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“Mother and Childcare” is the basic theme of this website titled ParentingAsk. It mainly focuses on key issues revolving around “parenting” and “motherhood”.

EXTROVERT AND INTROVERT KIDS, HOW DO YOU HANDLE? – ParentingAsk. How to deal with extrovert and introvert kids?


Learn about the basic traits and try to bring out the positive aspects. How difficult and challenging is raising the kids? Yes, at the same time, it is more interesting phase in our lives! Every child has its own behavior and practices, which are inherited from the parents as well as grasped from the external environment as they grow up! VALUES THAT NEED TO BE INCULCATED IN YOUR BABY – ParentingAsk. One of the most concerning areas in child development is inculcating values in baby.


It is a crucial part of child development. Errant behavior in babies as well as toddlers is generally tolerable at a certain extent. KEY QUALITIES IN A BABYSITTER – ParentingAsk. What qualities make a quality babysitter?


The need for qualified baby sitters is on the rising side to take care of your baby. Do you intend to hire a baby sitter for your baby? Then be wary about hiring the right one. Although the babysitters cannot replace the care and love of real moms, it is crucial to look in for certain qualities. Choosing the right baby sitter for your precious baby is a crucial decision that could impact everything, include the babies’ life. HOW DO YOU CONNECT WITH YOUR KID AS A PARENT? – ParentingAsk. It is a known fact that “Parenting” is an extremely difficult skill to master.


The major reason being that, this skill involves a lot of “patience and time”. Now, there exist in this skill a few principles that are not only intriguing but, also necessary to decode and understand in depth. Parenting principles that must be imbibed by to be parents – ParentingAsk. Research says humans and animals are born with a parenting instinct.

Parenting principles that must be imbibed by to be parents – ParentingAsk

While some parents might slip into the role of a parent without even a single wrinkle on their forehead, some have it really hard and take years to get the knack of it. Yes, bringing up a child is one of the biggest responsibilities for the humans. Most to be parents already know this and also make out the need to discipline their children and to teach them the basic values.

However it is easier said than done. EXTROVERT AND INTROVERT KIDS, HOW DO YOU HANDLE? – ParentingAsk. WHY WOMEN SUFFER FROM INFERTILITY? – ParentingAsk. Female infertility is on the rise nowadays due to lifestyle changes, environmental factors and many women planning their pregnancy later in life.


This problem is not only specific to age factor and may affect a woman at any age. Sometimes the reason is genetic and sometimes it may be due to other factors. An experienced gynecologist and in some cases, a genetic counselor can be of immense help in understanding the various options available for one in getting pregnant. After a woman reaches 35 years of age, her chances of getting pregnant reduces and the risk of miscarriage relatively goes up. Reasons for Fertility Problems and Solutions Endometriosis – It is a condition which takes place when the endometrial tissue develops outside the uterus commonly in the abdominal-pelvic cavity.

Poor egg quality – As one ages, the number and the quality of eggs in the ovaries decreases. Why new moms are frustrated? – ParentingAsk. If you do not feel an urge to weep in the initial days or weeks after giving birth to a baby, then consider it a good sign.

Why new moms are frustrated? – ParentingAsk

Having a baby is a nerve-racking process irrelevant of the fact that you have waited for this day for so many years and that you adore your baby a lot. If you are a new mom, nevertheless, chances are you have experienced indecipherable episodes of frustration and gloominess. You have just delivered a baby and you look forward to blooming in the joy of new motherhood.

You had wished to welcome the baby with a festive spirit. But instead you feel very sad and frustrated. Help your toddler eat right and be healthy – ParentingAsk. More than 95% of all modern diseases are caused by wrong food choice, chemicals in foods, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise.

Help your toddler eat right and be healthy – ParentingAsk

Understanding health and nutrition can be tricky because children may look healthy but suffer from severe deficiency. PREGNANCY 1ST TRIMESTER – Changes that take place in your body and how to take care of yourself – ParentingAsk. By the time most women realize that they are pregnant and are conscious of the life growing inside them, the most critical stages of growth has already passed or well into development.

PREGNANCY 1ST TRIMESTER – Changes that take place in your body and how to take care of yourself – ParentingAsk

From a tiny speck, the fertilized egg grows into a foetus measuring about 28g or an ounce by the end of 12 weeks. So, let’s take a quick look at what’s happening in the first trimester: First month Once the embryo is formed, the amniotic sac (water-filled) builds around it to protect the baby. PREGNANCY 2ND TRIMESTER – THINGS TO KNOW – ParentingAsk. The second trimester is a very busy period for you and your family mainly because of the number of tasks that you complete during this time.


From finding the right doctor and hospital/clinic for your prenatal visits, to addressing a lot of personal needs—dental, exercise patterns, supplements and medication, shopping for maternity clothes, skin care—the time will fly. Of course, the baby bump will begin to show and if you are eating right, you can control that weight gain by following an active schedule.

Fourth month Nervous system begins to function well. The baby will yawn, close his/her mouth, and may begin sucking his/her thumb. At this point, your doctor will do a detailed examination of both the mother and the child. Help your toddler eat right and be healthy. KEY QUALITIES IN A BABYSITTER. WHAT MAKES BEING A PARENT NO CHILD'S PLAY? There are many aspects in parenting that need to be handle with lots of care. One such key feature being the ability to ensure that children extract their maximum potential from life. And so, being a parent is an extremely demanding task that requires both time and patience. In simple words, “Parenting” is not an easy task. Normal Delivery - Signs, Advantages, and Tips. We are our choices. The choices we make in every aspect influence our life. It includes the child birth too! Pregnancy Symptoms: Signs should to Know. Long before modern science evolved and showed us the workings of our bodies—women right from ancient times—figured out ways to find out if they were pregnant.

With simple tests at home using grains and natural substances, they confirmed a pregnancy. By noticing the changes in the body, they prepared for the arrival of the baby. A woman, it is said, can instinctively tell when she is going to be a mother, although she cannot pinpoint the exact reason for feeling so. When the pregnancy test later confirms it and the various signs of pregnancy begin to emerge, she is able to better understand and relate to the changes in her body that made her feel so.

Of course, a few others cruise through life without any inkling of their pregnancy only to find out they are 2 or 3 months pregnant later on. There are times when you may show many signs of pregnancy without actually being pregnant because some of the symptoms are closely associated with general health problems. Oops..I missed my period. Baby's First Tooth: Facts Parents Should Know. Newborns have a complete set of twenty baby teeth embedded in their gums, which generally begin to erupt once they reach the age of six months.

However, baby teeth may erupt late in case of some babies, after they are 18 months old. Tips and Precautions for Airplane Travel with Baby. The idea of travelling by an airplane with their baby is distressing for most new moms. However, with right precaution and preparation, you can make air travel safe for your baby. Tips to control Aggressive Toddler's. Is your sweet little toddler driving you crazy with abrupt, errant, destructive and conflicting behavior? Don’t worry! You are not just alone. In fact more than 80 percent of toddlers tend to reflect the conflicting behavior. Tips to control Aggressive Toddler's. Parentingask.