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Questioning Design

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Disruptive Thoughts on Complexity and Systems-Thinking in the Development Sector. Cp3d. The 3D Additivist Manifesto. The 3D Additivist Manifesto — The 3D Additivist Manifesto. Derived from petrochemicals boiled into being from the black oil of a trillion ancient bacterioles, the plastic used in 3D Additive manufacturing is a metaphor before it has even been layered into shape.

The 3D Additivist Manifesto — The 3D Additivist Manifesto

Bradford Shellhammer's advice for design entrepreneurs. Shubhankar Ray: Design "doesn't know how to democratise" Design Indaba 2015: design brands operate in an "insider world" and are failing to connect with young consumers, according to the creative director of denim brand G-Star RAW (+ interview).

Shubhankar Ray: Design "doesn't know how to democratise"

Talking to Dezeen after speaking at the Design Indaba conference in Cape Town last month, Shubhankar Ray said that elite furniture and lighting companies were failing to make their products accessible to wider audiences. "I think that's the thing about the design world: it doesn't know very well how to democratise itself," he said. "It’s for the lucky few: people who know about the world of Vitra and Eames and Prouvé. " Ray, who was creative director for shoe brand Camper from 2000 to 2006 before joining Dutch clothing company G-Star RAW, collaborated with Vitra in 2013 to produce Prouvé RAW, a customised collection of furniture designs by pioneering French Modernist Jean Prouvé. "Both Camper and G-Star fundamentally do not believe in fashion," he said.

Designers are adding billions of dollars to the tech industry. Design has become a "game changer" in Silicon Valley, according to a report by former Rhode Island School of Design president John Maeda, who says that designers are becoming essential to the success of tech companies.

Designers are adding billions of dollars to the tech industry

Maeda's 2015 DesignInTech report said a growing trend for large US tech companies buying smaller creative businesses was proof that design had become an integral part of the technology industry. "Businesses started by designers have created billions of dollars of value, are raising billions of dollars in capital, and VC firms increasingly see the importance of design," said Maeda's report, published earlier this week. The report identified 27 startups founded by designers that had been bought by businesses such as Google, Facebook, Adobe, LinkedIn, Dropbox and Yahoo since 2010.

These included photo sharing app Instagram, blogging platform Tumblr and creative portfolio website Behance. "[Silicon Valley] didn't think a designer could build and run a company. The End Of Apps As We Know Them. The experience of our primary mobile screen being a bank of app icons that lead to independent destinations is dying.

The End Of Apps As We Know Them

And that changes what we need to design and build. How we experience content via connected devices – laptops, phones, tablets, wearables – is undergoing a dramatic change. The idea of an app as an independent destination is becoming less important, and the idea of an app as a publishing tool, with related notifications that contain content and actions, is becoming more important. Seven designers for the future. Mon, 2 Feb 2015 | By Angus Montgomery To mark its 70th anniversary this year, the Design Council has identified 70 emerging designers that it is calling “Ones to Watch”.

Seven designers for the future

The designers were selected from initiatives including New Designers and the RSA Student Awards and chosen by a panel which featured Dame Martha Lane-Fox, Government Digital Service design director Ben Terrett and Why Not Associates founder Andy Altmann. Ethnographic research in South Korea - NFC. This Year's 8 Smartest UI Design Ideas. A close-up of Matthaeus Krenn’s smart UI for touchscreens in cars.

This Year's 8 Smartest UI Design Ideas

Matthaeus Krenn. The "hybrid-designers" shaping our future. Fri, 30 Jan 2015 | By Angus Montgomery Earlier this week Emily Bell, former Guardian journalist and now director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism, gave the annual Hugh Cudlipp lecture at London College of Communication.

The "hybrid-designers" shaping our future

The lectures series aims to explore the future of journalistm and is named after the legendary former tabloid editor who turned the Daily Mirror into one of Britain’s best-selling newspaper. Bad Assumptions. John Gruber is, as only he can, relishing the claim chowder – his collected bits of analyst wisdom sure, again and again, that Apple is doomed.

Bad Assumptions

Apple, of course, is not doomed. In fact, the company is the very opposite of doomed, having just posted the best quarter of any company, ever.1 The analysts Gruber mocks were not just wrong (and, as everyone knows, they are only a small part of a much larger sample), they were hilariously wrong, and cost their clients millions of dollars. And yet, the perception that Apple is somehow hanging on by the skin of their teeth persists. I was speaking to someone about Apple’s particularly excellent China results this afternoon, and was struck at how their questions were so focused on threats to Apple – “How will Apple respond to Xiaomi” for example. 5 Typeface Challenges in Designing For Next-Gen Interfaces. Jason Pamental is the co-founder of h+w design and author of ‘Responsive Typography.’

5 Typeface Challenges in Designing For Next-Gen Interfaces

The explosion of new devices — phones, watches, health and fitness monitors and other wearable gadgets enabled by the Internet of Things — is yielding an increasingly interconnected set of user experiences. Even our cars have smarter, more integrated displays that tie into application and phone ecosystems. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Empowering Sustainable Actions Through Design. Today’s cities are filled with creative ideas on how to decrease waste and make recycling initiatives more appealing to local residents.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Empowering Sustainable Actions Through Design

However, although governments, local institutions and individuals around the world are beginning to become more environmentally conscious, it is still important to raise public awareness of recycling and reuse, encouraging people to make a positive impact on society. Germany, for instance, is well known for its strong social system. It is surprising to see how a society can be educated with simple actions. Instead of throwing bottles into the bin, people can get a reward by returning them to specific points (i.e supermarkets).

A deposit is applied to the cost of reusable bottles when they are sold and it can only be recovered when the bottle is returned. Is DevOps Driving the Future of UX Design? Alan Cooper, the Father of Visual Basic, had the full attention of the entire class during his “Design Leadership” workshop. In the calm reassuring tone of a wise patriarch he said, “Design is not so much a design issue as a power struggle.” At that moment, everyone began recalling experiences where their design process required more effort in exercising influence, diplomacy, and collaboration than anticipated. There was a shared solemn realization that the skills necessary to produce high quality design for increasingly complex, interactive products were going to require us to develop a broader awareness of product management, engineering, and executive imperatives.

Designing for Different Online Personality Types. In my work as a web psychologist, I’m exposed to many different types of user behavior and online decision-making processes. Although each person is different and has an individual style, I have identified six recurring patterns of behavior that I identify as specific “online personality types.” In this piece, I’ll discuss the six pattern types, explain the psychological drivers of their behavior, and provide site optimization tips that online businesses can use to leverage each type’s unique desires. 1.

The Wish Lister. The Knight Foundation Is Funding a Large-Scale Expansion of Raleigh's 'Guerrilla' Wayfinding Signs. The Knight Foundation has announced it will fund a large-scale expansion of Matt Tomasulo's 2012 "WalkRaleigh" project. It started as a technically illegal exercise in improving how people experience the streets of Raleigh, North Carolina. Just some simple signs, lashed to light poles, at a few of the city’s key intersections, letting residents and visitors know what attractions and amenities could be found within walking distance and how many minutes it would take to reach them on foot. “Guerrilla wayfinding” is what people called it. Yves Béhar's Fuseproject To Design For A New Social-Good Accelerator. This week, Yves Béhar’s award-winning industrial design firm, fuseproject, announced it will provide design services for a new accelerator program that will help develop businesses whose products and services support adolescent girls in Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya.

Created by the Nike Foundation, USAID, and the UK Department for International Development (DFID), SPRING will provide finance, mentorship, and technical expertise for 18 ventures selected each year for the next five years. Fuseproject, the firm behind consumer smash hits like Jawbone and the August Smart Lock, will be working right alongside these ventures from the get-go, helping develop the business strategy, branding, prototypes, and products. (The firm's consulting fee will be covered by the Nike Foundation, USAID, and DFID.)

Adolescent girls in Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya represent the bottom of the economic pyramid in these countries. There will be challenges. Home - Spring Accelerator. Tragic Design. GoSun Stove: Solar Cooker & Solar Oven. Technology_and_disability_design_lacks_the_imagination_to_make_the_world. Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Katarzyna Bialasiewicz/Thinkstock. Facebook Shares Its Design Secrets in the Apple App Store. Facebook’s Origami Live is a way of prototyping smartphone apps—without writing a single line of computer code. On meta-design and algorithmic design systems. 15 February, 2015. Can Touch · 3D-печать детского протеза на принтере. MESH: Creative DIY Kit for the Connected Life. We made several prototypes using rapid prototyping tools such as Arduino and 3D printer. We tested several user interfaces, then finally selected current one.

Our team will use the resources of Sony to manufacture and deliver your order. Makers Print Out Durable, Custom Prosthetic Hands For Needy Kids. The Weekly Standard. Why I design enterprise UX. Apple has lost the functional high ground. How computer-aided organic architecture could change the city of the future. Young people are 'lost generation' who can no longer fix gadgets, warns professor. Creativity Masterclass [excerpts] - DAVID OREILLY. Doors of Perception: In Conversation with John Thackara. How To Pay Attention — re:form. Yes We Can. But Should We? — re:form. Beyond the UX Tipping Point. When Will Design Get Serious About Impact?

11 Misconceptions about In-house Design. The Humane Representation of Thought. Architects "don't have a clue about fashion" says Marc Newson. S top design quotes of 2014. Design education is "tragic", says Jonathan Ive. The Rapidly Disappearing Business of Design. It’s never been more important for design firms to think differently — Design For The Network. IBM Design: studio.

A Personal Design Manifesto. Five Products That Explore The Future Of Making [NYCxDesign] Synthetic creatures could "save nature" says Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg. GravityLight lighting for the developing countries. Tailor-made is no longer a privilege. Brands have to shift to the Third Industrial Revolution, better sooner than later. Open Source 'Solar Pocket Factory' Can 3D Print a Solar Panel Every 15 Seconds. Turning Old Appliances Into New Products Via 3D Printing.

Redesigned Pickups Give Your Guitar Multiple Personalities. Cuba's DIY Inventions from 30 Years of Isolation. IKEA Hacking Meets 3D Printing. This Student Has Built His Own Functional Batsuit. PSX Consultancy - Giving Small Pleasure to the Planted. A History of the Future in 100 Objects. Yu-Chang Chou designs Repack packaging for returning online shopping. Are You Ready for 3D-Printed Pancakes? What We Saw at the Bay Area Maker Faire. World's first '3D Printed Car Design Challenge' has its winners.

PENSA LABS. The trouble with context. Card — make your credit card better in one line of code. Design principles for a payments experience — UI / UX Articles. A Design History Of The Life-Saving Triage Tag. From waste to wealth, saving water and plants. Open Design Lecture Slides. GravityLight. The Field Study Handbook. Take A Seat On The Ergonomically Correct Toilet Of The Future. Designing A Better Death. Generative eBook Covers. Animated posters.


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