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Removing Stains: The Basics - Recipes, Crafts, Home Décor and More. There is no single technique or product that takes care of every spot and spill, but with the right information and supplies, many stains can be removed.

Removing Stains: The Basics - Recipes, Crafts, Home Décor and More

If a garment isn't washable, the safest thing is to take it to a dry cleaner, although there are some treatments you can try at home (see Stain First Aid Chart). If you stain a washable garment, the golden rule is: Act quickly. For a liquid, gently blot up any excess with a white cloth, working from the outside in, so you don't spread the stain; do not press hard or rub.

Sprinkle an oily stain with cornstarch. If it's a dollop of something, like ketchup, scoop off any excess. Textile and stain experts recommend certain stain removal supplies for each problem. Watercolor dye technique with Rit Dye and Leanne Marshall. Untitled. Tie-Dye-Effect Scarf & Video. Fabric Dyeing Techniques & Tips. Advertisement No Thanks Keep In Touch With Sign up and we'll send inspiration straight to you.

Fabric Dyeing Techniques & Tips

Martha Stewart takes your privacy seriously. To learn more, please read our Privacy Policy. Shibori Scarf. Ombre Craft Projects. In the lexicon of Proust and Monet, ombre means "shaded.

Ombre Craft Projects

" In the decorative arts vocabulary, it fittingly refers to a historic method of dyeing fabric that renders subtle gradations of color from light to dark. An offshoot of a European weaving process, ombre has adorned pre-Civil War quilts and furniture textiles, Victorian-era ribbons and trims, and even -- in a wilder moment -- 1970s disco wear. In recent years, the technique has taken a sophisticated turn, appearing in all manner of fashion. Ombre's true versatility and beauty -- then and now -- lie not just in its application but also in its inexact outcome. The resulting depth of tones ensures that each project takes on an impressive, shadowy life of its own. The gentle progression of color in ombre suggests the transition from wakefulness to slumber, especially in soothing shades of blue. Create with Color: Five Questions for the Experts at Rit Dye. Dyeing Fabrics: Tips, Tricks, and How-Tos. Fabric-Dyeing How-To You don’t have to start with white fabric—if you want to reinvent a colored item, try a color remover (similar to bleach, but nondamaging) before dyeing it.

Dyeing Fabrics: Tips, Tricks, and How-Tos

This will whiten or lighten the fabric so it can take on the new color. Untitled. Untitled. Tips for Successful Dyeing #RitDye. Untitled. Blowing Out Eggs: Poke two holes in a raw, regular-sized egg.


First Pierce the smaller end of the egg, then the other end using a pin or egg-pricker.The holes must be made bigger, so the egg contents can be removed, using a pin or similar tool. A very effective method, use two large round nails, one 1/12" (2mm) thick and one 1/6" (4mm) thick. Sharpen the ends of each nail using a file or emery board to create four sharp edges. Make the hole you're going to blow through a little larger using the nail. Untitled. Rit Dye Color Formulas Techniques Tie Dye. Untitled. Our core colors are sold at mass retail, grocery and craft stores as well as online and come in liquid and powder form.


Together they cover the range of the color spectrum in vibrant shades straight from the package. They also provide the base for our complete color library, enabling you to create pantone, archive and new custom colors simply by mixing core colors together. Click on a color droplet to see the liquid and powder dyes available in that color spectrum, then click on the bottle or box to order them online. Untitled. Untitled. How to Mix Colors All our color formulas were created using 1 quart of water.


The sink and bucket method is the best for mixing colors, letting you easily tweak dye amounts to get just the right color. Quick, easy way to test color: dip a piece of paper towel into the dye bath. Color Formula Conversion Chart To convert custom color formulas between powder and liquid, or to scale them up to the desired dye quantity, please refer to the chart below. Rhinestones, Swarovski rhinestone, sequin trims, sequin appliques, beaded trims, beaded appliques. With Rit® Dye, the color possibilities are endless!

Rhinestones, Swarovski rhinestone, sequin trims, sequin appliques, beaded trims, beaded appliques

It's easy to create just the color you want by combining several Rit® colors. Scroll down to see "color recipes" for some of our most requested colors. Each Rit® color recipe is formulated to dye 1 pound dry weight of material in 3 gallons of water at 140oF (60oC) for 30 minutes. Rit Measurements: 1 pkg. powder dye = 2 tablespoons = 6 teaspoons = 1 1/8 oz. = 31.9 grams 1 bottle liquid = 8 ounces = 16 tablespoons = 236 ml. = 2 packages powder 5 gallons of liquid bulk = 11.3 lbs. powder For larger quantities use multiples of the given recipe.

To successfully combine the colors as listed in the recipes: Arm & Hammer Multi-Brand - Laundry Detergent. How to Properly Clean Glass Tables. Beautiful glass tables can lighten up any area within your home, and this includes the dining room, the living room, and even the bedroom.

How to Properly Clean Glass Tables

You might even consider buying a glass table for evenings spent relaxing on your patio. Whether you are seeking a glass-end table or need to replace a glass tabletop, you can browse the variety of glass tables sold in local furniture stores or by reliable sellers on eBay.