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Passagesoflyf. Passagesoflyf. Passagesoflyf. Passagesoflyf on Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Wordpress. Google+ Goodreads. Bubblews. Pinterest. 500px. Behance. PicsArt. Soundcloud. Current Books Review 1. Review by: Dixon James Melitt The feud between Microsoft and Apple has been much publicized and talked about in the media that the consensus didn’t find it hard to declare Bill Gates as the winner, owing to the billions of dollars that his company, Microsoft, had amassed over the years, in a landmark agreement that copyrighted every license of its operating system (Windows) installed on any computer, which in turn changed the lives of people around the world and helped constitute the Information Technology boom of the 1980’s, 1990’s.

The world has never been the same way before and Bill Gates has been the richest man since. A startup called Apple Computers developed the GUI computer, which had consumers type in alphanumeric combinations, symbols and view them on a television screen. This was a landmark achievement which got Mike Markkula invest in the unknown company and the rest is history. It looks mismatched and uneven to know of Apple going to war with Google. With iTunes etc. Current Books Review 2. By: Dixon James Melitt In the 30 minute drive that it takes me to reach the bookstore to grab my copy of Paulo Coelho’s new publication, ‘Manuscript found in Accra’, I remembered the first time I bought his book, ‘The Alchemist’.

I have to admit that I barely read the book then, only scraping through the first few pages, which makes ‘Manuscript found in Accra’, my first introduction to Google’s most searched author. The preface to his latest offering is the copy of a manuscript sent by a friend, which was originally found by Sir Walter Wilkinson in Egypt, who sent the text to the Museum of Cairo. They were able to trace its origin to the city of Accra and revealed that it was done in the period of 1307. Sir Walter, with written permission from the government, took it back to England with him and several years later, his son revealed the legacy of his father’s discovery of the manuscript to the author. This is the transcription of that copy. I woke and discovered that life was duty.