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Double decker carousel for sale - Beston kids rides. High quality double decker carousel for sale with reasonable price, As a professional kids rides manufacturer from China, Beston double deck carousels had won lots of praises from passengers around the world.

Double decker carousel for sale - Beston kids rides

Like its name, double decker merry go round has double deck for your park visitor. And it is a luxury carousel ride with its upper and lower floors running respectively and splendid royal decoration. Compare to classic single decker carousel, The double decker one can carrying double visitor visitors, it can save space for your park to set more fun amusement park rides, that will let your park more enjoyable. Decorative plates, ceiling and covering plates are decorated with colorful embossment while the crown on top of the canopy is sky-high erected. With colorful lightings, the double deck carousel ride looks grand and noble. Mini ferris wheel/ Kids ferris wheel for sale. Kiddie games/ Kids Excavator for sale. Characteristic: The children excavator is an experiential equipment,which adults and children can play.It suits the whole family join in.The most important is that it can train baby’s ability of practice and thought.The children excavator is full hydraulic electric,all simulator equipment.

kiddie games/ Kids Excavator for sale

Flower tea cup ride for sale. Spectacular Disco Turntable/Disco Tagada /Tagada Disco Rides. Tagade is a very popular amusement ride, mostly appraised by teenagers because of the disco appeal.

Spectacular Disco Turntable/Disco Tagada /Tagada Disco Rides

Riders sit in a round bowl with no seatbelts or restraints, they just hold onto bars behind the riders’ seats. The ride starts to spin, the music starts playing and pneumatic arms, operated by a human operator, bounce the riders up and down. In Europe carnivals can be seen sometimes riders are told the ride is over but the gates not open and the operator restarts the ride making everyone fall over before to open the gates. Riders sit in a round bowl with no seatbelts or restraints. There are bars behind the riders which they hold onto. Advantages: 1、Hot sell in Middle East, Africa and Russia. 2、24 hours/day phone services, 24 hours/day mail services. Attractive kids rides indoor/outdoor amusement snail war for sale. High qualified Mechanical Rides for sale. Inflatable Bounce House and Waterslide for sale. About this item Your kids are sure to be spending all of their time outdoors with this fun Kidwise Endless Fun 11-in-1 Inflatable Bounce House and Waterslide.

Inflatable Bounce House and Waterslide for sale

It has it all to keep everyone occupied for hours with the ability to bounce, slide, climb, crawl and do so much more. Kids can bounce in one section and then climb up to the top and slide down into a water play area. Everything you need to set it up is included with the Kidwise bounce house, including a patch kit for those unexpected mishaps. It is the ideal choice for small- or medium-sized back yards. Kidwise Endless Fun 11-in-1 Inflatable Bounce House and Waterslide: Ideal for small- to medium-size backyards Activities: slide, tunnel, bounce house 11 fun-filled activities Includes: oversized storage bag, stakes, patch kit, blower and instructions Maximum Weight Capacity for kids' bounce house: up to 300 lbs (3 users at 100 lbs each) Dimensions: 14.3' x 12' x 8'

Inflatable Rides for sale. Samba Balloon ride for sale. Mini pirate ship ride for sale. Characteristic: Mini Pirate Ship is the scaled-down version of general pirate ship,used to service children.

Mini pirate ship ride for sale

Its capacity is 8 kids and construction is same as adult pirate ship,consisting of steel structure, 4 uprights and a ship body.Children aboard the pirate ship that swings from slowly to sharply since it starts looks like sailors who sometime are on the crest and sometimes fall off a cliff in waves of the sea. Merry go round/carousel ride for sale. Characteristic: The deluxe carousel is hot amusement equipment in parks, attractive in appearance and vivid in color.

Merry go round/carousel ride for sale

It is welcomed by young people. When the equipment starts the turntable of it rotates gradually, and the horses that connected with the turntable will go up and down along the turntable. It makes the passengers feel like riding on a real horse. The product is applicable to all parks and playgrounds and the Children's Palace. Frog Hopper ride/Mini free fall ride for sale. Ferris wheel/Giant ferris wheel for sale. Bumper Car/Dodgems for sale. Characteristic: Bumper cars (US English ) or dodgems (British English) is the generic name for a type of flat ride consisting of several small electric cars, which draw power from the floor and/or ceiling, and which are turned on and off remotely by an operator.

Bumper Car/Dodgems for sale

They are also known as bumping cars, dashing cars, and dodgem cars. Despite the variety in names the cars are solely known as dodgems, in British English. when players sit the bumper car, they will drive the car to bump other people’s cars. During the time, they can feel the face-to-face feeling and experience the feeling of victory. Parameter: Advantages: 1、Hot sell in Middle East, Africa and Russia. 2、24 hours/day phone services, 24 hours/day mail services. 3、Global leading professional manufacturer of kids amusement park rides. 4、Competitive price without any third party. 5、Customized products available based on your detailed requirements. 6、Testing Report: ISO9001, CE, OHSASI8001, ISO14001. Beston Kids Amusement Equipment Rides For Sale.