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The Image Quality Professor's Blog » Blog Archive Customize your workflow in Capture One Pro - The Image Quality Professor's Blog. We’ve all heard it said, and we know it to be true; No two workflows are alike.

The Image Quality Professor's Blog » Blog Archive Customize your workflow in Capture One Pro - The Image Quality Professor's Blog

Photography is a craft and, like every craftsman (or craftswoman), it’s essential for continued success and continued growth to find an efficient way of working that suites your specific needs. Luckily, Capture One Pro offers seemingly endless possibilities to mold its tools to fit your needs. Now, it should go without saying that I’m absolutely 100% biased.

I work with Capture One every day and Phase One puts food on my table. But, if you knew me, I think it would be fair to say that I’m a rather straight to the point kind of guy. Fit to purpose workflow With my position at Phase One, I find myself traveling quite a bit. Simplifying My workflow requirements are simple. I start by removing plenty, leaving only the tools I need. I use Catalogs, which a keen-eyed observer notices. So, the setup is quite simple but not too simple. Fast and simple Importing and Browsing Left to Right Workflow Set the base. Capture One Pro 8 Webinars (Attendees) Upload

Capture One Pro 8 Webinars (Attendees)

Digital Negative (DNG) Digital Negative (DNG) Specification Patent License Adobe is the publisher of the Digital Negative (DNG) Specification describing an image file format for storing camera raw information used in a wide range of hardware and software.

Digital Negative (DNG)

Adobe provides the DNG Specification to the public for the purpose of encouraging implementation of this file format in a compliant manner. This document is a patent license granted by Adobe to individuals and organizations that desire to develop, market, and/or distribute hardware and software that reads and/or writes image files compliant with the DNG Specification. Grant of rights Subject to the terms below and solely to permit the reading and writing of image files that comply with the DNG Specification, Adobe hereby grants all individuals and organizations the worldwide, royalty-free, nontransferable, nonexclusive right under all Essential Claims to make, have made, use, sell, import, and distribute Compliant Implementations.

Techniques d'accentuation sous Photoshop. Par nature, les reflex numériques produisent des images dites douces (pas ou peu accentuées au niveau de la netteté) de manière à laisser à l'utilisateur une grande lattitude en matière de post-traitement, notamment dans le cadre de la préparation des fichiers pour d'éventuels tirages grands formats (l'extrapolation devant se faire de préférence à partir d'un fichier non accentué).

Techniques d'accentuation sous Photoshop

De fait, il existe un certain nombre de méthodes d'accentuation, allant du simple filtre "Plus net" sous Photoshop (ne laissant à l'utilisateur aucune lattitude de paramétrage) à des techniques beaucoup plus complexes mais aussi bien plus puissantes et précises. Je vous propose donc un petit état des lieux des principales techniques que j'utilise pour la préparation de mes images, aussi bien à destination de tirages papiers que du web. Aube Nature - Comprendre le Masque flou sous Photoshop (accentuation) Academy. The Luminous Landscape. Celebrating Our 15th Year Kilt Rock - Mealt Falls, November 2014 - Isle Of Skye, Scotland Fuji X-T1, 55-200mm at 74mm, f/8, 7.4 sec ISO 800, Lee Big Stopper by Kevin Raber There are Currently 184 Photographers Visiting The Luminous Landscape The contents of this site were last updated on 30 November, 2014 Michael's Phlog was just updated on October 21 lu-mi-nous (lue'muh nuhs) adj. 1. radiating or reflecting light; shining; bright. 2. clear; readily intelligible Welcome to The Luminous Landscape, the web’s most comprehensive site devoted to the art and technique of photography.

The Luminous Landscape

The Publisher of this site is Kevin Raber. Labs - Tutoriels - DxO Optics Pro - Maîtriser le bruit en Raw - Osez les hauts ISO ! Documentation DxO. Login Overview | Recent. Thank You for Your Subscription. Thank you for your subscription.

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To return to this page, either bookmark the page, or re-enter your email address (this will not result in getting multiple email newsletters.) You may unsubscribe at any time, once you receive an email newsletter. Free Webinar: Developing Photos in Lightroom [Recorded March 1, 2014] The recording from my March “Developing Photos in Lightroom” webinar is now available to view for free! It will be available for a limited time only. The Complete Picture with Julieanne Kost. Photoshop Français. Plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Follow these steps to get started with Plug-ins for Photoshop Lightroom: Below you'll find references and links to help you participate in the Plug-ins for Photoshop Lightroom community.

Plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Online Forum Ask questions and discuss ideas with other users of Plug-ins for Photoshop Lightroom in the discussion forums. Please let us know what you think of the technologies. Your participation and feedback are very important to us. Visit the Plug-ins for Photoshop Lightroom discussion forum Please note that your submission of comments, ideas, feature requests and techniques on this and other Adobe maintained forums, as well as Adobe's right to use such materials, is governed by the Terms of Use. General Resources If you want to learn more about releases on Labs as well as other Adobe technologies, visiting a user group or connecting with an Adobe Community Professional is a great place to start. Frequently Asked Questions.