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IAS 39 Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement. Accounting. Disposal of Fixed Assets Journal Entries. Disposal of a fixed asset is the withdrawal of a fixed asset from use upon the completion of its useful life or due to lower productivity in its later life.

Disposal of Fixed Assets Journal Entries

Disposal of an Asset with no Salvage Value In a rare situation where the salvage value of the fixed asset is zero, there will be no terminal cash flow and the journal entry will be as follows: Gain on Disposal However, if an asset has a salvage value; it is likely that the disposal will cause gain or loss. When a fixed asset is sold at a price higher than its carrying amount at the date of disposal, the excess of sale proceeds over the carrying amount is recognized as gain. Standard Costing - Standard costing means assigning the expected, budgeted costs to the goods manufactured, the goods in inventory, and the goods sold.

Standard Costing -

In other words, the amounts assigned are the costs that should occur when manufacturing products. The actual costs are then compared to the standard costs and any differences are reported as variances. Linear programming: Simplex method example. Example (part 1): Simplex method Solve using the Simplex method the following problem: Are considered the following phases:

Linear programming: Simplex method example

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General Accounting

Concept-Break Even Analysis with Multiple Products. Learning Objectives: Calculate break even point when a company sells more than one product. Sale mix–Definition and Explanation of the Concept: The term sale mix refers to the relative proportion in which a company’s products are sold. Process Costing Cost Accounting : Study Notes, Problems Solutions, Question Answers.

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