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Welcome to India’s most comprehensive parenting portal! We have for you excerpts from ParentEdge, our bi-monthly parenting magazine, resources for parents, activities for children and a variety of blog posts. What’s more

The importance of failure in the growing years! Much is being written and said about failure and how crucial it is.

The importance of failure in the growing years!

And indeed, failure needs to be as treasured as success. As a psychologist, I often see instances where parents tend to overlook their ward’s success and instead complain about areas where the performance is not as expected. This pattern of interaction needs to be checked and changed. What is failure? Some dictionaries define failure as lack of success. There are several ways in which we can appreciate failure without conveying a counteractive message that success is not needed.

Once a child knows the importance of trying, has tried, for example, taking part in a drawing competition, and did not come first, second or third, and comes and tells you, the parent, about how bad they feel he/she feels about not winning, it is time to make him/her nourish the experience of drawing in that competition. Dealing with Childhood Obesity. I come from a place where the only way to demonstrate love was through food.

Dealing with Childhood Obesity

My mother never hugged us or said ‘I love you’ or tucked us into bed with a story and a goodnight kiss. My mother cooked. From elaborate breakfasts to chaats, homemade papadams and chaklis, jams and ketchup… we had our world of home-made I-love-yous. So, while I did weave in the hugs and the bedtime tucking in, as a mother it was in-built in me to be gratified when my child eats. I panicked when my infant daughter threw up, and chuckled with great pride when my younger child had a voracious appetite.


Parenting Tips. Parenting teens. Parenting teens. Choosing to go abroad for higher education. Teaching children how to forgive. Children are often asked to forgive: forgive their sibling for grabbing a toy; forgive mom for being late; forgive a friend at school for pulling out their hair.

Teaching children how to forgive

When we teach a child about forgiveness, do we really insist on the repetition of words like ‘sorry’ and ‘I will never repeat this again’ or are we really particular in teaching them to let go of things? It is important for children to understand compassion, kindness, and forgiveness. By instilling the virtue of kindness in our child, we help the child to use an essential life tool in navigating through childhood and adolescence in an easier way. Holding on to anger will lead to anxiety and depression for children and adults. The earlier forgiveness is taught, the earlier we can groom the child to grow up as an individual free of anxiety and depression. There is also a misconception that forgiving means forgetting, which might bring on the fear that it will happen again. Understanding the feelings of your Child. The reading habit and children - How do I get my Child to read. Source: Google images Recently, a student writing an article for her school newspaper asked me what I thought about present-day reading habits; did I believe children read less today, and how could eone ncourage them to read more?

The reading habit and children - How do I get my Child to read

This is one of those topics that is endlessly debated. Most people from our generation believe that the youngsters of today “just don’t read!” Being the parent of a child with special needs and what it means - a personal perspective. Stop Pitying the Special Needs Parent It was a normal day, nothing unusual.

Being the parent of a child with special needs and what it means - a personal perspective

Saturday afternoon, a visit to the nearby mall with both the children, where I was checking out the ‘to buy’ list while my son was pestering me to get him another poster of his favourite soccer star and my little monster wanting to lie down on the floor yet again! Anyway, it was a pretty usual outing for us when I saw an elderly woman in the aisle observing my daughter with a wrinkled nose and pitiful eyes (she had probably never seen anybody with Down syndrome out in the open before). How to keep children safe in schools: some things that schools can do. Student internship at ParentEdge. This blog post has been contributed by Ananya Shankar, Student Editor of Issue 16 of the magazine.

Student internship at ParentEdge

Interning at Parent Edge was one of the best experiences ever. Catch them young – ensure your child is physically active! I am a firm believer in being physically active.

Catch them young – ensure your child is physically active!

Not just for the 45 min exercise period, but during the whole day. I gym fairly regularly and it pains me to see young girls in the gym with physical trainers, on a weight loss regimen – I am talking of girls in class 8, 9! These girls are overweight or obese and probably have been enrolled in the gym by their parents. Applying to colleges in the US: milestones to consider for the month of August. Early education in young children.

This blog post has been reposted, with permission, from Bril’s blog ( Studies have shown that the most important period of a child’s life is their first five years.

Early education in young children

Children are capable of learning from a very early age, so it is ideal to expose them to a nurturing and educational environment during those years. By providing an environment that is fun-filled, safe and stimulating, you can ensure that your child gets off to a great start. While adults typically think of play-time as a form of entertainment, it can actually teach your child a great deal about themselves and the world around them. Speaking&Listening. Children and Music. Confucius, the renowned Chinese philosopher believed that, “music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without,” and truly, it is impossible to imagine a world without music.

Children and Music

Be it classical or pop, Indian or Western, music is an essential part of our lives. Pointers to Selecting the School for Your Child. The choice of a school is one of the most important decisions that marks your child’s journey in formal education outside the home.

Pointers to Selecting the School for Your Child

Given the plethora of choices today, both for independent pre-schools and full-fledged schools, it is no wonder that the school search process has become a complex affair. A Career in Event Management. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” —Confucius With the emergence of myriad new job opportunities, this sentiment has become the success mantra of today’s youth. And a sought after career today, perceived as creative and glamorous, and on many youngsters’ ‘jobs to consider’ list, is event management.

The success of event management as a career in India can be attributed to the ever growing film industry which hosts mega events at both national and international venues, as well as the growing use of corporate events for brand building and promotion.This has expanded the opportunities for people in event management within the country and abroad as well. What does event management involve? The term ‘event management’ is self explanatory. What kinds of jobs are on offer in this field? Ideally, a fresher to the industry should join an event management company or a media house that specialises in this area. New Delhi (NCR): Outing Ideas. Boosting immunity in children. Kids giving you attitude? On using Dhoni to make your child drink milk. Choosing the Right Essay Topics for an Application to College, and Tips to Writing it Well.

Teach your Kids how to Handle Money. How do we teach our children not to lie. Life lessons that we can learn from children. Involved fathers - why are fathers not more involved. Protecting your child from the flu through vaccination. Nurturing Creativity. Why children ask questions and how we can use that opportunity to teach them something. The games girls play! Encouraging them. JUST ONE PUFF, THEN A HUFF. New Delhi (NCR): Classes (Enrichment or Enhanced Learning)

Robotics Classes Children learn the science of robotics through robot kits; they progress to increasingly complex stages as they develop skills. Delhi - NCR: Classes (Hobbies and Sports) Fun with Music Club Activity: involving movement, singing, music, games, music appreciation and playing percussion instruments.

Pune: Outing Ideas. Pune: Classes (Enrichment or Enhanced Learning) Pune: Classes (Hobbies and Sports) Teaching your children to be grateful for what they have. Kolkata: Classes (Enrichment or Enhanced Learning) Kolkata: Classes (Hobbies and Sports) Events, Workshops and Performances - Mumbai. Summer Programs by Inme Inme, a pioneering outdoor and adventure based learning company, has announced the launch of its summer programs for children between 9-17 years, conducted in the wilderness at exciting campsites in Yercaud, Coorg, Rishikesh,Tons, Uroli, Andamans .

All inme programmes are designed by age wherein the level of activity led challenges increases as a child graduates from one bracket to the other. The focus is on developing ‘life skills’, through activities that enhance a child’s learning and knowledge. Some of the key programs include Young Leaders’ Program that builds awareness and key skills, attitudes, and behaviors that help kids adapt better to the environment in late teens and adulthood; ‘Triple Trouble’ that involves rafting, kayaking and tackling the ropes course; the Deep Sea Adventure that teaches children Scuba diving, Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking; and a 80 km biking expedition through the jungles of Uroli. For more information, please visit. Mumbai: Outing Ideas. Prince of Wales Museum Built in Indo-Saracen architectural style, the museum has three major parts – Natural History section, Archeology section and Art section. All three sections display many valuable artifacts like rare displays of Buddhist Tankhas and specimens of Nepali and Tibetan art and many more.

MG Road, Mumbai. Mumbai: Classes (Enrichment or Enhanced Learning) Mumbai: Classes (Hobbies and Sports) Page Title: ADHD - How to Identify the Symptoms and Initiate the Treatment Process. Autism - Early Identification could mean a Better Treatment. Scaling the Walled Gardens – The Lives of Autistic Children and Their Parents. Hyderabad: Outing Ideas. Salar Jung Museum. Hyderabad: Classes (Enrichment or Enhanced Learning) Hyderabad: Classes (Hobbies and Sports) Workshop on Tabla From Wednesday, Sep 11 till Wednesday, Dec 11, 2013 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) Tabla, a percussion instrument is commonly used in Hindustani classical music of the Indian subcontinent.

Kolkata: Outing Ideas. Careers - Psychology and the Gateway it Opens. Never has the human mind been as much the focus of discussions and practices as in the 21st century. From counsellors in schools becoming ubiquitous and organisations deploying psychometric tests for recruitment to newspapers frequently reporting the results of experiments in human behavior, the study of the human psyche has taken center stage. New Careers - Music Production and Engineering. The Power of the Written Word – A Career in Writing.

The ancients put stylus to clay tablet, the Victorians pen to parchment, and the moderns, fingers to keyboard. Deciphering Dyslexia. The Enablers of Success. Is your child a Slow Learner? Help your child overcome the difficulty. Preparing to Set Sail – Part 2. Education Across the Seas:Undergrad Colleges in the US. Education Abroad - Things to Consider While Applying. Education Overseas - Fore Warned and Fore Armed for the Journey. A Career in Sports Marketing. The Process of Choosing a Career. Education Abroad - Things to Consider While Applying. Education Overseas - Fore Warned and Fore Armed for the Journey. Choosing the right college. The power of big brand colleges.

Financing your education abroad. Preparing for Life Abroad. Choosing the right college. The power of big brand colleges. Financing your education abroad. Preparing for Life Abroad. Preparing to Set Sail – Part 2. Education Across the Seas:Undergrad Colleges in the US. Learn-305x175. 1-305x175. ISSUE-4_Compressed. Parentic_Support-8. Your Child has Multiple Intelligence - Help develop them. How your kids can learn while having fun! Summertime Treats - Rainbow Popsicle. Summertime Treats - Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie. Delicious Desserts - Almond Marzipan (with vegan variant) Children and Theatre.

Chilled Mango Cheesecake. Aam Panna. Strawberry Bars. Fruitilicious Recipes - Tender Coconut Slushie. Fruitilicious Recipes - Healthy Banana Custard. Children & Dance. Foods for a Healthy Brain. The Importance Of Eating Chocolate. Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle. Learn to Read Nutrition Labels. Facts on Fat. A Balanced Meal for School Lunch time. Decorating your child's bedroom. A Guide to Organising a Birthday party for Your Child.