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Past Papers Pakistan is an online platform for students enrolled in various Pakistani Boards, including Federal Board, Punjab Board, KPK Board, and Sindh Board. The place for you to find all past papers for your subjects!

Tips for Avoiding School-Related Stress. The school takes up a major part of the average student’s daily life.

Tips for Avoiding School-Related Stress

Spending 6 hours per day 5 days a week is an indicator of how significant it is. Due to the amount of time, work, and energy school requires, it is common for students to feel overwhelmed sometimes. However, when students do not know how to manage their time and responsibilities equally, then it can lead to extreme school-related stress and poor mental health. School-related stress can manifest itself in different ways. It can lead to constant restlessness and feeling on edge. Clearly, school-related stress can wreak havoc on students’ physical and mental health, so it is important to manage and take measures to avoid it. So, if you are feeling constantly overworked and overwhelmed due to school or exams, then check out these tips for overcoming and avoiding school-related and exam stress. Find Ways to Relax Giving yourself time to clear your mind and step away from your worries is a necessary form of self-care.

How Is Food Classified as Acidic or Alkaline? Chemistry students are very familiar with the terms “acids” and “alkalis”.

How Is Food Classified as Acidic or Alkaline?

The concept of acids and bases is applied to numerous topics in the matric and intermediate syllabus. However, for some students, it is difficult to understand the concepts of this chapter and apply it, which causes them to struggle during exam preparation for the chemistry final exam. The truth is that the concept of acids and alkalis is applicable in our everyday life, so it is interesting to learn and understand. One common application of this concept is in food. This is because different foods are often classified as either “acidic”, “alkaline”, or “neutral”. We will take a look at how different foods are classified. What Are Acids, Bases, and Alkalis? In chemistry, a pH scale is used to determine how acidic or alkaline a water-based solution is. Properties of Acids. Ways to Improve English Without Reading Newspapers. When it comes to seeking advice for improving English, most students are faced with the common suggestion: “read English newspapers”.

Ways to Improve English Without Reading Newspapers

Not only is this an extremely boring way to learn an interesting language, but it can scare vulnerable matric students into believing that their final English exam will be equally as monotone. The great news is that, like any other language, you can improve your English language skills in a variety of different ways. The important thing to keep in mind is to balance out practicing your English reading, writing, and speaking skills in order to truly improve your language skills.

Following these 8 fun tips and tricks for improving your English language skills will greatly enhance your exam preparation for the final English exam, but will also help you become more fluent in reading and writing for the rest of the matric BISE examinations! Watch TV with subtitles Read novels Find novels in genres that interest you.

Tutoriadotpk. How to Memorize Math Formulas. Math anxiety is a common problem faced by many students.

How to Memorize Math Formulas

This problem is elevated when combined with exam stress, making it very difficult for students to prepare for their mathematics final exam. One major contributor to their math anxiety is the thought of memorizing the long list of mathematical formulas which are part of the syllabus. For students experiencing math anxiety, the very sight of the quadratic formula can have them running for cover! How to Become an Educational Psychologist. Educational psychologists are responsible for evaluating different learning methods, classroom environments, and behavioral issues on student outcomes, as well as analyzing the impact that emotional, social, and cognitive processes have on learning.

How to Become an Educational Psychologist

Often times, educational psychologists work with gifted students, or students with learning disabilities in order to facilitate them and help them achieve their full potential in a learning environment. Educational psychologists are often hired by schools or education institutes to develop and implement the most effective learning processes for students. They may work on testing and evaluating new teaching methodologies to be implemented in schools.

In educational institutes that deal with remedial students, educational psychologists may work personally with the students, as well as their parents, in order to help them explore their learning capabilities. Understanding Basic Trigonometric Ratios. For 10th class students, one of the most troublesome topics to study in mathematics is trigonometry.

Understanding Basic Trigonometric Ratios

Since in matric, students are introduced to the topic of trigonometry for the first time in 10th class, it can be extremely frustrating to see unfamiliar words like “sin”, “cos”, and “tan” sprinkled across the past papers. The great news is that trigonometry is not only an easy topic of mathematics to understand, but it is also extremely interesting and fun to solve! As soon as you understand the basic trigonometric ratios, you will immediately find a lot of enjoyment to solve the related questions from the past papers So, here is a basic introduction to the three major trigonometric ratios that are the foundation of the entire topic. Once you have thoroughly understood and learned these basic ratios, you will be able to pick up on the other concepts of trigonometry very easily.

Why Students Fail in Maths? Many students harbor negative feelings towards mathematics, which causes them to perform poorly on their final BISE board exams, and in many cases, fail.

Why Students Fail in Maths?

While most students tend to justify this by claiming they “just don’t understand numbers”, in reality there are several reasons why students experience failure in their mathematics exams. Here are some of the most common reasons why students fail their final BISE board exams for mathematics. Lack of Understanding. All Boards 10th Class Date Sheet 2020. Matric students who are interested in appearing for the 10th class exams in the 2020 annual examination session, look no further for the official date sheet.

All Boards 10th Class Date Sheet 2020

There are several educational boards in Pakistan that are responsible for conducting yearly matric SSC examinations. These educational boards include: All Boards 9th Class Date Sheet 2020. Matric students who are interested in appearing for their 9th class examinations in the annual 2020 session can view their date sheet here, as soon as it is announced.

All Boards 9th Class Date Sheet 2020

There are several educational boards in Pakistan that are responsible for conducting matric SSC examinations for 9th class and 10th class students. These educational boards include: Each educational board has its own date sheet for the annual examinations. The date sheet is announced by official representatives of each respective educational board. This is usually sometime in February each year. How to Help Your Teen Overcome School-Related Stress.

Like all humans, teenagers are not resistant to stress.

How to Help Your Teen Overcome School-Related Stress

In fact, with school, exams, peer pressure, self-esteem, body changes, family situations, etc… there are so many stressors that teenagers can experience. Everyone experiences throughout their life, and is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as individuals are able to cope with and manage their stress. The problem occurs when teens are unable to manage their stress, leading to prolonged periods of stress that can manifest into physical symptoms. So, if your teen is experiencing severe school-related anxiety or exam stress, then you can help them learn how to manage their stress with the following steps: Time Management. How to Find Government Jobs Available in Pakistan. Becoming a Government employee is a huge desire for many Pakistani students. Government jobs provide financial and job security, an esteemed status, and a comfortable lifestyle. For this reason, many matric and FSc students begin dreaming of achieving a Government job during their high school years.

It is important for FSc students to research on their preferred job opportunities as early as possible, so that they can fulfill the requirements and apply for jobs without any delay. Unfortunately, there is not much information provided to FSc students regarding the steps, requirements, and openings available for becoming a Government employee. What Details Must You Include for an Effective CV? Creating a clear, concise, and impressive curriculum vitae (CV) plays a huge role in achieving the career opportunities that you desire. It is arguably the most important step of the job application process. And yet, most undergraduate and FSc students are not taught how to construct an effective CV. This lack of knowledge in how to write an impressive CV results in difficulties during the job application process. Beginners Lesson - What is Organic Chemistry?

Intermediate students who study are all too familiar with the term “organic chemistry”. It is an extremely important part of the chemistry syllabus, and is a large aspect of chemistry in general. Despite this, many people are confused when they hear “organic chemistry” and do not understand exactly what it includes. Before we can understand what organic chemistry is, first we must recall the definition of chemistry. What is Chemistry? In simple words, chemistry is the study of matter. Intermediate students study topics from different areas of chemistry for their final BISE exams, including physical, analytical, organic, inorganic, and biochemistry.

How to Help Someone Overcome Exam Stress. Exam season is a stressful time period for all students, there is no doubt about that. The pressure to perform well, the endless hours spent in front of books, and the frustration of being unable to recall a point that you just studied, can all make exam preparation seem unbearable. However, some experience exam stress more than others. If you know someone who is experiencing a considerable amount of exam-related stress, then you may be wondering whether there is any way to help them.

PM Set to Inaugurate 1st Science & Technology Park. After tons of hard work and dedication, the National University of Science and Technology (NUST), is all set to unveil Pakistan’s first science and technology park, on December 9, 2019. It has been announced by an official statement that Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, is set to inaugurate the park on December 9, 2019, in order to show support for this initiative. What is National Science and Technology Park (NSTP)? As a flagship project of NUST, the National Science and Technology Park (NSTP) will be Pakistan’s first university-hosted IT park, which currently holds over 40 companies, including tech giants, SMEs, and start ups.

NSTP is located in H-12, Islamabad, within the vicinity of the National University of Science and Technology (NUST). This IT park is considered to be Pakistan’s first – and largest – innovation, entrepreneurship, and research ecosystem. Currently, the national science and technology park is focusing on eight key thematic areas, which are: How to Make Effective Use of the Exam Syllabus. At the beginning of the school year, students are given the most recent exam syllabus for each subject of their relevant educational board. How Can I Pass A Chemistry Test? 5 Ways to Encourage Your Stressed Out Child. Experiencing stress at some point is an inevitable part of life for every person, but it is alarming when this stress is prolonged and starts to affect daily life.

For children especially, coping with stress can be a difficult challenge. 5 Daily Habits That Will Boost Your GPA. Job Opening at We are looking for highly skilled professionals to join our team at as a content analyst. Job Overview Job Title: Content Analyst. Matric Date Sheet Announced for Quetta Board 2020. Admission for Gujranwala Board Matric Exams. Upon clicking on the “proceed to next step” button, students will be redirected to a new page where they must enter their institute code and password. After this, they will be able to complete the application form.

How Long does it Take to Earn a Professional Degree? Professional degrees (called first professional degrees in the past) are academic degrees. They, however, have syllabuses that are designed to teach the students everything that they need to learn in order to succeed in a line of work. Intellectual research, skill enhancement, and university-related activities are part of this degree and they help individuals enhance the skills for an occupation. Causes Of Students Failure In Exams. Nobody ever wants to experience failure in their lives, particularly during exams, yet many students do.

10 Study Techniques Every Student Should Try. There is a whole sea full of different exam preparation and study techniques that people swear by. How To Prove Thales Theorem. Supplementary Exam Result for all Punjab Boards. How To Score Good Marks In Chemistry. Quetta Board Grade 9 Chemistry Past Paper 2018. How to Help Your Teen Get Out of a Negative Mindset. 6 Essential Strategies for Teaching Math. Ways To Be A Better Student In 2019. Strategies For Math Supplementary Exam Preparation. How Does Sleep Improve Brain Function? Peshawar Board Grade 12 Computer Science Past Paper 2018. Peshawar Board Grade 11 Islamiat Past Paper 2018.

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Lahore Board Grade 12 Pakistan Studies Past Paper 2018. Intermediate Maths Exams: Time Management for Successful Preparation. Bachelor’s Degrees: Types and Importance. Why We Feel Sleepy While Studying & How to Stop it. Most Effective Methods for Intermediate Students. Lahore Board Grade 12 English Past Paper 2018. Computer Sciences Bachelor's degrees in Pakistan. The Importance of Online Education.

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