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Patrick John Ireland

I am a 55 year old educator and businessman. I just launched Link-Ads, an online advertising company on the Internet. We create exclusive funnel sites for local businesses in any hometown. We have launched in Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada and we will expand from here. Our email address is

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Free Services Provided By Patanjali Yogpeeth

Recipes. Khan Academy.

I like this commentary. I spoke with the Principal of the elementary school that I will be teaching at this September. She has given me the approval to use the Khan Academy educational videos in my grade 4 classroom. I have been a teacher for most of my career, and I like the idea of being able to free up my time in the classroom to help students who require more assistance in their learning. My wish is that my school district will eventually follow the Palo Alto Calfornia district model; throw most of the textbooks away and generate self-paced learning using The Khan Academy system. – patrickireland

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Pearltrees videos

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  1. patrickireland Aug 17 2011
    I like Pearltrees, tell me how many seeds have you sown lately?
  2. patrickireland Aug 17 2011
    It's not bad, actually, it's pretty good. I have made some good discoveries already.
  3. a_msika Jul 19 2011
    Hi Patrick, now that you have picked a lot of pearltrees, don't hesitate to organize them in sub pearltrees (you can create new ones byu clicking on "new pearltree" at the bottom left of the screen). When you create pearls, it will be easier to also organize them in pearltrees :)
  4. bloodmandarin Jul 18 2011
    You don't like Pearl-Trees, do you? You're more of a picker than a sower!