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How to Care for Wounds and Prevent Infections. Wound care is an essential task for those who are suffering from chronic or non-healing wounds.

How to Care for Wounds and Prevent Infections

Types of Tests Available to Detect COVID-19. COVID-19 is a disease caused by a virus that shows the symptoms of cough, fever, and difficulty breathing.

Types of Tests Available to Detect COVID-19

In most cases, COVID-19 symptoms resemble the flu too much that some patients simply visit a family clinic in Lanham, Maryland for treatment. How Is Diabetes Managed? Diabetes is a dangerous disease if left unmanaged.

How Is Diabetes Managed?

Sustained high glucose levels, for example, can damage the nerves and blood vessels in the body. Left alone, diabetes can lead to complications like loss of vision, kidney damage, diseases of the heart, and hearing impairment, among others. To prevent the otherwise destructive effects of diabetes, a primary care provider in Maryland will help diabetes patients come up with ways to manage their condition.

The goal of diabetes management, first and foremost, is to control blood sugar levels as much as possible and prevent spikes and dips that can otherwise be dangerous to the patient. What Vaccinations Should the Elderly Be Given By Now? Vaccinations can benefit people of all ages, not just children.

What Vaccinations Should the Elderly Be Given By Now?

As we grow older, some of the protection we got from our inoculations will fade and we will need what a primary care provider in Maryland would call “booster shots.” Diet Tips To Manage Hypertension This Holiday Season. Diabetes Management Tips for the Holidays. The holidays are always something that many of us look forward to celebrating.

Diabetes Management Tips for the Holidays

During this time, not only can we socialize and eat delicious foods, but we can also forget about the stress and worries of work. For people with diabetes, however, the holiday season is often dreaded because they have to tiptoe between enjoying the festivities and managing their glucose levels. But there’s no need for that this year. Set yourself up for a successful holiday season with these holiday diabetes management hacks from your trusted family clinic in Lanham, Maryland. Work with your primary care provider in Maryland to create a diabetes holiday plan.Make sure to bolus at least 15 minutes before you begin eating your holiday feast.Fill your plate with vegetables first before sampling other dishes that you fancy.Talk a walk before and after eating to help your body use insulin efficiently.Remember to hydrate yourself often to keep your blood sugar levels low.

Tips to Manage Your Diabetes This Winter. In winter, everything seems to be a tad more difficult, especially for those who have diabetes.

Tips to Manage Your Diabetes This Winter

Because of the cold weather, it’s easy to fall into indolence and just forget everything else. However, if you want to stay healthy and avoid needing first aid or emergency treatment, you should maintain your diabetes management plan. Don’t worry! Here are some winter diabetes management tips you can use. Pay extra attention to keeping your hands and feet warm.Don’t let the cold weather prevent you from exercising and staying active.Keep track of your food intake and manage your mood to avoid depression.Take extra precaution in protecting your diabetes supplies from the cold.Have a regular consultation with your family clinic in Lanham, Maryland.

The cold weather and change in routines can greatly impact your blood glucose levels. Do Seniors Still Need to Get a Flu Shot? A lot of seniors are skeptical about the need to get yearly flu vaccinations from their primary care provider in Maryland.

Do Seniors Still Need to Get a Flu Shot?

They think that it won’t help them, or they that it will even give them the flu. But the truth is that seniors need to get a flu shot now more than ever. Remember, we’re still facing the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Getting immunizations will reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses and minimize the chances of getting sick and infecting others. For seniors who have a weak immune system, the flu shot is specifically designed to help them stay protected against the virus. Can You Get Dehydrated Even in the Cold Weather? Contrary to common knowledge, it’s very much possible to get dehydrated even if the weather is cold.

Can You Get Dehydrated Even in the Cold Weather?

In fact, it’s sometimes more common to get dehydrated in cold weather than in hot weather. Cold weather dehydration happens because of increased urine production and lower thirst response. When the weather’s cold, our body moves blood and other fluids from the extremities towards the core, thus increasing urine production. COVID-19 Antibody Testing 101. Have you recently recovered from the COVID-19 virus?

COVID-19 Antibody Testing 101

Or did you have symptoms of the virus in the past but did not get tested? Then you may need to undergo an antibody testing for COVID-19. But what exactly is an antibody testing and how will undertaking it benefit you? As your trusted primary care provider in Maryland offering this very service, here’s a briefer on the COVID-19 antibody test from to guide you. COVID-19 antibody testing or serology testing is a blood test that is used to determine the presence of antibodies developed from SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the disease.

There are two known types of antibodies that have been detected so far—binding antibodies and neutralizing antibodies—depending on the extent of the sensitivity of the antibody testing the individual will have taken. Testing positive in the antibody testing doesn’t automatically secure you from another infection since the protection provided by the antibodies is still questionable. What Services Can a Primary Healthcare Provider Help You With? Long lines, inflexible hours, and the need for appointments are enough to discourage most of us from seeking medical care for what we think are simple health problems, rationalizing that they will go away soon enough or only seeking help when the pain and discomfort can’t be ignored anymore.

What Services Can a Primary Healthcare Provider Help You With?

These issues are what a primary care provider like us at , the leading primary care provider in Maryland seeks to address. By combining expert care from traditional medical services of hospitals to the convenience you can expect from walk-in clinics, we are able to effectively serve as the go in-between for general illnesses and injuries, as well as provide continuous care to patients in the community. We focus on providing first-level medical care, disease management and prevention, urgency assessments for individuals ages 13 years and above, and even medication training for our medication aides. Why You Should Learn CPR and First Aid. COVID-19: Testing for Past Infections. Some of you might already know about antibody testing, but for those who are new to the phrase, here’s a brief summary of what it is.

Antibody testing, also known as serology testing, determines whether you had COVID-19 in the past and now have antibodies against the virus. Tests are carried out by a health care professional, like someone from your primary care provider in Maryland. During the procedure, the patient is asked for blood samples, usually by a finger prick or by drawing blood from a vein in the arm. This sample is then tested to conclude whether you have developed antibodies against the virus. If results come back positive, you were likely infected with COVID-19 at some point in the past. The World Health Organization, however, cautions that there is still a lack of evidence on whether having antibodies means you’re protected against reinfection. As a responsible family clinic in Lanham, Maryland, we at understand the pressure our current pandemic has put on everyone.