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CPE SPEAKING PRACTICE (C2) – ESL prezi. Speaking practice for the CAMBRIDGE PROFICIENCY (CPE) EXAM. (CEFR C2) advert. PRACTISE ENGLISH: CPE SPEAKING PROMPTS. What effect does growing older have on relationships? • In the family • Friends • At school and work 1 What kind of relationships do you think last the longest?

Why? 2 Do you think that the skill of making relationships should be taught at school? 3 How important do you think it is to like the people you work with? What do you think is the best way to prepare children for life? • In the home • At school • Leisure activities 1 Do you agree that schooldays are wasted on the young? 2 What do you regret about your own schooldays? How important do you think film will be as the entertainment of the future? What do you think makes some types of advertising potentially dangerous?

Is crime a bigger social problem now than it was in the past? 1 Do you agree with some people who say that the police should never carry guns? How do you imagine life in cities in the future? What responsibilities do you think individuals have towards the environment? How do you think success should be measured? The CPE Speaking Test: Overview of the Proficiency Interview and Tips for Success. If you're studying for the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, welcome to our guide to the CPE Speaking test. Here's an overview of the oral paper (Paper 5) and advice to help you as you get ready for the interview. CPE Speaking Test: Key Facts Duration: 19 minutes (28 minutes for groups of three at centres where there's an odd number of candidates).Participants: Candidates are interviewed in pairs.

There are two examiners present: one who asks the questions, the other acts as assessor and doesn't speak during the interview. Format: The oral test consists of three parts. Part 1 (Interview) Tests ability to: use language for social purposes, such as in making introductions, answering questions, giving an opinion. This first section of the CPE Speaking exam lasts about 3 minutes (4 minutes for groups of three). Example Questions The interview will begin with the examiner saying something like: Q: Hello. The examiner will then ask each of you a minimum of three questions. Tips! Tips! Teflgeek Net (teflgeekn) Teflgeek 30 ielts cpe speaking topic cards. 30 topic cards for IELTS / CPE Speaking | teflgeek. 25 May I don’t think this needs much in the way of explanation! If you click the pdf link below, I’ve put together 30 different topic cards for IELTS speaking part 2 / CPE speaking part 3. I wrote most of these over seven years ago when I was teaching IELTS on a more regular basis (though it looks like I might be again soon – looking forward to it!).

So I’m not sure how up to date the topic cards are and they might also be a little “low” for CPE learners – though if that turns out to be the case, think how much fun your CPE learners can have “upgrading” the vocabulary, question types and topic areas! Also, they were written with a view to not only giving learners a chance to practice a two-minute-talk, but also to develop topic awareness and general knowledge a little bit. Anyway, they’ve all been collated into a handy ten page pdf download available here: teflgeek – 30 IELTS CPE speaking topic cards. It’s also available for download via my Scribd account if you prefer that. Like this: CPE Use of English part 1 - free online practice test. Men and women are often considered to be completely at odds with each other, in terms (1) their attitudes and behaviour. Not so when they are in love, new research has discovered.

As far as their hormone levels are (2) , when men and women are in love, they are more similar to each other (3) at any other time. It has (4) been known that love can (5) havoc with hormone levels. Is known for its calming effect on the body, dips dramatically when one person is attracted to (7) , putting the love-struck on a par with sufferers of obsessive compulsive disorder. But a new study has found that the hormone testosterone, commonly associated with male aggression, also falls when he is in love. . To be lower among females, rise towards (10) of the male. Donatella Marazziti of the University of Pisa, Italy, (11) this down to nature attempting to eliminate the differences between the sexes. (12) doing so, they can concentrate fully (13) reproduction. Couples in a long (15) CPE Study Guide | A study guide to the Cambridge Proficiency in English Exam.

Objective Proficiency | Cambridge English Exams & IELTS | Cambridge University Press.