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Photography and post-processing tutorials from beginner to advanced. Photo Learn Sites. Photography Techniques. I often get questions about how I took one picture or another.

Photography Techniques

Perhaps the most common is this one: "I'm a beginner, and it would really help me learn if you could tell me what camera settings you had when you took that picture. " This is, perhaps, the worst possible question a student can ask, and conversely, it's the most irresponsible one a teacher can answer. This dispels the old saying that "there is no such thing as a stupid question. " There definitely is such a thing, but it's not because the student should know the answer to it; it's because the student is looking for the quick solution to an otherwise trickier problem, and the teacher is doing a disservice by answering that question.

If you peel away the "technical" aspects to photography, the real meat of the craft can only be learned through exhaustive, repetitive experimentation. Indeed, this is how creativity is learned in other fields in the arts. But what about that "technique" thing? Click to recommend this page: Photo of the Day Contest. Levon Biss Photography.

Timothy Hogan Still Life Beauty Photographer Director Los Angeles New York London. Photographer. Bottle Bell Photography. Representing creative artists. Dan Kennedy Celebrity and Fashion Photographer. Photography by Timothy Allen. Home « Rankin LA. Shooting challenge News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Gizmodo. Shutter Grey-Home. The Footmarks, Passion Your Life! Jiyo Zindagi! Search Results - Classes. Stock photography, vector art & video footage - FOTOLIA. Royalty-Free Stock Photos & Vector Illustrations.

Dreamstime Stock Photography: Download Free Stock Photos & Royalty Free Images. Starting a Photography Business. Stock Photos and Royalty Free Image Subscription from 123RF Stock Photography. Make money with your photos! Stock photography, vector art & video footage - FOTOLIA. Photography. DynaSun 1000W Digital Light Professional Studio Flash Lighting Compact Head Unit Monolight PROFESSIONAL STUDIO FLASH DYNASUN DIGITAL T1000D PHOTO Description The DynaSun Digital T1000D flash strobe unit is des...... 600EX-RT - Speedlite flash The Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT offers professional additional lighting for your images.


This hot-shoe clip-on flash has a built-in radio triggering for remote control lighting up to ... 565EX ETTL Speedlite Flash for Canon 1) Supporting Canon and Nikon Wireless TTL Slave Mode 2) TTL Flash with very powerful guide number,via master flash on camera, camera with built -in commander mode,optical S1 and ... Canon Powershot SX160 IS ( 16.6 MP,16 x Optical Zoom,3 -inch LCD ) Get 16x closer with easeDetailed 16 Megapixel photos and HD movies are easy with the compact, family-friendly PowerShot SX160 IS. Use the versatile 16x optical zoom with Intellige... Siesta by Istvan Lichner. LearnMyShot - Photography Tutorials, Tips, Techniques & How To Videos. How To Achieve the Perfect Portrait Pose. Knowing how to pose models is a key skill to have in making good portraits.

How To Achieve the Perfect Portrait Pose

In this article we will be talking about a few tips on how to pose your model to create stunning photos. From the hands and feet, right through to the head and eyes - we've got you covered! Step 1: The Basics of Posing Your Model The key ingredient for any great portrait lies in the pose and expression that your model produces for the shot. It is your job to convey the message you want to see on camera to your model. The pose is also essential to a portrait for it creates dynamic lines and elements in the frame. Step 2: The Feet As a rule of any type of portrait photography, feet come first. In most cases, the back foot should be pointed away from the camera about 90 degrees, and the front foot should be pointed at the camera. Step 3: The Legs and Hips One quote I have heard about the legs is "if it can bend, bend it.



British Journal of Photography. Nature, Wildlife and Landscape Photography Resource. F-Stop Magazine ~ An online photography magazine featuring contemporary photography from established and emerging photographers. Creative contemporary photojournalism. POSI+TIVE MAGAZINE. Blueeyes Magazine. Create and Explore Social Documentary Photography Websites. F-Stop Magazine ~ An online photography magazine featuring contemporary photography from established and emerging photographers.

Burn magazine. 40 Amazing Online Photography Magazines. Advertisement Whatever country we live in, we’re probably all familiar with the well-known photography magazines available in our newsagents and bookstores.

40 Amazing Online Photography Magazines

The UK has Practical Photography, France has Photo, the Italians have Zoom and the Americans have American Photo. What you may not know is that there are many more photography magazines that are only available online. And some of them are good, very good. That’s the great thing about online publishing. As an introduction to the wonderful world of online photography magazines, we put together a list of the biggest and best that we could find. Amazing Online Photography Magazines The 37th Frame1 Dedicated to bringing the best photojournalism on the internet to its readers. Positive Magazine2 It’s in Italian, but the photos are amazing. The Big Picture3 News stories in photographs. B&W Magazine.

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