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Tax Lien or Tax Levy: It’s Important to Know the Difference. Understanding the Law on Unfiled Tax Returns. 5 Things to Know When Filing a Claim for Innocent Spouse Tax Relief. IRS to Use Social Media to Track Defaulters: Here's What it Means. Need Help to File Innocent Spouse Tax Relief in Dallas, Tx? Get Help to file IRS Tax Appeal in Dallas, Texas. Get Ideal Solution for IRS Tax Problem in Dallas, Texas. Understanding the Types of IRS Tax Installment Agreements.

Answering 4 FAQs about IRS Tax Lien Assistance. Work with an Experienced Professional For IRS Levy Help in Dallas. Seek Professional Assistance With Unfiled Tax Returns in Dallas. If you have unfiled tax returns in Dallas, you would be wise to talk with a tax-law specialist to determine exactly where you stand in your obligation to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Seek Professional Assistance With Unfiled Tax Returns in Dallas

To put this in basic terms, you may face severe consequences if you fail to comply with the requirements, as established by the agency. Once you begin to look at this situation more closely, you’ll soon discover the penalty for failure to file can accumulate to 25%, at a rate of 5% per month. You’ll receive letters with various code numbers, which your specialist in non-filed tax returns will be able to interpret and explain for you. Start the Recovery Process While the information presented here is certainly not delivered as legal advice, you should understand how important it is to start the process of recovery as soon as possible.

Occasionally, the owner of a small business may decide it’s OK not to file because the business made no money and owes no taxes. Take Action Rely on Experience. Get Help From a Tax Law ProfessionalFor an IRS Tax Problem. Most people go through life with a general understanding of what a “lien” is, but unless you’ve actually been involved in this situation, you may not realize how difficult it can be to get things “back to normal.”

Get Help From a Tax Law ProfessionalFor an IRS Tax Problem

If the federal government, through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) files a lien against your property, you are the subject of “a legal claim” when you “neglect or fail to pay a tax debt.” When the IRS makes this legal claim, the intention is to protect the government’s interest in all your property, including real estate, personal property and financial assets.” 1 This is not the same as having a “levy” applied to your property. In cases involving a levy, the government takes your property to pay the tax debt. Why You Need Expert Help to Prepare Your Offer in Compromise Application. If you’ve thought about the various ways to deal with your Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issues, and just can’t decide on which path is best for you, you’re certainly not alone.

Why You Need Expert Help to Prepare Your Offer in Compromise Application

Many people have difficulty paying their taxes and settling any outstanding issues arising from non-payment. It’s a fact of life. You can begin the journey back to less-stressful times by working with experts who will assist with solutions such as offers in compromise in Fort Worth and other areas of Texas. Why You Should Consult With Fort Worth Tax Lawyers. 4 Reasons Why You May Need to Hire an IRS Tax Attorney. Come with an IRS Problem and Leave with a Smile. Get Unbiased IRS Tax Problem Resolution.

Think You Don’t Need a Tax Attorney? Think Again! All You Need to Know about IRS Penalty Abatement in Dallas. When you cannot pay your Federal Taxes in time, you risk being subject to various penalties.

All You Need to Know about IRS Penalty Abatement in Dallas

These penalties can conjure severe consequences if not addressed appropriately. An IRS penalty could mean forfeiture of property or jail time. The bottom line is that the Internal Revenue Service chooses to serve penalties and interests to taxpayers who fail to pay their taxes duly. The aim of this is to encourage us to pay promptly the taxes we owe to the government.

Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we present all you need to know about IRS penalty abatement. Understanding IRS’ First-Time Penalty Abatement Policy. Reasonable Causes for IRS Penalty Abatement. Offer in Compromise Vs Non-Collectible Status: Which Way to go. Guide to Filing for IRS Offer in Compromise. Find Help to Solve Your IRS Payroll Tax Problems in Dallas,TX. Get Solution for IRS Offer in Compromise in Dallas, Texas. Get the best Solution for IRS Tax Appeal in Dallas, Texas. 5 Tips to Follow when Requesting an IRS Offer in Compromise. 4 Tax Reform Resources That Every Taxpayer Must Know About. Payroll Tax Problems - Answering Frequently Asked Questions. Planning to File an IRS Tax Appeal in Fort Worth? Read This First! Finding a Way Out of IRS Tax Problems. Understanding the Finer Aspects of Wage Garnishment in Dallas. IRS Penalty Abatement: A Reasonable Cause for what it really means.

Pay Payroll Taxes to IRS - Steps in filing IRS payroll tax returns. Need Assistance Related to IRS appeals? IRS Offer in Compromise Help Dallas Fort Worth, TX: Settle Back Taxes - MyIRSteam. Looking for an Experienced Attorney to File Offer in Compromise in Dallas Tx? Dallas IRS Payroll Tax Problems, Employer Tax Attorney TX - MyIRSteam. Get Help to Solve IRS Payroll Tax Problems in Dallas TX.

Tax Security 101: All You Need to Know to Protect Your Data. A Brief Guide on How to Get Assistance Regarding a Tax Lien. Understanding 4 Consequences of Unfiled Tax Returns. Why Hire a Professional to Help with IRS Tax Debt. Find Innocent Spouse Tax Relief Attorney in Dallas, Texas. Find Right Solution for IRS tax lien in Dallas, Texas. Get Help in Filing Unfiled Tax Return in Dallas, Texas.

Need Help with Filing Unfiled Tax Returns? Read This Now. 5 Taxpayer Rights Everyone Must Know About. Most people either take the DIY route or seek professional help when seeking to resolve problems with the IRS.

5 Taxpayer Rights Everyone Must Know About

One of the problems with pursuing the DIY route is that only a few know their taxpayer rights. The Taxpayer Bill of Rights spells out a few taxpayer rights, covering issues ranging from privacy to representation. IRS tax relief help is readily available in places such as Dallas, helping you stay in the clear when it comes to tax debts. It, however, helps to know your basic rights as a taxpayer. In this blog, we cover the five most important taxpayer rights everyone must know and understand. 1. Every taxpayer has the right to expect that all information shared with the IRS remains confidential. 2. The Right to Privacy of taxpayers dictates that every taxpayer can expect the IRS, in any enforcement, inquiry, or examination, to not be more intrusive than necessary and comply with the law. 3. The Right to be Informed states that every taxpayer has the right to: 4. 5.

Understanding Reasonable Cause for IRS Penalty and Interest Abatement. Filing Your Tax Return? First Understand the 5 Different Filing Statuses. 4 Tips to Avoid Getting Caught Up in Phishing Scams. Phishing scams, when it comes to taxes, involve an illegal attempt to obtain sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, and financial information, to steal money use the tax data.

4 Tips to Avoid Getting Caught Up in Phishing Scams

Whether it is receiving an email from a suspicious source or a hyperlink that redirects you to a fraudulent website, there are numerous ways in which the scam manifests. It, therefore, becomes essential to know how to identify, avoid, and report such scams. This blog post covers four tips to help you avoid getting caught in phishing scams. Take a look. 1.

Opening emails from suspicious sources is one of the most common ways people fall prey to phishing scams. 2. 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for an Offer in Compromise. Although every taxpayer has to pay their tax bills on time, the IRS takes into account special cases wherein the taxpayer cannot immediately pay the full amount.

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for an Offer in Compromise

Offer in compromise is one of the many tax relief options offered by the IRS to taxpayers facing such difficulty. The OIC program allows taxpayers to settle their debt for a lesser amount than they owe. It is, however, important not to make any mistakes when applying for an OIC, as the IRS will reject the application. Got Unfiled Tax Returns? It's Never Too Late for Redemption. Answering FAQs on Innocent Spouse Tax Relief. Facing IRS tax issues can be exhausting and a source of great inconvenience.

Answering FAQs on Innocent Spouse Tax Relief

The situation can even be more frustrating when it comes to escaping liability for a spouse’s tax obligations. If you have received a notice from the IRS regarding unpaid taxes in respect of a return you and your spouse filed together, you can not be held liable if you were not aware of the income mentioned. You can file for Innocent Spouse Relief and getting help from a seasoned tax attorney improves your chances of landing the desired outcome.

To help you get a better appreciation of the innocent spouse tax relief facility in Dallas and other areas, we answer some of the frequently asked questions. IRS Tax Problems aren't a One-Way Street: Read This Now. IRS Issues Help — Debunking 5 Common Myths Around IRS Innocent... Find Solution for IRS Offer in Compromise in Dallas, Texas. Find the Ideal Solution for IRS Tax Appeal in Dallas, Texas. Get Help to Solve Your IRS Payroll Tax Problems in Dallas,TX. Improved Options for Taxpayers: Free File Program 2019. 3 Types of Debts That Can Be Garnished in Texas. A Brief Guide on How to Stop an IRS Levy. Wondering How to Pay Payroll Taxes to the IRS? Read This Now. IRS Tax Problems: What to Do? 3 Tips To Remember When Filing Tax Returns in 2019. Reasonable Causes for the Abatement of IRS Penalties & Interests. Unable to Pay Federal Tax Debts? Request an Installment Agreement.

Get the Ideal Solution for your IRS Tax Lien in Dallas, Tx. Looking for an Experienced Attorney to File IRS Tax Appeal in Dallas Tx? Need Help in Dealing with Unfiled Tax Returns? 3 Common Errors to Avoid When Filing For an Extension with the IRS. Filing accurate extensions with the IRS can sometimes be confusing and time-consuming.

3 Common Errors to Avoid When Filing For an Extension with the IRS

Although some people prefer taking the DIY route, it is advisable to hire a professional to help you file your tax extensions free from errors. Before filing an extension with the IRS, it is important to know the basics of the process. Whether you are looking for a tax professional who can give you IRS lien assistance or file an extension in Fort Worth and other areas, go through this blog. We cover three common errors to avoid when filing for an extension with the IRS. Let’s take a look. 1.Giving an Incorrect Social Security Number A Social Security Number is used to keep an official record of an individuals accounts and finances, and every individual is issued a unique SSN. 2. Another common mistake taxpayers make when seeking an extension is filling the wrong filing status. 3. Everyone, whether a taxpayer or tax professional, can make mathematical errors when filing an extension with the IRS.

3 Valid Reasons to Utilize IRS Tax Installment Agreement. IRS tax installment agreement offers a viable way to taxpayers who are behind with their tax payments to come to a tax settlement.

3 Valid Reasons to Utilize IRS Tax Installment Agreement

There are different types of installment agreements with the tax agency to help clear taxes owed in a staggered manner so that defaulting taxpayers do not face any disadvantage. If you’re wondering how the IRS tax installment agreement can help you, this post presents three sound reasons to choose this method of tax payment. Read on to find out. 1. Option for Installments One of the greatest advantages of IRS tax installment agreement is it allows taxpayers to space out their tax repayment based on their financial situation. 2. 4 Instances that Could Land You in an IRS Tax Investigation. Need Help to Resolve IRS Tax Problems? Read This Now. Know Your Rights as a Taxpayer.

Connect with the IRS: 4 Things You Can Do Using IRS2Go. Answering 5 FAQs About IRS Tax Appeal Process. A Guide to Paying Payroll Taxes to the IRS. Need Help in Filing an Offer in Compromise in Dallas, Texas? Find IRS Tax Debt Relief Attorney in Dallas, Texas. Get IRS Tax Problem Help in Dallas, Texas. Types of Free Tax Help Available With the IRS. Getting Rid of an IRS Tax Lien. Being the subject of an IRS tax lien can be daunting, but it’s not the end of the world. A lien is a notice that the Government has secured an interest in your property in respect of unpaid taxes. An unresolved Lien leads to a levy and can adversely affect your assets, credit, and rights to your business property.

It even subsists after you have declared bankruptcy. A levy means the Government can actually start taking your assets. Common Payroll Tax Problems and Their Solutions. IRS Appeals Office and IRS Tax Appeal: Everything You Need to Know. The IRS Appeals Office is responsible for resolving tax-related controversies in an impartial manner without taxpayers having to resort to litigations. Instances where the Office of Appeals gets involved are when the IRS rejects a proposed offer in compromise, or when the IRS believes that its collection action is being threatened. Understanding the Nitty-Gritty of Federal Tax Lien. Important tips to know about filing an amended a tax refund.

3 Legal Consequences of Failing to File Tax Returns. When you owe taxes and neglect to file tax returns, you invite many IRS tax problems. Many taxpayers are unaware of the fact that unfiled tax returns are worse than those filed but not paid up. Want to Settle Your IRS Tax Debt? An Offer in Compromise Can be a Way Out. IRS Tax Problems a Debt Attorney Can Help You With. 7 Tax Tools Every Taxpayer Must Know. Managing taxes can be a tedious task, especially if not done correctly. The IRS, keeping in mind the difficulties of managing and recording tax-related information manually, introduced seven tax tools you can use online to make your tax refund process easy, convenient, and time efficient.

It is, however, important to be on the safe side and seek professional help by hiring a tax lawyer in Fort Worth or any other place. If you are looking for Fort Worth tax lawyers, a simple online search will send you in the right direction. It, however, remains important to be up-to-date with the latest tools available nowadays. Continuing the discussion, in this blog, we cover seven tax tools every taxpayer must know. Tumblr. A Guide to IRS Fresh Start Initiative. Owing taxes to the IRS is a big deal. If you have received even a single IRS notice, you need to act quickly to avoid serious repercussions. If the IRS finds any indication that you are not willing to pay the taxes you owe, they can seize your assets, garnish your wages, and even place a lien on your property to collect the unpaid taxes.

If you are unable to pay the complete amount you owe due to financial issues, there are many IRS debt relief programs you can activate. It is advisable to consult a tax attorney to help you negotiate the terms of the settlement. Understanding How to Stop an IRS Tax Levy. How to Get Assistance Regarding a Tax Lien. Defending the Rights and Interests of Taxpayers Through IRS Tax Appeal.

If a taxpayer disagrees with the way the IRS assesses their taxes, imposes interests and penalties, withholds certain deductions, or conducts tax audits, they can file an appeal with the tax authority. Busting 5 Common Myths about IRS Innocent Spouse Tax Relief. 3 Ways to Remove a Tax Lien from your Credit Report. Answering 5 FAQs About Filing Unfiled Tax Returns.