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Calendar cover. Miss Make: Tutorial: Calendar Cover. I'm one of those people that needs a real-life calendar. Call me old fashioned, but I just can't use my phone or computer to keep track of my life. I need to SEE it all in front of me. Am I the only one?? I like to outline the weekend squares with highlighter, and sometimes I color code activities or work schedules. So lame! I'm always abnormally excited to get a nice fresh calendar when the new year rolls around. So many blank pages! Happy New Year everyone! Calendar CoverMaterials: home decor weight fabric [amount depends on calendar size, but probably not more than .5 yard] thread peltex stabilizer [again amount depends on calendar size] *Peltex stablizer is a very stiff material that's almost like a cross between cardboard and felt.

Directions: First measure the dimensions of your calendar. Also measure the height of the calendar. Now we will cut the peltex into a rectangle. Next is the fabric. Fold and press it again around the edge of the peltex. Repeat with the other long edge. The Modest Homestead: gift ideas. I've been making a lot of flowers lately so yes, this is yet another fabric flower tutorial. I always see fabric flowers these days when I'm out shopping on clothes or home decor and that usually temps me to go home and try to make them myself. Here's how I made this one. First, cut out several different size circles. My largest one is about 3". I just put my circle template on top of several layers of fabric and started cutting. No need for perfection. Second, I folded the circle in half.

Third, take each corner of the folded circle and pull it to the middle of the open side. So it should look like this. Then make a bunch using your 3 different sizes of circles. I cut a piece of felt into a circle and used that as a base to glue my folded circles to. Start with the large ones and stack on the small. Here's what it looks like from the back. I used a gemstone brad from Hobby Lobby to embellish the center. Flatten the back of the brad like this. Then hot glue your choice of clip to the back. Stitch by Stitch: Fabric Book Cover Tutorial. I decided that I am going to include quite a few handmade gifts for Christmas this year, so I have been very busy sewing cute and fun items. Because most of my family live 100's to 1000's of kilometers away, and because we wont be seeing them, I wanted to get it done as soon as possible to make sure it gets to their destination in time.

My oldest Son, (almost 18) asked if I could make his girlfriend a little something too. So together we decided a pencil bag together with a fabric book cover would be great. So today I thought of showing you exactly how I made the fabric book cover. You'll need the following: (The fabric requirements are for an A5 book) 1 Book to cover - in this case a A5 hard cover 2 x Fat quarters of your choice (I decided to piece the front using two different prints, but a FQ will do) Fusible batting/fleece Small piece of fusible applique Matching thread and general sewing supplies You'll start by measuring your book. In this case the measurements are as follows: 20 x 9¼. How to Make a Pair of Slippers (with Pictures) DIY Cat Tent Bed | Practically Functional. French Desk Set: Journal Cover. Did you have a diary as a kid? I did. I just wasn't ever very good at it: 'Dear Diary, School was boring today. When I got home, I ate crackers and watched TV. It was a good day.' This project is a bit more advanced than most you'll find here at Sew4Home, but we've included lots of pictures and careful notes about measuring and assembling.

You can find a great selection of Moda's beautiful French General fabric online from our friends at FatQuarterShop. Any Sewing Machine (we recommend the Janome MC5200)⅓ yard 44-45" wide fabric for journal front, inside pen pocket, and inside business card pocket: we used Moda's French General Rouenneries in Turkey Red Josephine NOTE: Josephine was recently discontinued by Moda but is still available at some outlets. The measuring and rounding up of the measurements is to give the notebook room to open and close within the journal cover. Measuring time Open your notebook on a flat surface. Math time Width Length The length is simple! Make the pockets Tags: Free Sleepy Baby Doll Pattern. Moldes y paso a paso para hacer un muñeco gato. Moldes de gato para imprimirHola estas en y hoy te invitamos a hacer este divertido muñeco gato,si nunca hiciste un muñeco con este paso a paso te darás cuenta que no es muy complicado de hacer,aquí te enseñamos y te damos típs de cómo hacer un muñeco gato,si quieres dar un regalo especial a un niño ,piensa en este original muñeco gato el cual no lo encontraras en ninguna tienda,hazlo tu misma compra los materiales que te pedimos y comienza a coser tu muñeco gato ,sabemos que el molde es importante por eso ampliarlo al tamaño que quieres que tenga tu muñeco,no necesitamos usar máquina de coser lo puedes hacer con aguja y un buen hilo ,no lo dudes más es momento que pongas en práctica este paso a paso .Hoy aprendimos cómo hacer un muñeco de manera fácil,está semana habrá muchas sorpresas en manualidades que hemos escogido para tí,no te lo pierdas y sigue visitándonos en Cómo hacer un muñeco gato DIY-Cómo hacer un muñeco gato paso a paso1. . 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

DIY oxford sneakers - jewelry&stuff by one creative buny. Our DIY Chalk Paint® Sneakers | Simply Grace. Something you probably know about us by now: we love Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan. We love painting furniture. We love painting signs. We love painting in a box. We love painting with a fox. (Ahem. Start out with a clean, white pair of canvas sneakers. Remove the shoelaces and make sure to stuff the shoes with newspaper to help them keep their shape & prevent them from shrinking as the paint dries. For our shoes, we used Chalk Paint® in Duck Egg – one of our favorites! Using a disappearing ink fabric marker, begin drawing your pattern onto the shoes.

The charm of these shoes is that they’re hand-painted and don’t need to be perfect – if you’re a perfectionist though, you might feel better mapping out your wingtip design with dots before you actually draw it. Connect the dots you drew to create the wingtip shape. Add a border of small circles underneath the lines you just drew… …and another line underneath the circles. Just add a little detail to the back… Tada! Like this: 白布鞋变布……_来自喵小啊的图片分享-堆糖网. Bricolaje y manualidades en Pinterest: desde diseños para crochet has… Craft Ideas - How to Make Your Own Personalized Tote Bag at

Add some frill power to a run-of-the-mill canvas tote with a pretty personalized stencil. Stock your finished bag with apples, gourmet crackers and cheese for a useful holiday gift. Materials: • Canvas tote (we used an 18" x 13" Me & My B.A.G, $6.99; Michaels stores) • Paper doily (we used Wilton’s Round 12" Grease-Proof White Doily, $1.99 for 6; • Spray adhesive (we used Krylon Paper Finishes Spray Adhesive, $4.65; Michaels stores) • Fabric paint (we used Tulip Slick Dimensional Fabric Paint in Black, $3.49; • Small paintbrush • Freezer paper (try Reynolds 18" Freezer Paper, $6.25; at grocery stores or at • Piece of cardboard • X-Acto knife• Iron Directions: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Project courtesy of Ashley Campbell, a photographer, crafter and writer of the blog Under the Sycamore. 11 Ways for You to Makeover the Sneakers - Pretty Designs. Have you forgotten putting the old sneakers in the corner of the room? It’s time to pick them up and makeover them because you may need a pair of sneakers to step out for the beautiful spring. Wash the sneakers and prepare them for an amazing change. Today’s post is going to tell you how you can change the old shoes into new ones.

You can print pictures on the shoes or add some glitter to them. When you finish the DIY sneakers, you will be surprised and feel lucky that you haven’t thrown the dirty shoes away. Get your hands busy in no time and give a new look to the sneakers.Studded Sneaker Print Sneakers Neon Orange Sneakers Zebra Sneakers Easy Sneakers Colored Sneakers Sneakers with Stylish Print Black Sneakers with Rings Lace Sneakers Sneaker with Dots Ombre Sneakers.

Jezze Prints: No-interfacing Storage Basket Tutorial. As promised, a recipe for making washable stand-up storage baskets: You'll need to cut 2 of each of these pieces (click on the pic to enlarge it to a readable size). The measurements are in centimetres because that's the way I was brought up (sorry). A seam allowance of 1cm is included in these measurements. This basket's base is 15cm wide, but you could make any size using this slightly haphazard formula, where x is the width of the base and y is the height of the basket. And 2 is cm and seam allowance. Pieces cut, sew right sides together along these seams: Sew the boxed corners of the linings by folding the pieces open, matching the side seams with the bottom seams, and stitching across: Zig-zag the top edge of the smaller lining piece. Hem the bottom edge of the outer sleeve piece, turning up 1cm all round and stitching it down.

Turn the lining pieces so that their right side faces out, and slide the outer sleeve over. Almost done, except for the fiddly part! Fabric Basket Tutorial with Delia Creates. Hi U Create fans! I am super excited to be here for the Summer Fat Quarter Series. Today, I am sharing a simple project that takes just two fat quarters and some interfacing. It's reversible too! :) Let's get right to it, shall we? Materials: two fat quarters 1/2 yard of stiff fusible interfacing contrasting or matching thread rectangular fabric scraps (preferably matches your fat quarters and no smaller than 4x4 inches) fabric glue That's it! Please note: I made two baskets so you will see the fabric interchange in some of the steps. -Wash and press your fat quarters. . - Following the manufacturers instructions, fuse each piece of fabric with interfacing. - Clean up the edges of your fat quarters to make everything nice and even and so that there are no frayed edges. - Stack your two fused fat quarters and cut them again if needed so they are the same size.

. - Cut five by five inch squares from each corner. . - Go HERE to download my fabric handle pattern. . - Pin the corner edges together. Make a Library Tote Bag from a T-Shirt. Earlier in the week I showed you the Library Journal I made for my son to encourage him to be excited about reading over the summer months. Part of the excitement of summer reading will come from our trips to the local library too. In order to have an easy way to carry all our library finds, I made a quick and free tote bag using an old t-shirt. And when I say a sewing project is easy, you know that it is! To make a T-Shirt Tote Bag, you will need: old t-shirt scissors thread sewing machine plate permanent marker pins Any adult size t-shirt you have on hand will make a free, easy tote bag. Begin by cutting the sleeves off of the t-shirt just OUTSIDE of the seam.

Position a large dinner plate over the neck hole of the shirt. Cut along the marker line. Using a sewing machine, sew the t-shirt together just above the bottom hem. NOTE: You can see from the picture that I sewed the wrong sides of my t-shirt facing each other. Remember that I told you to save the t-shirt sleeves? To recap: Roll-Up Tote Strap. Need some tote bags that roll up with a handy snappy strap? Here’s how I made mine. The strap is attached to the bottom outside layer of a reversible tote. You just roll up the tote and wrap the strap around, closing it with a snap.

How to Make a Roll-Up Tote StrapMaterials: Fabric cut to this size: Outside (two pieces 15x18 inches) Inside (two pieces 15x18 inches) Tote Strap (two pieces 4x22 inches) Roll-Up Strap (one piece 3x13 inches) Note: In picture above, I’ve already pressed the straps. Stuff you use to cut fabric, such as a ruler/straight-edge, rotary cutter and self-healing mat or scissors. Then fold in one end about 1/8 an inch and fold in another 1/2 inch and press. Topstitch the strap along the sides and around the folded ends, making sure the 1/8 inch fold at the edges are tucked in as you sew.

Now we’ll apply the snaps. Insert the top of the snap through the hole, and then apply the snap part on the other side and press using the pliers. So it looks like this. And you’re done! Zaaberry: Tote + Tutorial = Totorial. I'm a big proponent of reusable bags. But, you don't always want to whip out your smelly grocery bag when you're at the mall or library. So why not make a cute little tote with some beautiful fabric. Here's what you'll need: main body of the bag: 2 fabric pieces 15 x 10 inchescontrasting top of bag: 2 fabric pieces 15 x 6 incheshandles: 2 fabric pieces 4 x 16 inches6 inches of thin elastic1 button Fold your piece of elastic in half and baste at the center of one of the 15 inch sides of the main body fabric.

Lay a contrasting panel on top of the main panel, sandwiching the elastic in between, and sew a 1/4 seam. Press seam allowance towards the upper contrasting panel and top-stitch. Since this bag isn't lined, I decided to do french seams on the sides. Turn the bag so that RIGHT sides are facing in and WRONG sides are facing out. Serge or zig-zag to finish the bottom seam and turn bag right side out. Now set the bag aside and let's work on the straps. Making reversible bag. From top of straps to bottom of bag: 50 cm / 20 inchesheight: 28 cm / 11 incheswidth: 40 cm / 16 inches I don’t know because I used leftover fabric for my bag. You can print the pattern and place it on your fabric to make an approximation. It is only one piece of pattern. Fort similar bag, you can check Charlie bag by Burdastyle ($1.99). It is a bit bigger and has squared bottom. Please go to the bottom of this post to download the PDF pattern and tutorial.

Disclaimer: You may use the finished products for both personal and commercial use (craft shops or markets only – no mass production). 1. 2. If you use my pattern, sew the darts before sewing the bottom and sides of bag. 3. 4. 5. Pull out each of the remaining straps. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. A reversible bag!

Thank you for reading and I hope this post is useful for you! Click to download: You SEW Girl: Bag Base Tutorial for Peltex or Fast2Fuse. I've been meaning to update this bag base tutorial for a while. Not only was the original hastily put together from a black & white pdf document (long story involving band width), but I've ever-so-slightly changed my method since it was written. (And colour is always nicer than grey, don't you think?). This tutorial is for a base in any boxed corner bag (and it can be adapted for other bag constructions). 1.

Measure the length of the base seam (above) and then the boxed corner seam (below). 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. NOTE: Nobody will see this bit, so there's no need to worry about neatness. 8. 9. 10. The base is attached with a little bit of movement to avoid accidentally making it too tight (which looks awful). When you turn the bag through to the right side, you'll see that the base creates structure but is flexible enough to not damage the fabric with wear and tear (as template plastic can). Have you tried Peltex or Fast2Fuse as a base? Becoming the Pierson's: Burlap Tote Tutorial. 化妆包也可……_来自阿团丸子的图片分享-堆糖网. 很简单的小……_来自vividmere的图片分享-堆糖网. 简单~…_来自vividmere的图片分享-堆糖网. Original zapatera puf con ruedas | Muy Ingenioso. Handmade Pride. Handmade by wolfann: torba. 白布鞋变布……_来自喵小啊的图片分享-堆糖网. DIY Stationary Organizer Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter. Porta cubiertos reutilizando latas | Muy Ingenioso. MODA E DICAS DE COSTURA: IDEIAS DE RECICLAGEM - 7.

Diy idea: heart-shaped paper clips. How to Format Text to Fit a Shape in MS Word. DIY Leather Bag Tutorial | CLAD&CLOTH. Folded leather basket :: a minimalistic DIY. I want a tee bag! - Virginie Peny: Do-It-Yourself Projects & Personal Style. It's a piece of cake! - that's life! "even artichokes have hearts": i am hand-made: detachable pocket. Tutorial: Fabric Basket.

Remember the Day Burlap Feed Sack Pillow by nextdoortoheaven. Monogrammed Cell Phone Covers. Monogrammed Cell Phone Covers.