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Glossary Links - Terminology Coordination Unit [DGTRAD] - European Parliament. Listados de glosarios - espacio web de ACTA.


BDSM. Yoga. Online communication. Gaming. Special Education. Grants and funding. International System of Units. Game theory terminology. Colours. Laugh. Film. Manufacture. Tourism/Travel Agencies. Browser. Automotive. Valves. Engineering. Nanotechnology. Patent terminology. Peace and Conflict Studies. Anglo-Saxon. Dolls. Radio. Twitter. Telecommunications. Statistics. Fiscal and accountancy. Law. Technology. Computing. Insurance. Gaelic Language. Educational Technology. Linguistics. Style. Expressions and sayings. Humanities. English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions.

Literary Terms

TEFL. Linking expressions. Textile. Trade. Furniture. Vogue fashion. Foods. Asian Foods. Nutrition and dietetic. Horses. Journalism. Email. Printing and Grafic terms. Social Media. Sports. Dancing. Logistics. Business. Marketing. Startup Jargon. Meteorology. Medicine. Alcohol And Drugs. Clinical Research. Sexual and Scatological Euphemisms.

Cardiac Surgery. Odontology. Pharmacy. Volcanoes. Environment.


Hydrology. Geology. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Physics. Genetics. Biotechnology. Chemistry. Biology. Mathematics. SLUB. Specialized multilingual glossaries. Special Language Glossaries. TERM-ONLINE contains links to glossaries from different fields, e.g. computing.

Special Language Glossaries

They are classified primarily according to the field, and secondarily according to the language or languages of the glossary. NOTE: There are lots of more glossaries online. Lately we have not had resources to add new ones, only the function of the links has been proved. NOTE: These glossaries are often very highly specialized in a narrow field. PIM glossary - public v0.11.pdf. GlossPost - database of over 5000 links to glossaries. Global Glossary. 1000 Links to Glossaries.