. Icelandic parliament member Birgitta Jónsdóttir, computer security researcher Jacob Appelbaum and Dutch activist Rop Gonggrijp had filed a request blocking the subpoena while the case was considered by a federal appeals court.

O'Grady denied the motion, saying their appeal had little chance of success based on existing U.S. case law. "Litigation of these issues has already denied the government lawful access to potential evidence for more than a year," O'Grady said in his ruling. "The public interest therefore weighs strongly against further delay. " Leaked Twitter Subpoena Raises Online Privacy Issues. UPDATE: Twitter would not comment on this particular matter, but gave us this statement: "To help users protect their rights, it is our policy to notify our users about law enforcement and governmental requests for their information, unless we are prevented by law from doing so.

" The leaked subpoena sent to Twitter this month by the Suffolk District Attorney's Office in Boston is causing some hoopla on the web and raising the issue of law enforcement's access to online personal data. On Dec. 14, the D.A.' Occupy Protestor's Twitter Account Subpoenaed. Twitter Stands Up to Court Order for Occupier's Data. Twitter's Censorship Policy: Three Unanswered Questions. In June of 2009, leading up to the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square uprising, the Chinese government blocked access by its citizens to Twitter, Flickr and a number of other US-based websites. Social media being already widespread throughout the country, perhaps the Chinese government feared the possibility of events like unfolded elsewhere 18 months later, in what became known as the Arab Spring.

Brazil Sues Twitter Over Speed Trap, Roadblock Tweets. In what may be the first test of Twitter's new international censorship strategy, Brazil is suing the company over tweets that warn drivers of police roadblocks and speed traps. The suit, filed in a federal court in Goias by the attorney general's office, is also going after users who compose the tweets. Brazil's government is levying fines of $290,000 until Twitter changes course. The government charges that such tweets break the law and directly endanger "life, safety and property," CNN reports. The roadblocks, the suit contends, may thwart purveyors of other crimes like car theft, weapons smuggling and drug trafficking. " A judge is currently reviewing the case.