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Parmar Dental is a multi-award winning practice in Southend On Sea, have been offering value for money dentistry services to the patients utilizing the most recent dental innovation and systems across the Essex and the encompassing regions.

Orthodontist in Southend-On-Sea. Teeth in a Day in Southend-On-Sea. Southend Orthodontics. What is Dry Mouth? Its Effects on Oral Health & Remedies for Dry Mouth. Xerostomia is a common oral health condition more commonly known as dry mouth.

What is Dry Mouth? Its Effects on Oral Health & Remedies for Dry Mouth

This is the result of underproductive salivary glands. When these glands fail to produce enough saliva, it causes an uncomfortably dry, parched feeling in your mouth. While it is not necessarily a dangerous condition, dry mouth can lead to many more serious problems if it goes untreated. Dry mouth often causes bad breath and even halitosis, which is a chronic condition that lingers for long periods. Sufferers of Xerostomia often experience a dry throat and chapped lips. Also Read: 5 Strategies & Treatments to Fight Depression 5 Strategies & Treatments to Fight Depression If you are experiencing dry mouth, you should visit a dental practice.

Causes of Dry Mouth Many factors can negatively affect saliva production, including medical conditions and medications. Dehydration can be caused by intense physical exertion, fever, diarrhea, blood loss, burns, or excessive burns. Benefits of Saliva Effects of Dry Mouth. All You Need to Know About Oral Health and Pregnancy. 1) Overview – Pregnancy and Oral Health Many people are aware of the effect that hormones have on the body of a pregnant woman, but one overlooked part of the body that is impacted during pregnancy is oral health.

All You Need to Know About Oral Health and Pregnancy

Changing hormone levels can cause your gums to swell and bleed more easily, which increases your risk of gingivitis and tooth decay. 2) How to Ensure a Healthy Mouth During Pregnancy If you are planning to get pregnant, try to visit your dentist for a check-up and professional cleaning before you become pregnant. You should also try and take care of any major elective dental procedures before becoming pregnant as you will be unable to have them done once you are. Maintain a good oral hygiene routine but take extra care to be gentle with your gums to prevent bleeding and infection. If flossing is painful or causes bleeding, try swapping to an interdental cleaner or invest in a Waterpik to remove build-up from between teeth. 3) Is It Safe to Whiten Your Teeth During Pregnancy? Orthodontist in Southend-On-Sea. Root Canal: Process, Causes, Problems, Surgery, Cost & Recovery. Gummy Smile Treatment with BOTOX. Your gums can impact the way your smile looks.

Gummy Smile Treatment with BOTOX

If too much or little gum tissue is exposed, we could perceive our smile as being less attractive. Although not technically a serious medical issue on its own, a gummy smile is when a disproportionate amount of gum tissue is visible above the teeth when smiling. What Causes a Gummy Smile? An upper lip that appears a normal length when resting, but lifts too high when smilingThe upper lip is too short and does not cover enough of the gumsThe gums are too long or enlargedTeeth erupted improperly and remain covered by gum tissueGenetically small teethVertical maxillary excess In most cases, these factors are completely genetic. What Are the Available Treatments for Gummy Smile? OrthodonticsJaw surgeryRemoval of excess gum tissueLip repositioning surgeryBOTOX / Botulinum Toxin Injections Is BOTOX an Ideal Option Among Them? Botulinum Toxin, also known as BOTOX, has been used for years as a wrinkle correction therapy option. Summary Article Name Author.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay - Things You Need to Know. What Is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay - Things You Need to Know

Baby bottle tooth decay is common in infants who are breastfed on an irregular schedule or whose parents dip their dummy in honey or sugar. Tooth decay can also occur when the baby is put to bed or down for a nap with a bottle.Baby formula, milk, fruit juice, and other sweetened drinks contain a high sugar content that feeds the bacteria that erode the baby’s teeth and gums.To avoid cavities in infants, brush and floss their teeth to make sure their mouths are sugar-free.

What Causes Baby Bottle Decay? The reaction of leftover sugars in the mouth (after consuming liquids such as breast milk and formula) with the naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth of a baby results in an erosion of the surface enamel of the teeth. This erosion occurs because oral germs or bacteria turn the sugars in the mouth into acid, which destroys the tooth’s enamel and begins tooth decay. Baby Bottle Worries: Glass vs. Dentist In Southend. 7 Ways To Avoid Gingivitis. Obstacles and Solutions in Delivering Dental Care to LTC Patients. As we age our natural teeth and gums are more susceptible to dental caries, gingival recession, demineralisation, fungal infections, and periodontal disease.

Obstacles and Solutions in Delivering Dental Care to LTC Patients

Regular hygiene and dental care is important but is often neglected, especially by those who require long-term care. 1. What is LTC? In the United Kingdom, long-term care is provided by a range of organisations, including the NHS, private and voluntary organisations as well as the local authorities. Long-term care can be residential and provided by nursing homes, or it can be care at home. 2. The long-term care population is made up of senior citizens over the age of 65 who require assistance with their daily life. 3. Long-term care patients typically cannot fully care for themselves because of a stroke, dementia, arthritis, deterioration of the body and cognitive abilities, blindness, spinal cord injuries, and other physical disabilities. 4. 5.

The reasons for inadequate dental care for LTC patients include: 6. Southend Orthodontics. Dentist in Southend.