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Free Guitar Video Lessons & Licks - Only at MadGuitarLicks.com! Free Guitar Video Lessons & Licks - Only at MadGuitarLicks.com! If you want to be a lead guitar guy, a shred master, a stellar soloist, you really need to learn many, many licks from memory. Having a vast number of great riffs at your disposal will allow you to create awesome intros and interludes “on the fly” that will wow your audiences. Using the free resources found on this page will help you build a complete repertoire of runs, arpeggios, and other building blocks that can be joined in unlimited combinations for endless variety. This site provides all the runs you’ll ever need—it’s up to you to practice them diligently and learn to incorporate them into your performances. With some hard work and perseverance, this unique collection of free guitar licks will help you reach your goal of shred mastery in less time than you might think. Master the Art of Alternate Picking!
Shred Guitar Lessons
Shred Academy - Exclusive Lessons for Lead Guitarists
TheShredZone.com - For your Shred Guitar fix! A website dedicated to Shred Guitar and the players who love it -- Welcome To The Next Generation
Shredaholic.com | Shred Guitar Lessons Shredaholic.com | Shred Guitar Lessons Latest Additions How To Become A Better Guitarist By Studying John Petrucci’s Playing When you think about John Petrucci, what usually comes to mind? Is it his ‘shredder’ guitar style? His complex songwriting? Certainly these things are foundational to his guitar playing, however knowing about them will not make you a better player.
The Wizard of Shred Blog The Wizard of Shred Blog - Does perfect practice make perfect? When you practice something with no mistakes at all, will you then develop perfect skills faster? For most aspiring guitar masters, practicing without making mistakes all the time doesn't really seem realistic.