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Clinical Knowledge Summaries - Home. BazUriap. Trip Database. SUMSearch. Cochrane Reviews. BestBETs. Bandolier. Apologies for being quiet this past few months.


New material will begin being posted on the website. What has been holding things back has been a very considerable dynamic in figuring out how clinical trials in chronic pain should be interpreted. The evidence is accumulating that using average pain score values is just plain wrong, and a new approach based on responder analyses will be needed. But it's a tad more complicated than that, and itb will probably be a little while yet before all the finer points are teased out. Ressources EBM (ULg) Il existe des moteurs de recherche (search engines) qui permettent de retrouver des informations sur le réseau Internet mais qui ne distinguent pas les informations générales des informations cliniques, les sites personnels des centres médicaux prestigieux, ...

Ressources EBM (ULg)

Plusieurs sites ont développé des index de ressources médicales accessibles sur le réseau Internet, tels que MedlinePlus, CISMeF, … qui recensent les meilleurs sites dans les différentes disciplines de la médecine. Certains sites du réseau Internet proposent gratuitement l'accès au Medline.