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Pathkind Labs

Pathkind Labs is the leading brand in the diagnostic industry, providing a wide range of pathology facilities across the nation.

After-effects of contracting COVID-19 & why we must take all precautions. What To Do Immediately After You Test Positive For COVID-19? Importance of Covid-19 Vaccines and why you should not miss it. Can we stop wearing a mask and social distancing after getting fully vaccinated against COVID-19? How Can You Help Others During This COVID-19 Crisis? How Does COVID-19 Vaccine Work And How Long Is It Effective? Will I Need It Every Year? How COVID-19 mutates and how it affects vaccines. Hereditary Diseases: What and when to get tested. Tips to follow for an easier post-COVID-19 recovery. Is the third wave of Covid-19 real? Here's how you can survive through it! Ten Things to know about Covid 19 & Pregnancy.

Locate & Book your nearest blood collection Diagnostic center near you. International Peace Day - Pathkind Labs. Antibody Test - Pathkind Labs. Friends and Mental Health. Contactless Drive Thru COVID-19 Testing test. Book the blood collection Diagnostic center near you. National Reference Lab (NRL) Testing Department. Locate your nearest Pathology Diagnostic lab center near you.