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We are Parangat technologies, a leading mobile app development company in India, UK, and the USA, which aims at blockchain app development.

Brands Are Busy in Keeping Pace with their Competitors but Not meeting Customer’s Expectations. The biggest challenge SMEs and startups are facing today is they are able to keep pace with their competitors but unable to meet their customer’s expectations.

Brands Are Busy in Keeping Pace with their Competitors but Not meeting Customer’s Expectations

Today almost every company is stressed hard to successfully deliver the digital customer experiences. In the survey, 52% of entrepreneurs said that they’re ahead of their competitors at providing digital customer experiences, while only 7% said their company exceeds the business expectations of their real customers. And all that’s because consumer expectations are changing at a lightning pace. It’s changing faster than ever and as per the trend, now it’s your customers who are setting the bar, not your competitors. Businesses and brands are often taking customer experience initiatives without even consulting with them directly. Parangat Technologies Named a Top App Development Company by Clutch! We are excited to be featured as a Top App Development Company by Clutch in its annual research, which was based on an in-depth evaluation of work portfolios and client feedback At Parangat Technologies, we are committed to producing remarkable and innovative mobile apps that enhance user experience, engage customers, and build mobile brands.

Parangat Technologies Named a Top App Development Company by Clutch!

We know the cost to build a mobile app isn’t cheap, so we are dedicated to providing our customers with top-rate customer service and high-quality products, leading to a value that can’t be beat. Last week, Clutch, a ratings and review firm out of Washington, D.C., published the results of their annual research evaluating the top mobile app development companies by Clutch in India, and we made it to the list. Clutch’s research methodology examines companies on a multitude of factors, including market presence, past work, and ability to deliver. Most important, Clutch evaluates companies with their in-depth client reviews. Why your business needs a Chatbot? Chatbots are one of the emerging and new platforms.

Why your business needs a Chatbot?

Brands are still trying to understand how they can leverage Chatbots to their advantage. But are chatbots really new? No, definitely not. How to build an Effective and Productive Team? One of the key things that leaders are pondering about is enhancing the performance and relationship of their key team members.

How to build an Effective and Productive Team?

According to performance indicators, effective teams always outperform people working individually, especially in insistent situations or when various skill-sets are required. Today almost every organization has recognized the importance of team building and is trying hard to foster it in their work culture and workplace. The new iOS 11 - Key features, Apps and Supported devices. Excited as the new iPhone X is here.

The new iOS 11 - Key features, Apps and Supported devices

Being the software that makes it once again apt and tick, let’s take a look at what you need to know about iOS 11. That includes upcoming version of Apple’s Smartphone and tablet OS. So what are the devices that support iOS 11? Are you looking to provide your Customers an amazing App experience? Today every business needs a mobile app.

Are you looking to provide your Customers an amazing App experience?

Be it app that helps in organizing the to-do-lists to app that monitors the heart rate, PlayStores and App stores have a variety of choices for Smartphone and Tablet users. As Smartphone and Tablet usage continues to grow, the need of online businesses and brands to develop mobile apps for their users keeps growing. Smartphones and tablets are outpaced as compared to desktop computers and laptops by more than three times, and that too not for any good reason. Many people are experiencing their first online experience through the use of Smartphones and Tablets. In today’s e-commerce world, the need for a mobile app is definitely a bet. How to Build a POS App like Zomato - Blog. Introduction There’s nothing as spread-out and as feature-filled product as Zomato, especially when you talk about the Restaurant Guide App, we have around.

How to Build a POS App like Zomato - Blog

Well, this was not the same as they started up with the mobile app and the product was launched as a minimal viable product – allowing users to just find nearby restaurants at various locations and look at photos and menus. Gradually though, the mobile app grew into an exceptional social food community that has a much higher level of user engagement loaded with pioneering features including area-based food and dining suggestions, various user-centric search functionality, top-notch review, and rating features, bundles of food collections, and multiple food delivery options etc. Let’s take a look at the key modules required to Build A Restaurant Guide App that you could see in five various facets of a solution.

Kotlin for Android App Development -Why and its benefits. After Google announced Kotlin as its official language, Android developers are keen to know what factors make it a better option over other popular languages.

Kotlin for Android App Development -Why and its benefits

Today every Android developer also loves to use it as their primary language for Android app development. Kotlin has been in the industry for about five years and recently its production-ready version 1.0 has been launched on 17th May 2017, at Google I/O Keynote event by Sundar Pichai, CEO Google. Google Maps is here with a new look, thus making it easier to find your points of interest. Google Maps got a new and updated look.

Google Maps is here with a new look, thus making it easier to find your points of interest

The transit, driving, navigation and explore maps are now available in an entirely new and refreshing look to help users in getting the important information clearly. Train Stations and Gas stations will also appear prominently during navigation. It has also come up with an updated color scheme that has new icons, which helps in easily identifying user’s points of interest like churches, cafes, museums, hospitals, and stores. Considering previous features, these are pretty required and helpful changes. Blue-colored icons will represent presence of cafes, stores, and doctor’s clinicsFood and drink centers will be shown through orange colorShopping remains same i.e. bluePink is for healthEntertainment and leisure will be shown through seafoam greenGreen is for outdoorAnd lighter blue is for transport. What does GDPR mean for the Marketing Industry? General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an entirely new set of standards and criteria basically designed to strongly strengthen the control of individuals that they have over their informational and personal data.

What does GDPR mean for the Marketing Industry?

With effect from May 2018, GDPR will be legalized for all the brands and companies. They all will be required to adhere with the rules and regulations. And if they will not comply with the rules, they have to face a heavy fine of up to €20 million and this could result into even 4% of the organization’s global annual income, whichever is larger. How GDPR will Impact Marketing Industry?

In marketing and advertising industry, Data is everything. What is a Cross-functional Scrum Team? There are a lot of coaches who practice Scrum, advocate having a cross-functional team without exactly letting us understand what that means to a company. So, let’s see what exactly a Cross-functional scrum team means and who all comes in it? – A well-versed and cross-functional, software development, scrum team includes executives and representatives who are required to develop certain features and functionalities.

What is Geo-fencing Technology and What Verticals is it serving majorly? Geofencing has become a common term these days. So let’s see what exactly is it? As the term suggests, Geofencing is a word combination of Geo + Fencing. So it’s basically a sort of fencing for all the mobile devices or RFID tags, which is applicable when any device enter or exit the virtual borders created by geo-fencing technology. One of the most influential parts of geo-fencing technology is it could be created for both indoors and outdoors, as per the customer’s requirements.

And the networks and technologies that are used for geo-fencing include RFID, GPS, Wi-Fi or mobile data. Why B2B Companies are Struggling with Sales Productivity? Today for most of the B2B companies, sales productivity is the key challenge they are facing on a daily basis. And that could be a quite challenging and serious concern because sales productivity means maximizing the business’s sales and minimizing the spent expenses on the resources including cost, time and effort, which in turn, gives a direct impact on the revenue.

So the question is how it could be addressed? – Most of the companies think that poor sales reps are the key reason behind it. But, that’s not true for all the time. As not only your sales agent could pull the weight of your company’s sales alone. Tips for email newsletters that people love to read. In recent years, inspite of the advent of social media and various other portals and brands online, the power of email is still as strong as it was years back. According to the recent stats, 9 out of 10 users check their email often. Do you know? Why Videos That Feature Humans Increases Credibility of a Brand?

In recent years, Video marketing has grown tremendously and in that short span of time, it has become a relatively new marketing trend that has a lot of benefits for brands or businesses. By adding video to their website, businesses and brands are quickly and conveniently reaching its customers and prospects, thus generating more sales. Now sales representatives are easily responding to their customers’ needs, that too without spending a lot of time or money. Do you know what makes video marketing so popular? – It’s ease of sharing. 6 Essential Soft Skills Needed For Your Career Growth. Threat to IoT solutions could be reduced by Blockchain Security. Here’s why you should avoid Third Party App Stores. Gamification Works and boosts Employees Engagement.

Difference between Wireframe, Mockup, and Prototype. How Google’s HEART Framework Is Helpful for Measuring User Experience and UX? How IoT and related technologies are leveraging blockchain to address inherent challenges. Why P2P Payment Apps Are Gaining Traction and Earning Customer Engagement? Here’s how Apple is toting up Artificial Intelligence to your smart iPhone. Grocery Apps for Businesses. P2P apps changing Commerce & Mobile banking world? How much would it cost to develop a Taxi App like Uber? How is Artificial Intelligence transforming the Mobile App Industry?

How has Blockchain become the game-changing factor in IoT security world? Why does Bitcoin Need Blockchain Technology to Work? Can a Cryptocurrency Wallet Beat Paytm? Top Open-Source Blockchain Platforms of 2018. How Cryptocurrency Coins, Tokens and Altcoins Differ. Parangat Named as Top Performing App Development Company - Parangat. ReactJS OR Angular 5 Which one to Choose? Progressive Web App – The Future of Web Technology. Why You Need to Rethink on Your Strategy? Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Guide to Product Launch Strategy.

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