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Outsource Accounting Services, Financial Services. Portfolio Management Services in India. The Portfolio Management Services was initiated in 2009 to offer complete assistance in delivering growth to investors.

Portfolio Management Services in India

We offer solutions based portfolio management services on complete need analysis that are uniquely designed to meet growth needs in a holistic manner. With PL PMS, you get the benefit of professional money management with the flexibility, control and potential tax advantages of owning individual stocks or other securities. Approach for portfolio management services Bottom up approach, focusing on micro research and evaluating it in a macro environment Identifying the best companies to invest irrespective of the sector Having reasonably diversified portfolios without being over diversified. Strategies EquiGrow Strategy : This strategy aims at investing and holding largely high growth stocks without any sector bias in all types of securities in the mid-cap & large-cap category for a long term, to generate superior returns.

Online Commodity Trading Company in India. Overview PL Commodity Markets Private Limited is an Active commodity trading member of Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX).

Online Commodity Trading Company in India

The commodity trading research team at Prabhudas Lilladher guides our investors to make wise trading and investment decisions in metals, bullions, crude oil and agro based commodities. Commodity trading markets being the second largest market in the world offers clients an opportunity to diversify their portfolio as it has a low correlation with equity markets, relatively easier to understand as prices are impacted by the basic economics of demand and supply and enjoy lower margins with high leverage.

Our Services. World Asthma Day: Symptoms, Causes & Prevention of Asthma - Hicare. Asthma is basically a chronic long term inflammatory disease that causes the narrowing of the air pipe, the route in a human body that allows air to enter and leave the lungs.

World Asthma Day: Symptoms, Causes & Prevention of Asthma - Hicare

Few of the most common symptoms found in asthma patients are breathlessness, continuous coughing, sneezing and sometimes severe pain in the chest. The occurrence of these incidents may vary from few times a day to few times a week depending on the severity of asthma from patient to patient. These symptoms are usually worse during the night, early in the morning or during/just after heavy physical activity. You may ask can air pollution cause asthma, lung cancer, pollen allergy and even COPD? While air pollution is not directly responsible for asthma but there is a correlation between air quality and asthma as it can definitely aggravate asthma symptoms or asthma attacks. Ozone is fundamentally a pale blue gas with a characteristic smell that is usually found in smog. World Malaria Day: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment of Malaria - Hicare.

Malaria, a fatal disease is naturally transmitted through the bite of an infected Anopheles mosquito.

World Malaria Day: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment of Malaria - Hicare

Malaria is usually found in tropical and subtropical climates where the parasites that cause it live and dwell. The malaria mosquitoes cause severe effects to humans and other animals causing malaria fever, vomiting, and headaches and in severe cases it can cause yellow skin, coma, or even death. As of 2015, 91 countries were confirmed of having a malaria transmission out of which mostly were African Sub-Sahara and the Indian subcontinent.

In a healthy individual, it takes at least 2-3 weeks for the infection to show its impact. Initially, the malaria symptoms may include a severe headache, constant fever, shivering and joint pain leading to more serious complications like jaundice and convulsions. EMI without Credit Card. How Self-Defence Classes Are Helping Kids In Delhi To Combat Fears. By Gauri Bansal: “What will you do if they come for you?”

How Self-Defence Classes Are Helping Kids In Delhi To Combat Fears

“I will look them in the eye and say no.” “I will bite, push or fight them.” “I will run from there and shout for help.” Unheard cries, nerve-wrecking reoccurrences, and trembling hands have come to characterise childhood that is supposed to be the best time of a child’s life. The capital’s children are no different. In order to combat these, protection training and awareness for kids has become an essential prerequisite to ensure safety for children prone to such crimes. Apparently, the locals are disappointed with the lack of government interest and intervention as they continue to struggle with issues that illiteracy and unawareness to help them avail the legislative schemes.

“Every child in the Dairy is my brother and sister. Local NGOs like Saksham, supported by CRY – Child Rights and You, work actively with young children to make them realise their rights and train them the essentials needed to fight their fears.