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A VUCA world

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How are global risks connected? The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks report—whose latest edition, Global Risks 2015, will be released on January 15—doesn’t just put its finger on the pulse of the top concerns of the year, helping people see risks that aren’t usually on their dashboards because the effects are indirect.

How are global risks connected?

It also points out how these risks are interconnected in ways that can amplify the impacts. With hindsight some of these connections may seem obvious. However, it was Global Risks 2006 that first drew attention to how risks interconnect—and which also pointed out that effective mitigation requires a profound understanding of the interconnections ahead of time. Since 2008, Zurich Insurance Group has partnered with the World Economic Forum as one of the main contributor of the annual Global Risks report. Two Ways to Deal With Innovation Uncertainty More Effectively. Is Innovation Risky or Uncertain?

Two Ways to Deal With Innovation Uncertainty More Effectively

If we’re trying to do something genuinely new, then we can’t know in advance whether or not our idea will work. We face this problem every time we try to innovate. This introduces a problem – we mix up risk and uncertainty. Risk is when we know the odds of success in advance. If we face risk, we can make a calculation of the expected payoff versus the cost, and then make a rational decision about whether or not we should accept the risk. Climate Security In the U.S. Army’s Strategy 2025.

Army Gen.

Climate Security In the U.S. Army’s Strategy 2025

Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Katherine Hammack, assistant secretary of the Army (IE&E), at a Tooele Army, Utah, renewable energy farm (Photo by D. Myles Cullen) The U.S. Army’s Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment [OASA(IE&E)] released on Jan. 12, 2015 its “Strategy 2025.” According to the Army’s website, “OASA (IE&E) Strategy 2025 is important, as it serves to guide and shape the Army’s future and current actions related to Installations, Energy and Environment, as well as provide the strategic roadmap to achieve its vision.” Strategy 2025 lists three Key Business Drivers (KBD) for Installations, Energy, and Environment. …essential contributions to the Army. From Risk to Resilience: Learning to Deal With Disruption. Airport disruption: Chaos down to 'new system failure' 13 December 2014Last updated at 08:26 ET There were delays to many flights from Heathrow on Friday Widespread disruption at UK airports was caused by a computer system failure "which has not been seen before", National Air Traffic Services (Nats) has revealed.

Airport disruption: Chaos down to 'new system failure'

The IT fault at the national air traffic control centre caused problems across the UK on Friday. Flights have been returning to normal on Saturday, although almost 40 were cancelled at Heathrow. Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said the situation was "unacceptable". In a statement, Nats said in normal operations the number of workstations "in use" versus "in standby" at the Swanwick air control centre fluctuates with the demands of the traffic being controlled. A Brief Introduction to Uncertainty in Business. Risk versus Uncertainty What are the odds that your new idea will succeed?

A Brief Introduction to Uncertainty in Business

If it does, what will the return to you be? One of the problems that we have in business (and life!) Is that we often can’t know the answer to questions like this in advance. And this drives us nuts. Frank Knight wrote about this in 1921 in a great book called Risk, Uncertainty and Profit (which you can read here). An example of risk is rolling a pair of dice. Flynn’s Last Interview: Iconoclast Departs DIA With A Warning. Lt.

Flynn’s Last Interview: Iconoclast Departs DIA With A Warning

Gen. Michael Flynn in happier days, taking command of the Defense Intelligence Agency just two years ago. In this exclusive exit interview with Breaking Defense contributor James Kitfield, the outgoing chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, talks about metastasizing Islamic terrorism, his struggles to reform intelligence-gathering, and the risk of lurching from crisis to crisis in an Internet-accelerated world. – the editors. “Disruptive.” James Kitfield: DIA is tracking global crises from Ukraine to the Mideast to North Korea and the Western Pacific. VERS UNE APPROCHE URBAINE PLUS ÉPHÉMÈRE, PLUS LÉGÈRE ET PLUS MOBILE ?

Chez Transit-City, on a toujours été passionné par la façon dont les militaires pensent l'avenir, et plus particulièrement celui des villes et celui des mobilités. - Et si on s'intéressait à la façon dont les militaires pensent la ville ?


- Et si c'était les militaires qui inventaient la mobilité du futur ? On s'est aussi toujours beaucoup intéressé aux nouvelles approches théoriques (là ou là) et notamment à l'approche dite VUCA. Rappelons que VUCA est un acronyme développé dans le milieu des années 1990 par l'armée américaine, et plus particulièrement par le United States Army War College de Carlisle, pour décrire un environnement mondial fondé sur : - la Volatilité (Volatility) - l’Incertitude (Uncertainty) - la Complexité (Complexity)


Climate change is now. The stress nexus. Climate tensions. Fragile 5. Disaster World. Post-antibiotic world.