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With these tips, anyone can grow lavender. Visit the Mediterranean coast or warm, dry interior valleys along the Pacific Coast, and fields of brilliant blue aromatic lavender are everywhere.

With these tips, anyone can grow lavender

Those are the climates in which lavender flourishes. Many of us don’t live in paradise but contend with humid summers or frigid temperatures six months out of the year. So, if you want lavender, you coddle it. I do. Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar 2015. How to Grow Neem Trees - Howtopedia. From Howtopedia - english Neem in Short The Neem grows on almost all types of soils including clayey, saline and alkaline soils, with pH upto 8.5, but does well on black cotton soil and deep, well-drained soil with good sub-soil water.

How to Grow Neem Trees - Howtopedia

Unlike most other multipurpose tree species, it thrives well on dry, stony, shallow soils and even on soils having hard calcareous or clay pan, at a shallow depth. The tree improves the soil fertility and water-holding capacity as it has a unique property of calcium mining, which changes the acidic soils into neutral. Neem tree needs little water and plenty of sunlight. The Neem grows slowly during the first year of planting. It is estimated that a Neem tree has a productive life span of 150 – 200 years The seeds should be as fresh as possible as older seeds often do not germinate. Garden Ideas on Pinterest. How To Grow A Neem Tree. Neem trees are heat loving plants and grow best in hot climates.

How To Grow A Neem Tree

How to Build a GeoDome Greenhouse - Northern Homestead. When it comes to gardening in colder climates, a greenhouse is almost a must have.

How to Build a GeoDome Greenhouse - Northern Homestead

It extends the growing season and gives the plants a lot more heat. 10 Incredible Uses for Epsom Salt in the Garden. Love gardening?

10 Incredible Uses for Epsom Salt in the Garden

Then you’ll love our brand new Kindle book: 605 Secrets For A Beautiful, Bountiful Organic Garden: Insider Secrets From A Gardening Superstar. Epsom salt is comprised of hydrated magnesium sulfate, a naturally occurring mineral first found in the well waters of Epsom, England. Epsom salt has a variety of home remedy applications – the two most widely known being as a saline laxative and pain reliever. What many people don’t realize is that Epsom salt also has several uses in organic gardening. Want to try Epsom salt for yourself? This article shares ten of the best ways to start using Epsom salt in the garden. Plants Talk. Plants Listen. Here's How : Krulwich Wonders... They don't have eyes.

Plants Talk. Plants Listen. Here's How : Krulwich Wonders...

Or ears. Or what we would call a nervous system. But plants can talk. Are Coffee Grounds Good For Plants? You only need to walk past a coffee shop in any American city to see that our country loves java.

Are Coffee Grounds Good For Plants?

With so much coffee being consumed on a daily basis, it’s encouraging to learn that there is a productive use for all those grinds. Next time you make a cup, save your coffee grounds and add them to the soil in your garden. Create a bee-friendly garden. Make a bee house or a bee bath, it's easy!

Create a bee-friendly garden

(Credit: yelnoc via Flickr.) Some people think nature is "out there", in a national park or other designated wilderness area. But bees, our most important pollinators, love to live in urban settings where there are short flight paths, and a variety of different plants and flowers to sample. In fact, bees are more likely to thrive in your backyard, community or patio garden, and on mixed farms than on acres devoted to single crops.

Raised Garden Beds

Worm Composting Bins. Edible Landscaping: Organic Gardening And Landscape Design. How To Prune Moringa Trees. The more you prune Moringa trees, the more they will grow.

How To Prune Moringa Trees

Unlike many trees, Moringas actually seem to love being cut back, and will reward your efforts with thousands of leaves and hundreds of buds and flowers. Left to themselves, they tend to get tall and spindly, and insist on putting leaves and flowers out only at their tops, which defeats the purpose of growing Moringas. We are going to tell you how to overcome that problem, easily.

When you prune your Moringa trees this way, you will always have their bountiful harvest within reach! Here are some of ours When pruning Moringa trees of any variety, some basic rules apply. The ANDI Score - Helping You Choose Nutrient-dense Foods. Like there weren’t enough nutrition rating systems out there, right?

The ANDI Score - Helping You Choose Nutrient-dense Foods

Here’s another one to add to your list of things to check while shopping, but the ANDI score is actually worth getting to know. Measuring the nutrient density of your food, it can help you make the best choices so that you can ensure that you are consuming enough vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and all that other good stuff. This is essential for a normal immune system, but also to keep your body’s detoxification and cellular repair mechanisms working right, protecting you from cancer and other nasty diseases. There are also plenty more of those protective compounds that are yet to be named but may still be essential to us. The only way to ensure that you are getting enough of everything is to eat a variety of colorful plant foods and nutrient-rich natural foods. The main goal of the ANDI score system is to turn the old food pyramid on its head, emphasizing the importance of eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

Growing Herbs and Spices. Growing herbs and spices is easy to do in the tropics. You just have to pick the right herbs and spices! I received an email from a reader the other day. The lady was just starting a new garden on a tropical island and wanted to also grow fresh herbs. So she was looking for ideas for herbs to grow. TODO SOBRE LA MANZANILLA PLANTA MEDICINAL. La manzanilla está considerada, por algunos autores, como “ la reina de las infusiones “ pues es una de las plantas que reúne más, y significativas virtudes, medicinales.

La Manzanilla. La manzanilla, también conocida como Chamomilla recutita o como Matricaria chamomilla, es una herbácea anual muy aromática, que crece de forma espontánea y abunda en el área mediterránea. Sólo necesita un riego regular y protección del sol directo. Su tallo es erecto, alto y fino, de unos 50 cm, cuenta con largas hojas en la parte inferior -que llegan a medir 5 cm.- y florece desde mayo hasta agosto. Es, sin duda, la más popular de todas las plantas medicinales. Se emplea... Edible Landscaping with Rosalind Creasy. The following are examples of edibles for your tropical landscape in USDA Zones 10 and 11–areas where frost seldom occurs and heat and humidity are a major part of the growing environment–primarily Hawaii, most of Florida, and the warmest zones on the Gulf Coast: Annual Vegetables and Edible Flowers – Cool season/ can withstand light frosts – all greens: rainbow chard, mustards; cabbages, lettuce, kales etc; flower bud vegetables: broccoli and cauliflower; root vegetables: carrots, beets, radishes, etc; plus peas and pansies.

Warm season/ no frost tolerance – asparagus beans and string beans, bitter melon, black- eyed peas, chayote, cucumbers, eggplants, jicama, malibar spinach, melons, okra, peanuts, peppers, tomatillo, sweet potatoes, squash, slicing and cherry tomatoes. The Smart Way To Plan Your Vegetable Garden.

Organic Pest-Control

How to Grow a Desert Rose Bush. Ornamental Ginger, Red & Pink. Ornamental Ginger - the Perfect Plant for the Deep South. I've just harvested the last of my ginger for the year. No, I don't grow the culinary variety. The ginger I grow is for ornamental purposes only, but it has been quite a successful plant for decorating both my garden and my home. In fact, I'd say that ginger, as a species, is just as useful to the Southern garden as the spice is to the kitchen.

Most Southern gardens suffer from problems of dry shade. We love our beautiful live oaks dripping in Spanish moss, but alas! There are numerous varieties of ginger. There has been quite a lot of debate over the years regarding the botanical name of the plant. One of the few things almost all of these gingers do have in common is that they almost all flower on thick stalks. Plant Care of Ginger Lilies.

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Planters. Choosing The Best Indoor Plants For Your Interior. It’s no secret that I’ve been a wee bit obsessed with plants lately. After taking a good look at my interior and realizing that multiple areas of my home are a bit bare, I’m convinced that a few houseplant purchases will help breathe new life into my living room, bedroom, powder room and home office. I’m fairly good at keeping plants alive, but when I get busy, I tend to be forgetful about watering. And sometimes I water all of the plants the same way, without paying attention to their individual needs.

Okay, so maybe I’m not the best at tending to my plants! But lately I’ve gotten some helpful advice. Succulents in a light-filled window For starters, several of my favorite blogs have recently featured posts on caring for houseplants. HOW TO: CARE FOR YOUR SUCCULENTS. 28th February 2013 Although people often say that you don’t have to do anything to keep succulents alive and they’re perfect for people with a less than green thumb, I’ve learnt through trial and error that that’s not quite true.

Over the last couple of years I’ve had dozens of succulent and cactus plants in our apartment (remember these cute little guys?) Greenhouses Made With Salvaged Windows. Urban and City Vegetable Gardening. Re-Growing Green Onions: Grow Your Scallions Back on Your Windowsill. Previous image. How to Grow Peanuts. A Best-Practices Guide to Growing Tomatoes: Tomato Basics.

Attention to the basic needs of tomatoes goes a long way toward keeping them healthy and productive. If you’ve had problems with tomatoes in the past, the solution is probably in this list. Beginner guide to growing chile peppers. 10 Tips for the Beginning Gardener—What I Learned in Year One. Older. Gardening Without a Garden: 10 Ideas for Your Patio or Balcony Renters Solutions. Grow a Strawberry Fountain. Planting Potatoes: 7 Different Methods. Making a Pea Trellis with Kids.