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Pathways represents best international schools at Gurgaon, Noida and Aravali Locations.

Best International Schools in Gurgaon. Top Ten Schools in Noida. Pathways Scholarship Program. Pathways Scholarship Program Pathways provides a very limited number of partial scholarships for new and existing students of Grades 9 , 10 & 11.

Pathways Scholarship Program

Deserving candidates may receive a maximum of a 50% Scholarship on Composite School & Residence Fee (if applicable). The level of Scholarship is decided by the School Board on a case to case basis. Eligibility The Scholarships offered are merit based, and may be awarded for academics & sports/creative pursuits. Selection Procedure Scholarships requests are assessed and appraised by the Selection Board comprising members from the Board of Governors and the Senior Management Team of Pathways School. All Scholarships granted are reviewed annually & are based on the continued performance of the awardee. Application Procedure Scholarship candidates are required to make Scholarship requests, in writing, by 31st of March of every calendar year. Residential Schools in North India. Pathways World School Aravali. “I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” - Albert Schweitzer.

Pathways World School Aravali

Top IB Schools Gurgaon. School Visit You are most welcome to visit our Pathways School, Gurgaon and have an informal discussion with or without your child.

Top IB Schools Gurgaon

This can be done by fixing a prior appointment with our Pathways Gurgaon Head of Admissions & Communication through mail at or telephone +91 9560121222. A meeting can also be arranged with the School Director or any other faculty member that you may wish to see. Application Parents are requested to be frank and honest in providing information in the admission application form. To complete the application process, please follow the steps outlined below.

Apply Now Online Application Interaction The interaction is as pleasant and non intimidating as we can make it. Top Boarding Schools in Gurgaon. Pathways World School Aravali. Pathways School — Best boarding schools in India. Pathways School Gurgaon. Pathways School Gurgaon was launched in 2010.

Pathways School Gurgaon

The day school is centrally located with ease of access from Delhi, Faridabad and Gurgaon. The school applies the Multiple Intelligences approach, developed by Dr. Howard Gardner from Harvard University. Pathways understands the changing needs of education in the 21st century and takes on the challenge of giving students varied learning experiences and opportunities to help them to be competent, thinking, moral individuals. Pathways World School: Pathways - Best Schools in Gurgaon. Schools are an essential part of the growth of a child.

Pathways World School: Pathways - Best Schools in Gurgaon

During his early years, a child learns as much from his interaction in a school as he learns from his mother and father at home. Thus, it becomes extremely important to enroll the child in a school, which imparts wholesome education. Pathways is not only regarded as one of the good schools in Gurgaon and Noida, it has been able to impress parents across the country. Pathways has an international approach teaching style. While, Indian in atmosphere and sensibilities, Pathways follows a curriculum that helps kids understand concepts through practical application.

At Pathways, sports and extra-curricular activities are given equal importance as studies and the school focuses on a program that ensures all round development of a child. Pathways has three centers across North India, where it imparts education. Find the best IB school india. The academic systems at Pathways follow a fourfold track: Pathways Early Years Programme for Pre Primary children, The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (Pre Nursery to Grade 5), Middle Years Programme (Grade 6 to 10) and Diploma Programme (Grades 11 & 12).

Find the best IB school india

All the systems are international, relevant to the challenges of the 21st Century and accepted for entrance to first-class universities throughout the world. Teaching at Pathways is student-centred, project-based, and incorporates the multiple intelligences concept. While the general curriculum is followed by every student, he or she is also encouraged to develop talents and interests in personal areas of academic interest, and in sport, theatre music and dance, for which facilities are outstanding.

"Technology is extensively used as a learning tool at Pathways. Every Secondary School student is required to carry a laptop computer that is linked by campus-wide radio-networking. Best IB Schools in Noida. Breaking the Myth: The Path between IB and Indian Universities The IBDP students of Pathways Schoolshave gained admissions to prestigious universities in the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, France, Panama, Singapore and UAE.

Best IB Schools in Noida

They have also joined India's leading colleges. IB Diploma Programme is officially recognized in India.The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) recognizes the IB Diploma as equivalent to the Plus Two (10+2) Class of the Senior Secondary School, which is the eligibility criterion for admission to the undergraduate courses in India. The IB issues Indian equivalent percentages for the IBDP grades to those students who intend to apply to Indian universities. In most Indian universities, admissions are over by mid-June. The IBDP students from our schools have gained admissions to leading colleges, which include. Noida top Schools. Noida Schools - Pathways. Classroom Learning Interactive Whiteboards & Projection Screens To make classroom learning more exciting and interesting for the students, Pathways has now introduced Interactive Whiteboards as a medium to communicate and connect with the students in their own language.

Noida Schools - Pathways

Pathways School has taken an unprecedented step by integrating Information Communication Technology (ICT) with classroom teaching. Top IB Schools - Pathways. General Q.

Top IB Schools - Pathways

Pathways - Noida Schools.