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Miniature Paper "Pottery" Pieces. Nehal Quilling. Quilling Ideas: Pop Up Card. Ianuarie 2011. Paper Filigree with a Pedigree. Quilled Easter egg. I've always been fascinated by the quilled Easter eggs found on the Internet.

Quilled Easter egg

It's now time for me to showcase my own eggs, this one is just the first of a series. I decided to make it monochromatic with pale beige quilling strips, 1/16"-wide (1.5 mm). The quilled elements were assembled around an egg shell wrapped in plastic wrap. First, I built the bottom half of the egg (from the middle down), then the top half (from the middle up). It was important not to glue the halves together by mistake before taking the shell out. Paper Filigree Art - Quilling. Black Easter Egg - Quilled Creations Quilling Gallery. The Sweet Spot. I'm so happy that I decided to concentrate on one of the least expensive paper crafts out there.

The Sweet Spot

It's been to my advantage that all I need are a few household items and some colored paper to create beautiful and fun things. But, you know how I am. Somehow I always find a way to be drawn to the absolute most expensive things no matter how simple they may be. I have about 7 quilling tools, all (with the exception of 1) less than $4 each. But, guess which one is my favorite? My favorite tool is in perfect shape but something inside me wants to purchase a bunch more, you know, just in case. Made with basic household items this tool won't set you back very much. You will need: a super strong adhesivesome basic hand needlesa wire cuttersome corks...YAY for corks (and Brooklyn Lager)!

First, choose the sturdiest needle in the pack with the largest opening. Slide it into the cork right down the middle. Once dry, snip the end of the needle with the wire cutter. Quilling Me Softly. Monochromatic Easter egg :) Sweet Leaves Blog Hop. I was extremely busy this week that I only realised the blog hop was two days to go when one of the Malaysian quillers, (Kak) Lin asked me about it.

Sweet Leaves Blog Hop

I love the theme - LEAVES! This theme fits the "2011 Environment Week" that will be held in our university in two weeks time. For this project, I just used simple leaf techniques. My attention was to make the leaves as the main attraction and to spread the message - Love our greenery. Miezcraftshop. Just repeated flower design..but change in term of composition (arrangement of flower, layout, blue flower..:) royal flower in blue colour... love this small flower..distress with Tim Holtz Broken China distress ink. love the outcome happy birthday amisyahril edwan...


“If there's something that you're dreaming of then may it all come true, because you deserve it all.. Easter Egg Beautiful Quilling Ornaments Set of 6 Intricate Easter Eggs Ribbon. PISANKA WYKONANA TECHNIKĄ QUILLING - Fotoblog CRAFTSIMAGERY. 불가리아어 꽃. Quilled Easter egg with a surprise. When I was making my first quilled egg, I wanted to build it so that it can be opened.

Quilled Easter egg with a surprise

Unfortunately, I faced some unexpected difficulties back then. So later I decided to make another Easter egg, and this time it came out just as I wanted. This is how my turquoise egg was created, and it can open! And now some details. As usual, before setting to work I studied all available resources in search of inspiration, viewing thousands of images of decorative Easter eggs, Pysanky eggs and jeweled Easter eggs. The egg consists of three main parts — the bottom half, which rests on the pedestal, and the lid (the other half). This quilled Easter egg is made of paper strips 1/16" wide (1.5 mm) using shades of light-green and light-blue. Inside the Easter egg I put a tiny oval mirror cut out of a larger plastic mirror. I would like also to add a couple of personal notes. Quilled Paper Easter Basket. There are currently no images from other crafters. close Terms & Conditions You must enter into this Agreement if you want to submit digital images or other content to Prime Publishing through Sharing Customer Images (the "Service").

Quilled Paper Easter Basket

As used in this Agreement, "we" or "Prime Publishing" means Prime Publishing, LLC. and "you" means the individual or entity submitting materials to Prime Publishing. Any individual or entity that wants to use the Service must accept the terms of this Agreement without change. Title. Eenzy Beenzy. I love quilling. Quilling Ideas: 3D Box Pop Up card. PISANKI WYKONANE TECHNIKĄ QUILLING - Fotoblog Rachelle's Crafting Zone. DISEÑO + ARTE: Filigrana 3D: Reno Navidad. Happy Quilling. BARANEK PISANKA WYKONANY TECHNIKĄ QUILLING - Fotoblog I'm an AUTHOR! In February 2012, I received an email from Linda Kopp, an editor at Lark Crafts with a publishing opportunity.

I'm an AUTHOR!

I had to read it several times to believe it was real. Then I had to float down to earth to type back. I have dreamed of being an author for years but never imagined this bucket list item could come true. Heavy loads of library books are like hidden treasures to me, waiting to be revered. My favorite craft books are from Japan. So with the encouragement of my husband, family, friends, and editor, I plunged into this project. For those of you who have come to follow my quilling via my previous blog, Crafting Creatures, this is the reason why I haven't shown as much quilling lately – because it's been saved up for you here.

The official launch date is March 4, 2014, but Pretty Quilled Cards is available via pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Quilling Me Softly: Send your quillography frames safely - Tutorial. Hello All, I am sure all of us face it at one time or the to send our lovingly crafted quillographed frames safely?

Quilling Me Softly: Send your quillography frames safely - Tutorial

It is obviously safer to send them inside a frame but that poses the great and often confirmed danger of the glass breaking. Acrylic framing leads to opacity over time. Also, glass framing increases both the weight and the volume of the frame substantially and it can be a crippling number as far as International parcels are concerned. So, Priyanka and I once brainstormed about it and after discussions with Richa, we came up with a solution that worked beautifully for us. Libelula en papel's favorite photos and videos. Quilling Ideas: Pop Up Card. Quilling Me Softly: Send your quillography frames safely - Tutorial. Paper Filigree Art - Quilling. 불가리아어 꽃. Crafty catz weekly challenge - Challenge # 60 - Christmas Crafty Calendar Challenge - Challenge 14 ~ Winter snowflakes and DT Call Our Daily Bread Designs - snowflkes.

불가리아어 꽃

Black Easter Egg - Quilled Creations Quilling Gallery. Quilling Ideas: 3D Box Pop Up card. 불가리아어 꽃. Libelula en papel's favorite photos and videos. Quilled Easter egg. BARANEK PISANKA WYKONANY TECHNIKĄ QUILLING - Fotoblog Quilled Easter egg with a surprise. PISANKI WYKONANE TECHNIKĄ QUILLING - Fotoblog Easter Egg Beautiful Quilling Ornaments Set of 6 Intricate Easter Eggs Ribbon.

Monochromatic Easter egg :) You made that out of paper? PISANKA WYKONANA TECHNIKĄ QUILLING - Fotoblog Hi And Welcome to my Paper Quilling Shop by JuliesQuilling. MANNAYAH. السّلام عليكم & Peace be upon you warning: this is a very long post .. for fun ya know ?!!!


OK .. now .. New year? But of course ... Miezcraftshop. CRAFTSIMAGERY. Sweet Leaves Blog Hop. The Sweet Spot. Rachelle's Crafting Zone. Quilling Me Softly. Miezcraftshop. My Quilling Nest. Eenzy Beenzy. Title. DISEÑO + ARTE: Filigrana 3D: Reno Navidad. I love quilling. NOT just another Mom. I'm an AUTHOR! Nehal Quilling. Paper Filigree with a Pedigree.

Paper Filigree Snowflake Gallery. I've switched over to using acid free paper and glue to make my paper filigree snowflake ornaments now. I figure there's no sense in putting this much work into something that might fall apart in a few years, and with practice, they're starting to get pretty enough that I'm planning to make quite a few of them. In my search for paper that will hold up over time, I was looking for archival quality paper, but there wasn't much available that wasn't too thick, or too yellow. I visited all sorts of art, craft, scrapbook, and office supply stores in my paper quest, but the pickings were pretty slim for archival paper in shades of silver and white, so I went with mostly acid free paper and will see how it holds up. The pictures don't show it very clearly, but the snowflake above on the right has both white and off white, and it adds an interesting antique look, or at least I thought so until my kids mentioned the old joke about not eating the yellow snow.

Happy Quilling.