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How Much Does it cost to develop a Fantasy Sports App like Dream11 - Tech Pathway. Is it your dream to develop a fantasy sports app for playing online leagues and earn money? Then, you’re in the right place! There has been a high tide storm of fantasy sports game lovers all over the world. The fantasy sports industry has gained immense popularity over the last two decades.

The fantasy sports app can be seen as a perfect partner for a sports fan who wants to get involved in sports in any way. The popularity of mobile app development enables users to play their favorite sport on their smartphones with an unforgettable experience. Are you planning to develop a fantasy sports app??? What is Fantasy Sports? Fantasy sports are online games that allow players to play a virtual game or a virtual season of any sport. How Dream11 works?? Dream 11 is the fastest-growing fantasy cricket league platform. It is an Indian-based app that allows users over 18 years of age to create a virtual cricket team based on real-time players. Read also: How to develop an eSport fantasy app? For Users. Mobile App Analytics- A Complete Guide to Know - Get to know the basics of app analytics Mobile App Analytics collects data from mobile apps, websites, and web browser visitors to recognize unique users, track their journeys, record their actions, and make a report on the performance of the app.

App analytics software helps to drive personalized and customer-oriented marketing and monitors the performance of desktop, mobile, and other device applications. It is similar to traditional web analytics (used for desktop browsers and applications) and it is also used to boost conversions. Mobile and web app development companies use this software to make better informed and more data-driven decisions. The infusion of new data-driven insights helps mobile app development companies to enhance their brand, advertising, and overall productivity.

App analytics helps app development companies to unlock new growth opportunities. What is Mobile App Analytics? How does mobile analytics work? Mobile analytics track users to record their behaviors. AdMob. How to develop an e-learning app? here is a complete guide - Mobile devices and tablets become popular platforms for the development of e-learning applications. There has been a huge increase in people using mobile devices to access the e-learning app. Mobile devices provide instant access to e-learning content anytime, anywhere, unlike PCs or laptops. It also can not be denied that today when most students spending most of their time on smart devices, these educational mobile apps prove to be a great means to utilize this time more productively. At the same time, these apps are financially accessible to students, hence they can easily use them without worrying about the high tuition fee.

Education-based applications are the future and a business idea worth a billion dollars. We create powerful e-learning tools, learning management systems, M-Learning software, and student e-learning applications with powerful features. Read Also: How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Elearning application like Byju’s How Mobile Education Apps Are Helping Students 1. A Complete Guide on how to build a Courier delivery app - The world is becoming digital and people are moving towards the digital medium. Nowadays, people are usually paying their bills, booking tickets, and ordering food from their mobile phones. The courier company is one of the market’s long-lasting and on-demand businesses. There is always a desire in the local people for courier service. Courier service delivery app & tracking app automates the entire process and gives the customer the advantage of tracking their shipment. It allows users to check the complete tracking details in just a few clicks.

The courier app lets people move their stuff from one place to another. Read Also: How much does it cost to develop a navigation app like Waze How does it Work? The on-demand delivery app offers a convenient way to track your packages in real-time. How to build an On-demand courier delivery app 1. You have to understand which business model works best in your case. 2. 3. 4. 5. Benefits of having a courier delivery tracking app Fast delivery 3. How much does it cost to develop a navigation app like waze - Travel is the spice of life, but knowing where you’re going is always a good idea. Earlier, if you wanted to go anywhere, you needed a paper map. You now have the power of a map which helps you to navigate your route. Thanks to GPS technology. Nowadays, GPS navigation app has become an essential part of a daily routine of taxi drivers, bill collectors, and ordinary drivers.

Navigation app helps you to show where you are and how you can reach your destination in the easiest way. What is Waze Waze is a community-based navigation app that enables drivers to use live maps and get real-time traffic updates. Global Waze stats In 2013, the app counted over 36 million users.In April 2018, Waze was the second most popular mapping app in the United States. Read Also: What is the Cost to Develop an On-Demand Taxi App like Uber? How it works Open the appShare info(about traffic jams)Waze analyze this infoInform other users Core features of an app like Waze Profiles: This is the first step. Integration. How to develop an eSport fantasy app? here is what you need to know - Esports is a type of competitive sport using video games. it often takes the form of organized multiplayer video game tournaments, especially between professional players, individually or as teams.

While organized online and offline tournaments have been part of the video game culture for a long time, they were mostly among amateurs until the late 2000s. When professional gamers participated in these events via live streaming, it causes a significant increase in popularity. Difference between sports fantasy app or esports fantasy app Daily Fantasy Sports app is a form of gambling where you join a lineup to compete with other users using the league of choice players who play actively that day. eSport fantasy app is much different, eSports is the form of competition that occurs in organized video game competition. Popular leagues like: DotA 2 Counter-Strike GO League of Legends Series like: Halo Championship Series Capcom Cup Call of Duty World League Why fantasy eSport Esports leagues. How much does it cost to develop an App like Yelp or Nearby - Searching for places is now easier than ever. There are many predefined places like restaurants, salons, ATMs, Hotels, bus stop and many more.

You can Search even by place name and it shows all the details about the search place like Contact detail, Ratings, User Reviews, and Images. Users can see reviews of other users and can post their own reviews according to their experience. Also read: How to Develop a Business Directory App like Yelp? What is Yelp or Nearby Yelp was launched in 2004, it has over 142 million users.

Nearby is a location-based social networking service. These apps help users to find local businesses among various business categories like the hotel, saloon, petrol pumps, restaurant or shop on the basis of other users’ reviews and ratings. These application uses geolocation to show the list of nearby businesses.

These applications can run on IOS and Android. Key features of an app like Yelp or nearby Photo/video uploading. How can you make a successful app Gamify the app. How Can You Build A P2P payment App Like Venmo and Square Cash? - Peer-to-peer payment system helps a person to transfer funds from their bank account to another person’s bank account with the help of an application called peer-to-peer applications. P2P payment App has gained immense popularity among the youth who generally shows more trust in sharing their financial data with the third-party software as compared to the older generation system.

Remember those days when people carry money in pocket to pay for the bills or used to go to the bank or ATM to transfer and withdraw the money. Using online money transferring apps, users can make a payment or transfer money very easily. This article covers all necessary things like security issues, legal compliance, and features to take into account if you want to build a P2P payment app. Many mobile payments apps are available on play store, Venmo or Square cash are leading money transfer app in this industry. What is Venmo Venmo name is the combination of two Latin words: What is square cash Customer service. How Much does it Cost to Build a Radio FM Application Like Pandora.

Internet radio is a digital audio broadcast streamed over the Internet. Radio FM Application is an application that is used to play Radio stations. It is the most trusted app all over the world. This Application permits you to concentrate and luxuriate in a spread of genres like classical, rock, pop, instrumental, hip-hop, songs, talks, news, comedy, shows, concerts and several alternative programs offered by numerous Radio Broadcasters across the planet. Internet Radio is changing into an additional in style among smartphone owners. A Radio FM application is accessible to every person with an internet connection.

For Radio FM, users do not have to buy new equipment or there is no need to subscribe to any satellite services. Also read: How to Create Online Music Streaming App like Gaana and Saavn? Features required to add in a Radio App Cross-Platform: The app should have cross-platform support. How to develop a Radio FM Application How to make money by developing a Radio FM app Conclusion. Which JavaScript Framework to Choose: Angular vs React vs Vue. JavaScript is a type of multi-paradigm language that carries event-driven, functional, and imperative (including object-oriented and prototype-based) programming styles. It was initially used only for the client-side. However, these days, it is used as a server-side programming language as well. To summarize, in just a simple sentence – JavaScript is the web development language. JavaScript framework is written in JavaScript language.

It differs from a JavaScript library, a library offers functions to be called by its parent code. Whereas a framework defines the entire application design. Before you choose a web app framework to apply, you need to take multiple factors into consideration, the requirements of your project, or the strengths and weaknesses of the frameworks. What is the JavaScript framework, and why to use one? The popularity of javascript grows every day. Frameworks are more adaptable for the designing of websites, hence, most of the website developers prefer it. 1. React. Logistics & Transportation Mobile App Development: Core and Features. This includes storage of materials, production and inventory management. When selling physical products, ‘Logistics & Transportation’ can make or break a business.

Logistics includes the packaging of products for storage and shipment. It maintains the right balance between efficiency and cost and also it can manage the transportation of the goods and materials and involve various processes including warehousing, material handling, and supply chain management. What is transportation: Transportation means simply moving a product from one place to another place. What is logistics: Logistics involves both internal or external distribution network. Related: How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Packer and Mover App? Types of ‘logistics & transportation’ mobile app 1.Fleet management app: This app contains all information about vehicles. 2.Logistics on-demand apps: It includes all your procedure for making sure the right customer get the right goods at the right time. Customer panel 2. 4. Driver panel. What is the Process to Set Up an On-demand Grocery Market. The field of Information Technology has brought evolution in almost every aspect of our lives.

People are diverting more towards using their smartphones instead of stepping out of their places. Earlier, we had to go to grocery stores for grocery shopping. Nowadays, it is possible to do grocery shopping with the help of smartphones because of the internet and technology. An on-demand grocery app mirrors all the facilities of an offline store.

It allows users to create a grocery list, share it with stores and setlist of shopping. BuyerVisit websitelogin/signupSearch whatever you want to shop for? Related: How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Grocery Delivery App like Big Basket How to set up an on-demand grocery business in India: Identify a target location The first step you need to take to start your online grocery market is to identify the location where you want to target. Consultation You must meet nearby grocery merchants, wholesalers, transporters, etc. Make a marketing plan 2. 3. 4. 5. How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Real Estate App like Zillow or Trulia. Today we are going to speak about how to develop a real estate mobile app similar to Zillow and Trulia. Nowadays this kind of apps meets demand.

We explore why these apps so popular and what you can do if you also have an idea of the real estate application. In this article, you will get to know what steps you should take to avoid funds burning and receive success in the field of real estate mobile apps. Why Real Estate App is becoming Popular and your estate business should have one too To understand the popularity of real estate apps, it makes sense to take a look at top companies operating in this business niche like Zillow and Trulia. Let us take an example, a real estate app Apartment List has raised more than $60 million since the moment of its launch in 2011. Another industry leader Zumper received over $31 million of venture investments in four rounds.

Also Read: How to Develop A Business Directpry App like Yelp Popular real estate Apps Listing Plus by Realty Plus Lovely Android 10 is Rolls Out: Everything you need to know about it's amazing features - Tech Pathway. As we always wait for the latest version of Android, Google launches the new version of Android, i.e. Android 10 or you can also say ‘Q’. It is very surprising this time that the name of the latest Android version is not associated with the name of any dessert and also first time in the company’s history. As you can see the old version names here this was based on some dessert name: Android 1.5: CupcakeAndroid 1.6: DonutAndroid 2.0: EclairAndroid 2.2: FroyoAndroid 2.3: GingerbreadAndroid 3.0: HoneycombAndroid 4.0: Ice Cream SandwichAndroid 4.1: Jelly BeanAndroid 4.4: KitKatAndroid 5.0: LollipopAndroid 6.0: MarshmallowAndroid 7.0: NougatAndroid 8.0: OreoAndroid 9.0: Pie Now this is time for the latest version which introduced as Android Q at the latest Google IO 2019.

But his new version of android will only roll out for pixels Smartphone’s of Google is starting and after it will also allow other brands to use this latest version on their new mobiles. Dark Mode Live Caption New Theme Section. Why You Need to Build an On- Demand App for Home Services. On-demand mobile-based applications solve problems of average people with real-world solutions. Uber’s on-demand taxi service, accompanied by a couple of apps, lets you evade the queue outside taxi ranks.

There is a reason on-demand mobile applications are sometimes called Uber for X, where X can be any service or product that is to be delivered at the customer’s end. So, why not our household chores and errands? After all, we all need someone in our lives who can complete our household chores and run our errands in a jiffy. Before we understand the nitty-gritty of on-demand home services apps, let us start from the basic at what exact services that it provides.

As the name suggests it serves as a platform where you can hire professionals for all your household chores at your fingertips. Like all other on-Demands, it is inbuilt with all the essential functionality. Related: IoT Solutions: Best Guide for Your Smart Home in 2019 On-demand home services app business Model For admin panel 1. 2. How Much it Cost to Develop a Mobile App for Salon Booking Business. How to Build a Competitive Multimedia Messaging App Like Snapchat. Health & Fitness Workout App Development: Key Features and Cost. A Complete Guide to Create an App like FaceApp: Cost & Key Features. How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Cloud Storage App-like DropBox. How Much Does it Cost to Create a Sports Betting App like William Hill. What are Progressive Web Apps and How it Works? Techpathway Blog. On-Demand Fuel Delivery App Development: Cost & Key Features.

Why You Should Get Your Wedding Card Printing Business Online? How Much Does it Cost to Create a Fantasy Kabaddi Application. How Much Does it Cost to Create an Augmented Reality App Like IKEA. What Are the Benefits to Create a Hospital Management System. Development Cost to Create an App like Whatsapp in 2019 (Full Guide) How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Video Streaming App like Netflix. Development Cost of App like Airbnb with Features and Tech Stack. How Much Does it Cost to Develop a On-Demand Doctor Appointment App. How Much Cost is Required To Develop Fantasy Football (American) App. How to Develop A Dairy Management System to Manage All Dairy Work. How Much Does It Cost To Develop a On-demand Laundry App? How To Develop An App for Library Management System? Key Rules to Follow for Hiring a Expert Magento Development Company. Why Blockchain is the Technology of the Future? Top 7 Predictions. Why Choose WordPress to Develop a Perfect Business Website & Blog.

7 Website Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2019 - Best Mobile App Development Trends to Use in 2019 - Tech Pathway. 5 Best Ways to Make Your App Success Using A/B Testing. Embedded Data Analytics, Data Science Solutions - Tech Pathway. Social Networking App Development: Trends, Analysis and Overview. A Complete Guide For Important Digital Marketing Trends (2019 Updated) - How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Oyo Hotel Booking? 10 Best Useful and Demanding eCommerce Services to follow in 2019 - How to do A/B Testing of SEO & CRO to Increase the Online Revenue? - On Demand Taxi Booking App Development Similar like Uber. How to Develop a Teen Patti Mobile Game Application? How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Smule? - How Much Does It Cost to Develop an On Demand Car Wash App? - How to Develop a Sports Club App to Host Your Events? How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Music Streaming App like Tik Tok?

How to Create a Sports Fantasy Cricket App like Dream11. How to Create a Dating App Similar like Tinder? What is the Cost to Develop an On Demand Taxi App like Uber?