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Apoorva's Empiricism: Getting User Image. Liferay 6 theme variables. These are the default Liferay 6 theme variables defined in init.vm.

Liferay 6 theme variables.

I was searching but did not get any link ,so I hope this will help lot of people also around the globe. If anything goes wrong, pls make a comment and also try to add something that will help people around us. ## ———- Common variables ———- ## $theme_display $portlet_display $theme_timestamp $theme_settings $css_class $layout $page_group $liferay_toggle_controls $liferay_dockbar_pinned $css_folder $images_folder $javascript_folder $templates_folder $full_css_path $full_templates_path $css_main_file $js_main_file $company_id $company_name $company_logo $company_logo_height $company_logo_width $company_url $user_id $is_default_user $user_first_name $user_middle_name $user_last_name $user_name $is_male $is_female $user_birthday $user_email_address $language_id $w3c_language_id $time_zone $user_greeting $user_comments $user_login_ip $user_last_login_ip $is_signed_in $group_id ## ———- Page ———- ## Like this: Like Loading...

Apoorva's Empiricism: Using Velocity Templates in Portlets. Package com.apoorva; import; import; import; import javax.portlet.PortletConfig; import javax.portlet.PortletException;

Apoorva's Empiricism: Using Velocity Templates in Portlets

Navigation Recursive Depth Liferay Menu - Forums. I spent some time looking for a solution and found a lot of things that were close, The best starting point I could find was something Chris Whittle made available here, ....

Navigation Recursive Depth Liferay Menu - Forums

From that I was able to make something that seems light and usable. I tested out to 4 levels deep and it seemed fine, may work out further, attaching all the code as files to simplify, this was done in an Liferay 5.2.3 since that is the version my client was using. The recursion depth is given a unique style attribute in order to allow for greater style possibilities based on depth.

Hope this helps out anyone else trying to get this implemented. Regards, Clark Please sign in to flag this as inappropriate. Liferay – Simple Theme Development. Indeed, Liferay has come a long way with its 6.1 version, that fully supports JSF and IceFaces.

Liferay – Simple Theme Development

I’m still trying to learn the ropes of it as I aim to have it the standard collaboration tool in our team. Good Software Application solve problems, but great ones not just solves the problem, but intuitively give users the look and feel of the solvable problem. Applications are usually themed to match of its purpose and value. The twitter application has little bird icons, same as its name and its purpose. Facebook’s simplistic approach made the users visit their site on daily basis because the site’s look and feel is pretty straight forward. What’s good about Liferay is that all of its components, from themes, portlets to extensions and hooks are all customizable and injectable – injectable meaning that developers can create the components independently and plug it. Download the Liferay Eclipse Plugin Go to > Help > Eclipse Marketplace > Search for “Liferay” Create the Theme Project Deploy.


Development. Enterprise open source portal and collaboration software. Menu Theme! - Forums. Navigation.vm will generate UL LI structure for your navigation item. ready example is not available, at the moment but. you can put some condition after 4 links , it should create another UL 1 2 <ul> 3<li>link 1</li> 4<li>link 2</li> 5<li>link 3</li> 6<li>link 4</li> 7</ul> 8<ul> 9<li>link5</li>10<li>link 6</li>11<li>link 7</li>12<li>link 8</li>13</ul> Using CSS you can style so it will look side by side.

Menu Theme! - Forums

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