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Our mission is to be recognized as the most effective and cost efficient provider of specimen management services and products. We will provide laboratories with reliable and innovative solutions for proper specimen collection, transport and tracking.

What to Look for in a Georgia Job Search. Visit Our Path-Tec January 2021 Job Fair. New year, new job!

Visit Our Path-Tec January 2021 Job Fair

Are you looking for a job that makes a difference? Well, this might be the year you join Path-Tec. At Path-Tec, we offer innovative client supply, logistics, and technology solutions to help laboratories thrive in today’s healthcare environment. Our company is rapidly expanding and, as a result, we have a wide range of positions to fill. In order to attract the best talent and showcase all that our company offers potential employees, Path-Tec invites you to the Path-Tec Columbus Job Fair. The Path-Tec Columbus Job Fair will take place on Friday the 15th of January from 9 am-3 pm at the Columbus Georgia Convention Center.

Lab Specimen Courier Benefits During the COVID-19 Pandemic. The spread of COVID-19 has been a chief contributor to service delivery delays in many health systems that rely on couriers.

Lab Specimen Courier Benefits During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Transportation of lab specimens from one location to another has faced significant challenges because of the pandemic’s disruptions. Couriers engaged in transporting laboratory specimens have to battle with numerous challenges. They include minimal working hours, paused physician services, and drivers’ regulations to undergo symptoms’ inspections. With all these factors, health and lab officials must go back to the drawing board to develop sustainable solutions.

They must find ways to address the challenges that COVID-19 has presented to the health industry. With the level at which COVID-19 has proven to weaken the transportation system for laboratories, it is prudent for the management to come up with proper strategies. Here are the reasons why labs should invest in a reliable specimen courier. 1. How Healthcare Companies Save During COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

How Healthcare Companies Save During COVID-19

In areas experiencing outbreaks, hospital staff members have been redeployed to handle COVID patients. Hospital rooms reserved for elective procedures have been turned into ICU beds. While these heroic actions have saved lives, they have challenged the finances of these organizations. With the cancellation of elective surgeries and other routine healthcare procedures, many healthcare practices have seen a serious decline in revenue. Fortunately, this should be a temporary setback as researchers work toward a vaccine and the illness runs its course.

Minimize Non-essential Spending The COVID-19 pandemic provides several logistical challenges. At the same time, these institutions must cut back on other sectors. Negotiate with Vendors The pandemic is a time when every part of the healthcare industry must work together. Review Insurance Policies. Why UN3373 Insulated Shippers Are Needed. While the need to safely transport medical material has always been a priority, COVID-19 has made it more vital than ever.

Why UN3373 Insulated Shippers Are Needed

Diagnostics have exploded, and patients need answers right away. To make sure that your shipment arrives at its destination as quickly and securely as possible, UN3373 Insulated Shippers can provide the right kind of protection in a convenient package. UN3373 Insulated Shippers provide safe transport for temperature-sensitive specimens for doctors. Whether blood and its components, tissue, or other fluids, UN3373 can provide secure shipping for diagnosis or investigation. Here at Path-Tec, we know the pressure that doctors, labs, and hospitals are facing to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Please keep in mind if the source (either patient or animal) of your specimen is known to have a serious disease that can easily be transmitted and effective treatment is not readily available, it should be assigned either UN2814 or UN2900 as applicable. Benefits of Outsourcing Healthcare Logistics. In logistics, it’s hard to have the best of both worlds.

Benefits of Outsourcing Healthcare Logistics

When you cut costs, you usually have to make performance sacrifices. In fact, managing the logistics of your business often comes down to striking the right balance between saving money and getting the job done. But what if you didn’t have to make that trade? For healthcare and laboratory companies, it’s possible to get better results and save money by turning to an outsourced fleet services provider. Taking your courier work outside the company comes with a whole host of advantages. Outsourcing Benefit #1 – Control Payroll Costs Payroll is the largest single expense for many businesses and controlling how much of your budget is directed toward personnel is critical to the bottom line. That’s exactly the case in regard to courier services. Outsourcing Benefit #2 – Masters of Efficiency Professional courier services are in the business of efficiency. Outsourcing Benefit #3 – Avoid Vehicle Maintenance The Right Partner.

Advantages of Medical Courier Services Outsourcing. In the medical world, the transportation of specimens and supplies is an ongoing requirement.

Advantages of Medical Courier Services Outsourcing

Whether it is a sample that needs to be tested same-day, or the delivery of vital supplies, getting items from one place to another in a timely manner makes it possible to serve patients properly. Rather than managing this need in-house, it’s wise to turn the job over to a professional courier service. Globally, courier services did more than $300 billion in business in 2019, and that number appears poised to grow. Let’s take a look at a few of the key benefits of outsourcing courier services.

A Courier Grows with You At first, your transportation needs may be modest, and you might be able to handle the work in-house without much of a disruption. Finding the Best Path. Types of Specimen Collection Swabs Available. COVID-19 Collection & Transport Test Kits. COVID-19 Insulated Foam Shippers for Sale. How We Provide COVID-19 Test Collection Kits.