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Here at Parangat, we work with our clients to deliver robust, high-performance and award-winning mobile apps development services. Whether you need a mobility solution for iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows, our dedicated team of mobility experts, who come up with deep industry knowledge and passion for technology help you make your vision a reality.

Uber Like App Development Costing. Citizens living in large cosmopolitan cities with heavy traffic and lack of parking space, find it better not to own cars in favour of the available taxi services or car-pooling.

Uber Like App Development Costing

Thanks to services like Ola and Uber that offer easy rides through the city. Not only that, but they also provide various options of rides you can choose from. And considering the growing traffic and reduction of space, it seems a tremendously glooming business opportunity for any startup to get in this field. Creating apps to offer car-rent or taxi service is exactly what some transport company or entrepreneurs might want to choose. Many new apps like Uber have been witnessed in the past few years, but not all have made it to be a giant like Uber. Who developed Uber and what is it? End users regard Uber as a taxi service, the drivers call it a referral service, and entrepreneurs consider it a role model for business. Amazing? Best Strategy Planning Company to Enhance your Business Growth. Why Parangat for Strategy planning Often, mobile devices are misconstrued as channels.

Rather, they are vital touch points through which customers, stakeholders and employees can interact with your business quickly and effectively. Keeping this in mind, Parangat creates mobile plans that are high on security and seamlessness. Unglamorous but essential elements such as data integration, backend collaboration, offline storage, security and compliance regulations are factored in diligently in planning stage itself. Read more. Reasons to Outsource Android App Development to A Company. Android App Development demand is skyrocketing through the skies.

Reasons to Outsource Android App Development to A Company

As of one year ago, Google announced having more than 2 billion active devices throughout the world. With such a high number of people possessing these android smartphones, every business and industry in the world wants to reach out to them. A Complete Cost Guide For Entrepreneurs to Develop an App Like Tinder. There are many factors involved when considering the development of dating apps like Tinder App.

A Complete Cost Guide For Entrepreneurs to Develop an App Like Tinder

There are various different aspects to the development of online dating apps that can beat Tinder dating app at its own game or at least present some competition. Now when you start developing a dating app, it’s hard to ignore Tinder. Since it entered the market, it has created a niche out of nothing virtually on its own. There were a couple things mainly that stood out from the rest in making Tinder App a hit amongst youngsters and teenagers alike. Though it has great interactive design and a lot of functional features, it was its swipe gesture, geolocation feature and match on chat option that made it a hit. A Good App Design Means Good Sales. The journey from the drawing board to converting each click in your app into money involves thought.

A Good App Design Means Good Sales

It is no mumbo-jumbo game. Hire Top Android App Development Company in US. Importance of LinkedIn Marketing. In today’s era, everyone is quite aware of the fact that the competition is way beyond limits.

Importance of LinkedIn Marketing

And to survive this ever growing competition, one must consider all the options available to help the business flourish. Marketing is the most crucial factor in the success of a business. In our previous article, Marketing Strategy for Startup, you can find the benefits of a proper marketing strategy and the perks of online marketing. Considering the level of digitalization in today’s world, one must also consider having a digital add or place to increase the reach of business beyond geological boundaries.

LinkedIn can help you solve this purpose. LinkedIn is the best professional place to ensure that your business gets in the light of authentic audience that might be your potential clients as well as competitors. A Guide to Blockchain App Development. Although blockchain technology is not a new concept, in recent years, the cryptocurrency and blockchain bandwagon has left the world awestruck.

A Guide to Blockchain App Development

They have managed to catch the fancy of investors, technocrats, and even the general public. Having the crown of being the hottest topic in 2017, the blockchain and cryptocurrencies are going to continue their legacy with even more awesomeness. Why React Native is good for Mobile App Development? Mobile App Development is increasingly in demand with smartphones becoming easily affordable to all.

Why React Native is good for Mobile App Development?

With smartphone within everyone’s reach, business needs to reach it’s potential consumer first which is feasible via means of an app. React Native technology is another increasingly popular trend especially amongst app developers. It’s a cross-platform tech allowing you to incorporate the functionality of web apps into mobile apps without their heavy coding interface. Understanding Blockchain Priorities.

Everyone is looking for the Blockchain implementation without knowing the actual use of the Blockchain and technology preference.

Understanding Blockchain Priorities

Now we not only have a single Blockchain where we start implementing our project. There are variety of the Blockchain flavours available in the market and every flavour has its own feature and function. Before selecting the Blockchain you need to understand the difference between the Public & Private Blockchain. Marketing Strategy for Startups. Every business, either a well-established or a startup requires proper marketing strategies to ensure continuous growth and not having a downfall.

Marketing Strategy for Startups

For a startup, having a proper marketing strategy often becomes very crucial to set-up their feet on the stage of the product they are running into. The success of any startup will often depend on what marketing strategy they use. Unfortunately, the majority of startup founders have absolutely zero or little to no experience of marketing. Outsourcing Android App Development. In our previous article, we have very well established the importance of a mobile app for business.

Outsourcing Android App Development

The perks and effects of having an app are discussed in details. But for any enterprise or business that wishes to have a Mobile Application fit for their purpose, foremost thing is to pen down or specify the requirements of app development, the look-n-feel and goal of the app. Questions like whether the business needs the app for a dedicated platform or diverse platforms? What extra enhancements are needed to be added? How does Blockchain Technology work? The purpose of introducing new technology is to upgrade our very own systems and elevating them to a better stance.

We could use a stick to stir the pot, but why do that when we can have one large stirrer that could mix, collect and pour the soup out of the pot. Same goes with the way we trade. We need trust. We need records. We need accountability for every paper we sign and every currency we give or take. 10 Famous Apps Built with React Native. When we are developing something, we want it to be an ultimate product full of features capable of satisfying our customers.

Mobile apps development often falls short of such as being with limited options and scope, that’s where developers want to integrate the web functionality into their mobile apps. React Native is one such widely used popular way to make use of the functionality of web apps within the mobile framework. There is the major advantage of shared code across all platforms which let app development complete in a shorter time. There are many popular react native apps examples, some of which are even react native open source apps. Below is a list that we have compiled of many such react native apps in the app store that make the most of its functionality and are hugely famous amongst its user base. Blockchain and AI. The term AI might bring in lots of thought bubbles of robots taking over the world or Sophia gaining more than 50 facial gestures. However, what we will touch upon here will be the integration of the blockchain and AI, which seemingly will bring more prosperity to the world rather than conspiracy theories.

The potential amalgamation of blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence are raising so many questions and are fundamentally changing the way we look and operate the world. It is increasingly becoming a topic of heated and excited debate providing the pros and cons of both. Instead of harping on the drawbacks of it, which is by the way almost zero, let’s focus on what it will give the world.

Factors to Consider While Enterprise App Development. Enterprise application development has made essential the seamless flow of internal communication across various departments such that data-driven and factual decisions undertaken get even simpler. An enterprise mobile app is helpful for any business in solving specific business problems, improve the business processes, and make the involved employees more productive. It is such an important aspect these days that Mobile application development companies are professionals hired by big brands and business to either develop an enterprise application to bridge the gap between the potential users or buyers and the business provider or sellers.

Else, develop apps that are intended to cater the internal business processes. Also, to stay abreast of the continuously changing technology, businesses are willingly entering the app development field. 10 Tips for Social Media Marketing. 20 App Design Trends You Need to Follow in 2019. Top 5 Augmented Reality Apps for Smartphones. In recent years augmented reality (AR) has gained an appreciable popularity. The Ultimate Guide to UX Design for Beginners. As a beginner to the UX front, you, as a designer might have cruised through a storm of questions as to how to create and deliver the ultimate user experience.

From all sides which includes Business, Technology, and Design, beginners thinking of creating the best app or developing a website, should realize that the ultimate guide to UX design lies everywhere around you. Best Practices to Enhance Your Mobile App Design Considering UX. With the onset of mobile applications and nemesis of websites, one thing has become evident. Top Blockchain Application Development Company in USA. Top Mobile UI/UX Design Company in USA. Leaving far beyond their conventional role in communication; smartphones and tablets are one of the fastest and emerging power packed platforms commonly used for sharing, business, collaboration, entertainment, social networking and internet browsing. And, with a paradigm shifting in the ways in which businesses are being depending on mobile and hand set devices, there is a rapid increase in the demand for mobile user Interface designs and applications globally.

Today, mobile applications are integrating lots and lots of smarter features and designs that aid marketing campaigns, revenue generator, connectivity options and online business transactions especially for those, who are on the go. Bet it established or startup businesses, corporate houses, brands or individuals, every segment is now incorporating highly customized user interface designs in their mobile applications.

Vehicle Registration on Blockchain. Building an Effective Search Engine Marketing Strategy. Hire the Best Mobile App Development Company. How to Plan Your Budget for App Development. iOS and Android App Design Best Practices. In recent years we have seen that a number of apps have registered a seat in the Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. But even after such registration, it is not that all the apps gain popularity. Progressive Web Apps Vs Native Mobile App. iPad App Development Company in UAE - Parangat Technologies.

IOS App Development Company in UAE - Parangat Technologies. Android App Development Company in UAE - Parangat Technologies. Mobile UI Design Company in USA. Top Mobile App Development Company in USA. 40 Benefits of Mobile App Redesign. Everything About GO Programming. Apple Event: New iPhone Launches & more. Ways to Boost your Business with Mobile Marketing. UX Design & Its Importance. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Guide to Product Launch Strategy. Why You Need to Rethink on Your Strategy? Progressive Web App – The Future of Web Technology. Amongst Top 20 App Developers in Australia 2018. ReactJS OR Angular 5 Which one to Choose? Parangat Named as Top Performing App Development Company. How Cryptocurrency Coins, Tokens and Altcoins Differ. Top Open-Source Blockchain Platforms of 2018.

The Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018. Android Application Development. Mobile Application Development Company. Looking for Web Application Development Company - Parangat Technologies. Parangat Technologies Provides Android Application Development. Find iPhone Apps Development Company - Parangat Technologies. Mobile Application Development Company - Parangat Technologies.