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Linux Toolchain. For developing Linux-based software for DaVinci (target) you will probably need a PC (host) where you write and compile programs for the target.

Linux Toolchain

The cross-compiled software then is loaded from the development host to the DaVinci target board and executed there. For developing Linux software for DaVinci, it is recommended to use Linux as OS on development host PC as well. Tutorial: A simple embedded Linux system. Foreword -- This article begins a series of tutorials on embedded Linux system development contributed by noted ARM Linux kernel hackers Vincent Sanders and Daniel Silverstone.

Tutorial: A simple embedded Linux system

In the initial installment, the Simtec engineers describe how embedded devices differ from other computers, and how to build "the most basic system possible. " Papers in the series have been contributed to LinuxDevices by Simtec Electronics , a 20-year-old U.K. -based company specializing in embedded hardware and software services, with special expertise in ARM Linux. Other papers in the series (will) include:

$15 Android Computer presented by AllGo systems. Raspberry Pi Foundation.