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The Latest New Go Sun Solar Stove Heats to 550 Degrees Without Electricity In Minutes! When I first saw the GoSun stove I thought it was absolutely brilliant.

The Latest New Go Sun Solar Stove Heats to 550 Degrees Without Electricity In Minutes!

Inventor Patrick Sherwin took an existing idea for concentrating solar energy, the evacuated tube hot water heater, and adapted it to cooking. But I noted that you have to modify the way you eat too; "Instead of a big solar oven that adapts to our conventional idea of cooking, The GoSun requires a bit of adaptation of our diet. Green House Salt Water Powered LED Lantern (Eco emergency light lamp GH-LED10WBW) White JAPAN: Sports & Outdoors. SALt - It's a Social Movement. Wireless Power Over Distance. 404 Not Found. Build a Biogas Plant - Biogas Kits. Biogas kits can save you constructing a plant from scratch and are generally researched and designed for your particular area ensuring you get optimal performance.

Build a Biogas Plant - Biogas Kits

Although we have used the term ‘kits’ for which are mainly domestic units, some of the systems below are medium to large scale. Don’t forget to checkout the School experiment kits, lessons and downloads which can be found on the School Biogas Kits page. Biogas Australia can supply DIY biogas kits for Hobby Farmers and householders who want to make use of their household waste to produce biogas for cooking, lighting or hot water as weel as electricity generation. Flexi Biogas are based in Nairobi, Africa. The Flexi Biogas system comprises a flexible reinforced PVC tarpaulin bag as a digester (component where anaerobic bacteria act on organic waste).

Puxin, or more fully Shenzhen Puxin Technology Co. Phoenix Composting Toilets. Building an Urban Greywater Reedbed. Geoff Lawton peels back a clump of reeds in an urban greywater reedbed in suburban Sydney Permaculture teacher Geoff Lawton scrambles through a clump of reeds perched over a some large boulders and gingerly steps over a pond choked with Duckweed and Salvinia floating on the surface.

Building an Urban Greywater Reedbed

You can hear the frogs croaking in the background. Birds are singing in the trees. BuildItSolar: Solar energy projects for Do It Yourselfers to save money and reduce pollution. DIY Solar Water Heater For About $30 In PVC Supplies And Paint. Did you know that 70% of your home energy cost are on water heating?

DIY Solar Water Heater For About $30 In PVC Supplies And Paint

In response to this, a Brazilian Eco Designer developed a low cost and intelligent method of reducing energy costs and preserving the environment reusing waste. He created a simple passive solar water heating using PET bottles and and some PVC pipe. According to his calculations this is an extremely low cost and safe project that you can do yourself at home. This project has become popular on the web and has been adapted to homes and even schools. Home Automation Lighting, Light switches, Dimmer switches. This Wifi Link is required to control all Lightwave devices using our Apps.

Home Automation Lighting, Light switches, Dimmer switches

Wifi Link / Smart Hub Lightwavefor iPhone & Android Control your lighting, heating and power from anywhere LightwaveRF Home Automation allows you to control the lighting in your home with your smartphone using our amazing mobile Apps. How To Build Rocket Mass Heaters / Stoves. 3 DIY Rocket Stove Videos - Try Your Hand At Making One. Design 1.

3 DIY Rocket Stove Videos - Try Your Hand At Making One

Bimble Solar. Liter of Light. Liter of Light is a global open source movement with the aim to provide an ecologically and economically sustainable source of light to underprivileged households that do not have access to electricity or are unable to afford it.

Liter of Light

The invention is relatively simple. It involves filling up a 1.5L PET bottle with purified water and bleach and installing it onto the roof of a house. The water inside the bottle refracts the sunlight during the daytime and creates the same intensity as a 55 watt light bulb. With the correct installation and materials a solar bottle can last up to 5 years.[1][2] As the light relies on the sun it cannot be used at night and is only meant to provide light to buildings and homes during daylight hours. History[edit] In less than a year since inception, over 200,000 bottle bulbs were installed in communities around the world.

About the MyShelter Foundation[edit] Technology description[edit] Sustainability[edit] Composting Toilet Designs. We as humans send so much of our waste down the drain and into the Ocean.

Composting Toilet Designs

Why not treat it on our own land and make good use of it? Cows, dogs, coyotes, bear... all leave it outside. Rocket Mass Heaters. Rocket Mass Heaters A rocket mass heater is a clean burning, high performance burner usually put together using a majority of recycled and/or natural materials, such as cob.

Rocket Mass Heaters

Owners claim an 80-90% reduction in wood usage compared to heating the same space with a metal wood stove. As opposed to the masonry heater which requires some advanced masonry skills, the rocket mass heater can be built by any enthusiast with basic masonry and engineering abilities. Pinterest. Rocket stove. How to make a rocket stove water heater. It looks like a white camel with a fat hump on a pillar but in actual fact, its a hot water system.

How to make a rocket stove water heater

Rocket Stove technology has been around for many years, dating back to ancient China as a method of central heating, but this rendered mud brick construction is used out in the field near the student camping area at Zaytuna farm. We're outdoors filming the last sequences for The Urban Permaculture DVD at the Permaculture Research Institute in Australia and managing director Geoff Lawton points out his new toy.

Washing his hands in the outdoor sink he demonstrates how well it works. PV Supplies.