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Hiking and Trekking in Pattaya - Pattaya Unplugged. If you are like me and can’t stand being cooped up in the room throughout the day but also don’t feel like riding around in circles on the baht bus, there are quite a few cool places that you can go hiking/trekking in Pattaya that you should check out.

Hiking and Trekking in Pattaya - Pattaya Unplugged

Hiking Khao Chi Hon (No Hunting) Wildlife Area If you are one of the lucky ones that have a vehicle, there is a really awesome spot just passed Silverlake Vineyard (about a kilometre) on the right-hand side. The entrance to the nature reserve is easy to miss if you are driving too fast. Honda LPGA tour coming to Pattaya later this month and bringing some of the world's greatest female golfers - Pattaya Unplugged. Honda LPGA Thailand is now back for its 14th year featuring the very best women golfers from the LPGA Tour since the year 2006, promoted and organised by IMG and Honda.

Honda LPGA tour coming to Pattaya later this month and bringing some of the world's greatest female golfers - Pattaya Unplugged

Every year 60 of the world’s best golfers as well as 10 prominent up and coming stars participate in this event, competing for the 1.6 Million USD prize pool, so it’s the number one golf tournament you shouldn’t miss. Aside from that, there’s also the Festival Village, filled with fun activities, events, vendors and great food that will truly bring a world class fun experience for you and your family. The event is being held at the old course at Old Siam Country Club in Pattaya, well regarded as one of the best golf courses in Asia. The event is from February 20 to 23. Tickets are available now at Tickets for the event can be purchased for as low as 300 baht for general admission for a single day event!

Top 10 Reasons To Live In Thailand - Pattaya Unplugged. Thailand, Siam or the Land Of Smiles is one of the world’s top destinations for tourism and retirement.

Top 10 Reasons To Live In Thailand - Pattaya Unplugged

Thailand has so much to offer to almost anyone so here are my top 10 reasons to live in Thailand: 1. Weather – Nothing beats waking up to a beautiful sunny warm day with 20-30 degrees and breeze almost everyday. Thailand has a tropical climate with hot and wet seasons but even in the rainy season, it usually rains for a couple of hours and then you can enjoy the rest of the day in the sun. 2. 3. A Trip To The Updated Sunset Viewpoint - Pattaya Unplugged. For those of you that may not know it, off the backside of Bali Hai pier, near the Pattaya lighthouse, is an amazing spot to check out the sunset every day.

A Trip To The Updated Sunset Viewpoint - Pattaya Unplugged

The issue was that the area over by the lighthouse wasn’t a very nice place to sit around before and was just generally dirty all the time. Thanks to the help of Nongnooch Garden, that has now been changed. Though the area isn’t quite yet complete, you can already see the vast improvements that have been made. There are rows of beautiful palm trees and a nice, new and level footpath that have already been installed, whereas before there was nothing but weeds and rubble from the illegal restaurant that was torn down hastily. Al Baan Nawk Car Exhibit @ Nongnooch Garden - Pattaya Unplugged. Not your Average Garden When we put out our Nongnooch Garden article, believe it or not, a couple of people said that gardens weren’t manly enough for them to visit, or that they were for people in romantic relationships.

Al Baan Nawk Car Exhibit @ Nongnooch Garden - Pattaya Unplugged

Let them keep believing that if they want to but Nongnooch is more than just your average “pretty flower” garden. Located on the beautiful grounds of one of the world’s top ten most beautiful gardens is a warehouse that houses some pretty “manly” items, lots of them. If you’ve not been for a visit yet and you are a fan of grownup “toys”, you have to check out the Al Baan Nawk car exhibit. You see, the owner of Nongnooch, Kampon Tansacha’s passion for beautiful and exotic things didn’t stop at flowers and trees.

The Cars. Indian Issues Addressed by an Indian Reader - Pattaya Unplugged. Reader Submission: First off, I’ll start by saying that I am an Indian, in case you didn’t read the title.

Indian Issues Addressed by an Indian Reader - Pattaya Unplugged

I have noticed on my trips to Pattaya, that the women don’t really have a problem with Indians in general. Much like the white man, the only thing that really matters in most instances is the size of your….wallet. Having said that, there does seem to be an anti-Indian movement going on in Thailand. Some people really get offended when the topic of Indians comes up in general conversation or in the news.

How To Get From Bangkok To Pattaya - Pattaya Unplugged. Pattaya is a beach town located about 150km south-east of Bangkok.

How To Get From Bangkok To Pattaya - Pattaya Unplugged

There are several possible ways of travelling between Bangkok city and its two international airports to Pattaya. These include Air-conditioned busses, minivans, taxi meters and even long-duration trains. Pattaya vs Bangkok - A Comparison - Pattaya Unplugged. When travellers are trying to determine which city in Thailand should be added to the itinerary, it can be quite confusing.

Pattaya vs Bangkok - A Comparison - Pattaya Unplugged

Many choose Bangkok just because it is a large city that is quite a familiar word to them. Everyone knows that Bangkok exists, it is the first Thai big city you hear about in geography so naturally, people choose the familiar. The Future Of Bars In Pattaya - Pattaya Unplugged. Written By Bryan Flowers from The Night Wish Group I have written this article because many people ask me for my opinion about Pattaya in general and this is just my personal opinion.

The Future Of Bars In Pattaya - Pattaya Unplugged

Part of my job leading Night Wish Group is trying to find more bars in more locations and to spot hotspots, trends which could be happening on sections of a soi, a whole soi or a complex of bars. I try to observe sois that are trending up and down. I look at customers walking around, rent prices and existing business owners. Top Ten ways to get fired or not hired as a Bar Manager in Pattaya, Thailand - Pattaya Unplugged. Preface: Adam Judd was a bar manager for the Night Wish Group for five years from 2014-2019.

Top Ten ways to get fired or not hired as a Bar Manager in Pattaya, Thailand - Pattaya Unplugged

Low Status Single Males - Pattaya Unplugged. Reader Submission. Night Wish Group Buying Bars in Phnom Penh - Pattaya Unplugged. Written By Bryan Flowers (Bryan Flowers is Founder and CEO of NWG, The Pattaya News, Pattaya addicts Forum) Over a year ago a Cambodian guy who owned a group of bars/restaurant/hotel came to visit me, he has many bars in Phnom Penh, I showed him around our bars and I told him I would go and see his bars, I have seen him several times and we keep in touch. A few of our moderators on Pattaya addicts live in Cambodia and many guys from the forum. Many customers, friends and our managers pop over often. 20 Ways To Die In Pattaya - Pattaya Unplugged. When visiting Pattaya, most people see only a paradise beach resort.

Beautiful women, flowing booze and music that will make you undulate your body right into the bar are everywhere. The beach is only a few minutes away and the weather is always beach weather. Not many people think about the fact that the city harvests souls daily. Many people get here and never make it back home. A TourJung Review - Tea Factory @ A La Campagne - Pattaya Unplugged. ‘Everything stops for tea’… So goes the song and you should definitely stop here for something special in Pattaya that offers far more than simply afternoon tea.

Pattaya is full of the brash and sometimes feels rather low class, driving your yearning for something different and a little more refined. If you are visiting with family and children, worn out from water slides and looking at statues and dinosaurs, then may we heartily recommend the Tea Factory, Pattaya. Where is the Tea Factory (A La Campagne)? Pardon the French but this hideaway is out in the (urban) country but right on the main Sukhumvit Road about a kilometre or so past the famous Floating Market in Na Jomtien. My KBank Experience - By Geronimo - Pattaya Unplugged. Content shared with approval from the author: So, as you all probably know, since Jan 15th, the old ATM cards (with no chip) no longer work, so I prepared to go to my local K bank branch to procure a new one. Being a very old hand here, I know that doing anything even remotely official requires that you have absolutely every piece of paper imaginable, each with 5 copies, all signed by every living relative you have!

So, this guy was prepared, I had: My passport (photocopied the main and visa pages)My BankbookMy ATM card So, the wife and I drive to the bank and get a ticket and within a few minutes, our number comes up and we are escorted to a desk. Being fluent in Thai, I don’t need wifey for translation, but she just happened to be with me as we had another appointment after doing this, so I sit there while she types away on her keyboard, occasionally looking at the screen. I told her that was because I opened the account 22 years ago and naturally, I have a different passport now. 7 Reasons I Love Thailand and Pattaya - Pattaya Unplugged. The first thing on everyone’s mind when they think about Pattaya seems to be the limitless supply of booze and women. Pattaya Food Guide: Must Eat Foods in Pattaya - Pattaya Unplugged. You might not think about it when you are planning your trip but Pattaya is a foodie’s paradise.

The food markets, stalls, wandering vendors and restaurants here are filled with unique and often pleasant (often does not mean always) aromas. What To Expect On Your First Trip To Pattaya - Pattaya Unplugged. Nongnooch Tropical Botanical Garden - Pattaya Unplugged. What was once supposed to be a private fruit plantation, became Nongnooch Tropical Garden after Mrs Nongnooch noticed the beauty and reverence of the esteemed gardens of the world during her travels and decided to turn her would be orchard into one of the most beautiful gardens in the world.

Luckily enough for us, because Nongnooch Garden is now among those revered and esteemed and we can visit whenever we like! Wang Saen Suk - Hell On Earth in Thailand - Pattaya Unplugged. Not many people ever dream of visiting hell but everyone is a little curious as to what might take place should we end up there. Sure, we all know that there will be “weeping and gnashing of teeth” but nobody ever really has a visualization to go by, until now. Photo Diary - The Sanctuary of Truth - Pattaya Unplugged. The Sanctuary Of Truth Whether you are a religious individual or not, anyone who has been to Pattaya’s Sanctuary of Truth will tell you that the building has a certain power to it. Construction on the colossal all-wood building began back in 1981 and is not expected to be finished until sometime around 2025. Before you even make it to your first views of the Sanctuary of Truth itself, you are greeted with some amazing cultural sculptures on the walk down to the building site.

Photo Diary - Khao Keow Open Zoo - Pattaya Unplugged. If you are looking for something to do with the family and haven’t made a trip out to Khao Keow Open Zoo, make it. After having been to hundreds of zoos around the world from the San Francisco Zoo to the Dubai Zoo, Khao Keow is on a whole new level. Zoo Transportation: Upon arrival at the zoo, you have the option to rent either a 4-person or 6-person golf cart. This is highly advisable (you will need some sort of valid driver’s license) as the zoo covers a large area.