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How to get press for your creative business - part 3: 10 creative ways to raise your profile (without a press release) by Paula Gardner of DoYourOwnPR - The Design Trust. The 99 top design & craft journalists, bloggers & media to follow on twitter - The Design Trust. Big Bamboo Poles. How to Make Moss Graffiti: 8 Steps. Edit Article Four Parts:Finding the mossPreparing the mossMaking moss milkApplying the moss graffiti As people become more eco-friendly and environmentally aware, the idea of making living, breathing graffiti has become an exciting outlet for graffiti artists.

Also called eco-graffiti or green graffiti, moss graffiti replaces spray paint, paint-markers or other such toxic chemicals and paints with a paintbrush and a moss "paint" that can grow on its own. It can also be considered another form of guerrilla gardening. Learn more about this simple technique after the jump. Ad Steps Part 1 of 4: Finding the moss <img alt="Make Moss Graffiti Step 1.jpg" src="/images/thumb/0/04/Make-Moss-Graffiti-Step-1.jpg/670px-Make-Moss-Graffiti-Step-1.jpg" width="670" height="447" id="552f4f2509fb0">1Gather up as much moss as you can find or buy.

Part 2 of 4: Preparing the moss Part 3 of 4: Making moss milk Part 4 of 4: Applying the moss graffiti We could really use your help! Can you help usrate articles? Tips.

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Meadow's Edge by Angie Lewin. Herriott Grace — Saturn's Peculiar North Pole Hexagon, Seen Up Close by Cassini – Photo. Astronomers have known for a while that Saturn houses a very peculiar cloud pattern at its north pole, a hexagon. They don't know why and how it's formed, but it is one of the most striking features of the spectacular planet. Cassini recently took a very clear and very beautiful photo of the polar hexagon, with Saturn's rings in the background. "The image was taken with the Cassini spacecraft's wide-angle camera on Nov. 27, 2012 using a spectral filter sensitive to wavelengths of near-infrared light centered at 750 nanometers," NASA explained. "The view was acquired at a distance of approximately 403,000 miles (649,000 kilometers) from Saturn and at a Sun-Saturn-spacecraft, or phase, angle of 21 degrees.

Each side of the hexagon is larger than the Earth's diameter, about 13,800 km, or 8,600 miles long. The Great Red Spot. The Great RedSpot The Coriolis effects that are responsible for cyclones and anti-cyclones on Earth are greatly magnified on Jupiter, which has a rotational frequency about 2 1/2 times that of Earth, but this alone would not account for the persistence and size of the Great Red Spot. There are other features similar to the Great Red Spot on the surface (note the white spots in the above images) but none are as large as the Great Red Spot. Presumably the persistence of the Great Red Spot is related to the fact that it never comes over land, as in the case of a hurricane on Earth, and that it is driven by Jupiter's internal heat source.

Computer simulations suggest that such large disturbances may be stable on Jupiter, and that stronger disturbances tend to absorb weaker ones, which may explain the size of the Great Red Spot. Furthermore, as for the clouds in general, we do not understand fully the reason for the coloring. Earth2.jpg 542×324 pixels. International Ceramics Studio 2014 Program. Developing your own glazes can be efficient and fun. But in many potteries and studios it isn't. Often the lessons at school about glaze calculation repelled the later ceramicists for a lifetime. And mostly the teacher forgot to do the most important thing: explaining what a Seeger formula could be used for.

Nevertheless Glazes are a very important part of most ceramic pieces. They are providing a »skin« which is substantial for the attractiveness of a pot or sculpture and often decides about the economical success or failure of a potter. Markus Böhm is fascinated by glazes for as long as 30 years. Markus is a pioneer in using glaze calculation software and part of the course will be to demonstrate the practical applications of calculating glaze formulas with the aid of this technology.

The students will have the possibility to fire their own pieces and trials in a woodfired kiln. Fees for the masterclass include We stock a variety of clays including A mesterkurzus tartalma. MÜRITZKERAMIK - Glaze Workshop at the ICS Hungary (8th to 15th May 2014) A 50% deposit is required upon acceptance to secure your place on the course. The balance may either be paid in advance or in cash on arrival at the studio. It may be possible for you to make applications to arts councils and funding organisations in your home country to attend the course.

We will help you in any way we can with any applications for funding you make. If you require a single room with a private bathroom there is a supplement cost of 24,000 HUF for each course. Rooms are simply furnished with bed, desk, chairs, wardrobe and cupboard and supplied with clean bed-linen, pillows and towels. Accommodation is in single rooms with shared facilities or we have a limited number of single en-suite rooms with their own shower and WC at a small supplement cost. Studios and workshops Studios are provided for single, double or larger shared workshop spaces. Materials and equipment We stock a variety of clays including KS21 a stoneware chamotte (grogged) body Conditions.