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I’m a Junior. Marketer at Ashaval Blog. The Ashaval blog is all about Ahmedabad city, showcase a curated information which tells you anything and everything about Ahmedabad. We curate everything around businesses, entrepreneurs, food places, places to hangout, Ahmedabad events, news and much more.

Vegan Restaurants in Ahmedabad; Explore top 9 restaurants. Having a hard time finding an authentic vegan restaurant in Ahmedabad?

Vegan Restaurants in Ahmedabad; Explore top 9 restaurants

We can guess how frustrating, hunting for vegan-friendly restaurants would be, that’s why Ashaval has created a list of restaurants and cafes serving vegan dishes in the city. The tasty vegan options available are sure to satiate your cravings! What does ‘Vegan’ mean? Did you know? The term ‘vegan’ is not a newbie but goes back to 1944 when the word ‘vegan’ was first coined by Donal Watson. Advertisement The Vegan Kitchen At the Vegan Kitchen, all dishes are 100% vegan. Sambar Cafe - a place to relish authentic South Indian food - Are your taste buds missing the taste of authentic South Indian Food?

Sambar Cafe - a place to relish authentic South Indian food -

Don’t worry! Ahmedabad’s newest cafe – Sambar Cafe is here with its unique South Indian dishes and authentic taste that will leave you craving for more. Cafe Ambience The 24-seater open cafe has an ambience like no other in the city. Satiate all your South Indian food craving and oh-so-good filter coffee under the lush green humungous 75-year-old mango tree frequented by trains in the backdrop and a plant nursery on the side. Advertisement Sambar cafe is one of the cafes providing South Indian food at the most affordable rates in the city. The Founders and Curators of Sambar Cafe – Santosh and Jayanti Kumar came up with the cafe as a long-standing idea to curate original South Indian food, normally not served at most restaurants across India. Meet the Top Bridal Makeup Artists in Ahmedabad - Nothing else dampens the bride-to-be’s spirit than choosing a wrong makeup artist.

Meet the Top Bridal Makeup Artists in Ahmedabad -

Even before the wedding day jitters, the task of choosing the best makeup artist for your D-day is even more difficult than finding a partner. Just Kidding! Ashaval understands how much of a daunting task finding the perfect makeup artist is, for your dreamy wedding look. We heard you and so we have put together the top makeup artists in Ahmedabad who are sure to make you look drop-dead gorgeous. Ulupi Parikh – Ulupi’s Salon and Spa Advertisement. 10+ Best Nail Salons in Ahmedabad - Lockdown might have taken away the charm of your nails.

10+ Best Nail Salons in Ahmedabad -

Work from home also included the household chores you never asked for. Now, since the lockdown has been lifted there is no harm in a little pampering while keeping all the precautions. Nails speak a lot about you as they are your own canvas. COVID-19 Ahmedabad: CoronaVirus Test Treatment Centres at Ahmedabad. Everyone’s life was pretty normal until one day, a disease called Coronavirus (COVID – 19) broke out in Wuhan, China.

COVID-19 Ahmedabad: CoronaVirus Test Treatment Centres at Ahmedabad

This disease has drastically changed the lives of millions and billions of people all around the world. Let’s get to know about Coronavirus (COVID-19) Coronavirus comes from a vast family of viruses. These viruses can cause respiratory illness in humans and animals. Some coronaviruses are mildly severe and cause cough, whereas the other coronaviruses can cause severe illness. The severe type of Coronaviruses include: Beauty Salons in Ahmedabad: Let your face shine like your inner beauty. In recent times all our lives are tangled in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day work which is utterly important to focus upon but, due to this we often forget to take care of ourselves which may sometimes result into unloving oneself and lower self-confidence.

Beauty Salons in Ahmedabad: Let your face shine like your inner beauty

To your rescue, there are several beauty salons in Ahmedabad that will help you in rejuvenating yourself and also feel beautiful too. It is said that inner beauty is the most important quality in a person while we totally agree with this statement but pampering yourself a bit sometimes is not a bad idea though. Every person is different and so are their choices while some people like to be dolled up, there are some who prefer keeping it simple, and there shouldn’t be anything to judge over here because the concept of beauty differs for everyone. Whenever we have some special occasion coming up, there is a desire to look one’s best and there’s no denying to it. Enrich Salon. Bliss Aqua Water World - New Destination for Making summer Chill. Hello Ahmedabad!

Bliss Aqua Water World - New Destination for Making summer Chill

No matter how hot the summer may be, the idea of break and refreshment cheers us quickly. So get ready to be drenched in joy and fun this summer, under the water! Thrill, adventure, ecstasy all at one destination – The New Bliss Aqua Water World! 16+ Places to Visit in Ahmedabad, Things to do in Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is a lively city where roads are bustling with people and love.

16+ Places to Visit in Ahmedabad, Things to do in Ahmedabad

Where food is life and life is crazy. A city where dreams and towers are skyscraping. Where the fusion of legacy and modernity will blow your mind. It’s a city full of life. Hyderabadi Food Festival @ River View, Sarovar Hotel, Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is the city full of food junkies and the best way to experience the soul of the city is through food.

Hyderabadi Food Festival @ River View, Sarovar Hotel, Ahmedabad

What could be better than this? Experiencing the mouth-watering delicious food dishes of other cities too in Ahmedabad. And exactly why we call ourselves FOODIES. Last weekend, a colleague and I hit the Rivera Sarovar Portico Hotel, located in Bhavan’s College Road. They had organized an amazing food festival with “Hyderabadi” cuisine as the main attraction at their restaurant, River view. The flavours and the aroma of the food gave us a “wow” feeling. This food festival was for ten days running from 27th July to 5th August (I wish we had gone there earlier). Weekend getaways near Ahmedabad - The Diwali holidays are just around the corner, and it is the time to make an excuse for taking one long weekend getaway.

Weekend getaways near Ahmedabad -

Let go of your boring weekend & grasp some fresh air by escaping from the maddening rush of the city. If you are looking for a place to relax or are an adventurous kind, look no further as we’ve it all covered. From the beautiful beaches to the amazing hill stations, caves and forts, forests or deserts, we have listed all the holiday places near Ahmedabad. 10+ must visit one day picnic places near Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is the seventh largest city in India and the biggest city of Gujarat. People come to Ahmedabad from different places to find occupation, for business and trade.

The city is known as the Manchester of India. People in Ahmedabad work hard to improve their lifestyle. During weekdays we can see people running around to meet their goals and deadlines. Then comes the weekend when people want to relax. Zanzari waterfalls. List of all Top 8 WaterParks of Amedabad with all Informations. It is that time of the year when rings of summer are about to ring shortly. This year Ahmedabad witnessed cold snaps frequently. As winter was coldest, summer is also expected to be the hottest.

But Ashaval won’t allow Amdavadis to go unprepared for summers. So as one step forward towards summer you should be preparing a list of waterparks you can visit this summer! Well, waterparks not only help you to beat the scorching heat but also help you to spend some quality “family time”. Chai places in Ahmedabad : Tea places, stalls and cafes. There is nothing as Indian as a “cup of chai”. We are fans of chai and the proof of it is we can drink tea at any time of the day. Even in the middle of a hot summer day, a cup of chai will be as refreshing for us as a chilled glass of lemon water, right? Chai is not just a beverage to us, it’s that energy booster that keeps us going.

Ahmedabad City has lots of chai places with tasty maska bun – chai options available where you can enjoy the best of your break times. Top 27 Ice Cream shops in Ahmedabad to visit this summer. The season of Ice creams and Ice Gola is back. With vacations and summers coming up together, these shops can become the “Hang-Out Spots” for Amdavadis. The list provided by Ashaval will come handy to teenagers and grown-ups both as our list contains the latest trendy places to impress the teenagers while the “Old is Gold” list wins the hearts of grown-ups. Shyamal and Saumil - The Eccentric Music Maestros - What comes to your mind when I mention “Gujarati Music”?

I’m sure it must be Raas Garba or Bhajans. But to your surprise, there’s more to it. I was honored to get a chance to have a conversation with two phenomenal musicians and brothers Mr. Shyamal and Mr. Saumil Munshi, who expanded the Gujarati music without losing on its roots. Motera Stadium: Inaugration, Renovationm and Seating Capacity - Ashaval. Cricket – One word, Billion feelings. Cricket is one of the most loved and followed sports in our nation. Beauty Salons in Ahmedabad: Look Bright And Shine – Ahmedbad City.

How to Get Liquor License in Gujarat? - Alcohol and Gujarat are two parallel lines that never meet. Jokes apart! 24 Hour Cafes in Ahmedabad - The Ahmedabad Blog. It’s 3 a.m. in the night, and you might be wondering where to grab a bite at this hour. Beauty Salons in Ahmedabad: Let your face shine like your inner beauty. Top 12+ Couple Dinner Places in Ahmedabad for Love Birds. Surprising your partner with a romantic dinners date is a lovely gesture you could give to your loved one. 10+ permitted Liquor Shops in Ahmedabad: Get liquor in Ahmedabad. In India, Gujarat was the first state in India to completely ban Alcohol. It is the land where Mahatma Gandhi was born who believed in rejecting slavery towards alcohol.

Poetry in brick:IIM Ahmedabad. IIM Ahmedabad is renowned for its designed monumental masterpiece by Luis Kahn in the 20th century and it is made using the native red bricks. Ashaval - All you need to know about Ahmedabad. Science City- Everything you need to know ranging from timings to ticket prices. Remember when you were a little kid cupping your hands around the glass of an aquarium watching a goldfish swim around in all its elegance.

Libraries in Ahmedabad: Know all the top Libraries in Ahmedabad. Sabarmati Riverfront: Information, Events and Many More. Top New Year 2020 Parties in Ahmedabad -