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Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Alien’ Film is a Sequel to ‘Aliens’ Neill Blomkamp recently officially signed on to helm a film in the Alien franchise, becoming the latest filmmaker looking to revive an iconic Hollywood property for a new generation of audiences.

Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Alien’ Film is a Sequel to ‘Aliens’

There is much excitement surrounding the project, since Blomkamp has proven himself as a more-than-capable sci-fi filmmaker with works like District 9. However, nobody knows what the plot will entail just yet. Well before an Alien 5 gained any traction, series star Sigourney Weaver stated that she felt that there was still part of Ellen Ripley’s story left to be told. With Blomkamp admitting that his idea came together via conversations he had with Weaver, it certainly seems as if this is the route the new film will take. But where in the timeline will we pick things up? In an interview with Sky News, both Blomkamp and Weaver seemed privy to the concept of giving Ripley a “proper finish,” as the actress called it. Here’s Blomkamp’s quote: “It’s a Freudian nightmare.


Studio HDK. LA DATCHA DE STALINE : Nous avons filmé et reconstitué la datcha de Staline, conservée en l'état par le FSB qui nous a accordé une autorisation exceptionnelle : nous sommes la seule équipe de tournage non russe à y être entré.

Studio HDK

LA CHAMBRE D'AMIN DADA reconstituée à partir de la suite présidentielle de l'Hotel Impérial de Kampala, conservée dans l'état où elle était lorsqu'il y séjournait régulièrement il ya 40 ans. LA MAISON BUNKER DE KADHAFI reconstituée à partir des véritables ruines de Bab el Azeziya, son camp retranché à Tripoli, où nous avons pu pénétrer ; et grâce aux photos prises dans la maison de sa fille Aisha, aujourd'hui inaccessible. La secrétaire de Staline, la fille du chef de sa police, son neveu, sa petite-fille, le fils d'un de ses ministres...

Nous avons retrouvé les 7 derniers témoins vivants qui ont directement connu Staline et vécu auprès de lui. Le caméraman personnel de Kadhafi, son cousin, l'un de ses gardes du corps, son chirurgien esthétique, etc... Blu-ray Review: Johnny Mnemonic (Japanese import) The Movie Itself: Our Reviewer's Take I never had a problem saying mnemonic before.

Blu-ray Review: Johnny Mnemonic (Japanese import)

I mean, it's spelled weird, but I always found it easy enough to say. That was then, this is now. When 'Johnny Mnemonic' won a High-Def Digest "Review Request Line" vote, I was discussing the results with someone I know... only, I found myself stuttering and stammering the title like I had some kind of speech impediment. Nmmommmii..... munnonnic... numoninonic.... it was quite embarrassing.

Films like this are why the phrase "guilty pleasure" exists. Robert Longo's film adaptation of the William Gibson short story is a weird mishmash of technology and acting, both of which date themselves drastically as the film progresses. Ah yes, the ticking time bomb storyline. Going in to 'JM' for the first time, I expected to get a kick out of Lundgren, and be bored to tears by the wood plank era (read: entire career) Reeves performance, yet, somehow, it went the other way around. The Disc: Vital Stats. Johnny Mnemonic - Deleted Scenes.

Total Recall 2012

Neuromancer The Film. Blade Runner.