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Pandemic School Pods

How to Create Equitable Preschools For All Children. Children of all ages deserve an equitable education.

How to Create Equitable Preschools For All Children

Regardless of race, economic class, or home environment, every child deserves access to quality curriculum and adults who are compassionate and well-trained in all aspects of childhood development. Childcare Providers Tell Us Their Favorite Recent Purchases. We love hearing from childcare providers!

Childcare Providers Tell Us Their Favorite Recent Purchases

You often reach out and tell us all the good and bad that goes on beyond the scenes in early childhood education. This year our inbox has been full with so many of you telling us what you recently picked up and don't know how you ever lived with out. Check out our top picks below. 1. Every classroom needs magnetic letters. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Can Wage Subsidies Be the Answer to Higher Pay in Childcare? According to, the average pay for a childcare worker is $9.94 per hour, just $1.35 more than the average fast food worker.

Can Wage Subsidies Be the Answer to Higher Pay in Childcare?

For a preschool teacher, that number is $12.71. A director, just $16.61 hourly. For reference, according to MIT, a living wage in the United States in 2017 was $16.07 per hour. In a household of two adults and two children, the adults must work 76 hours per week at the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour to eke out a living. But you already know this. Are Pandemic Pod Tutors Legally Mandated Reporters of Child Abuse? Looking for a pod or tutor?

Are Pandemic Pod Tutors Legally Mandated Reporters of Child Abuse?

Start here with free listing & search. With tutors and educators being hired to create pandemic pods across the country, tutors and pod leaders should be aware of local laws regarding mandatory reporting. If you aren’t a credentialed teacher or haven't worked in a profession that's generally requires it, you may not be familiar with the term mandatory reporter. What is mandatory reporting?

Mandatory reporting is the requirement to report any signs of known or suspected child abuse. Reporting child abuse to the state is generally anonymous and laws don’t punish people for reporting situations where they genuinely believe abuse may be occurring. Play-Based Learning in Preschool & Elementary Pandemic Pods. Free pod listing & search now available on Paper Pinecone.

Play-Based Learning in Preschool & Elementary Pandemic Pods

Get started. For many who are starting and joining pandemic pods, the expectation exists that a tutor, teacher, or other pod leader will support a child’s learning. Distance learning, whether it be through live online sessions, pre-recorded videos, or independent work is not only not ideal, but it fundamentally is not how children learn. We often talk about play-based learning in preschool or even kindergarten, but that type of learning shouldn’t end when a child enters first grade. Search Homeschool Pods and Microschools - Paper Pinecone. The Impact of Racial Segregation in Public Preschools. Many people think that the Supreme Court ended racial segregation in public schools with the 1954 Brown vs. the Board of Education, Topeka decision.

The Impact of Racial Segregation in Public Preschools

Unfortunately, this decision, which stated that separate schools for children of color are unequal and therefore, unconstitutional, did not apply to pre-K and Kindergarten, because those grades were not a requirement of public schools at the time that it was written. 5 Keys to A Successful Pandemic Pod. With the start of school around the corner for many across the country, pandemic pods, microschools, and homeschool pods are being established by the minute.

5 Keys to A Successful Pandemic Pod

Pandemic pods act as a supplement to a child’s private school or public school distance learning while microschools and homeschools act as a replacement. Within microschools and homeschool pods, objectives and expectations are fairly clear for both the families involved and the educators. Planning for COVID-19 Cases Within Pandemic Pods & Microschools. When setting up a pandemic pod or microschool, one of your biggest considerations should be what COVID-19 protocols you’re establishing.

Planning for COVID-19 Cases Within Pandemic Pods & Microschools

These protocols may look different for every individual pod, but all members and educators should agree to them prior to signing on the dotted line. Your pandemic pod or microschool protocols may include masks, social distancing, and periodic testing. It may even include an agreement for how families and educators behave outside of the pod. But, despite the measures you set up, you may find yourself in a situation where someone within the pandemic pod or someone adjacent to it, like a parent, tests positive, and you need to plan for those scenarios in advance. 4 Tips to Set Up a Perfect Pandemic Pod or Microschool.

Joining a pandemic pod or microschool is a big commitment for families and one that should not be taken lightly.

4 Tips to Set Up a Perfect Pandemic Pod or Microschool

While, of course, many families are utilizing pandemic pods and microschools for their childcare component, you should take your time and make sure you’re joining the right pod or welcoming the right families into the pod you establish. Rushing in and podding with the first families who come along may have disastrous results for you and your children. The Big D - Discipline in Pandemic Pods & Microschools. Pandemic pods and microschools are the current trend in education as states and school districts across the country announce plans to engage children in either full-time or part-time distance learning in the fall.

The Big D - Discipline in Pandemic Pods & Microschools

Parents are scrambling to figure out how to balance their child’s educational needs with their own need for childcare. As parents establish and join these pandemic pods and microschools there’s a conversation that isn’t happening but needs to. It’s a conversation around discipline. It’s nice to believe that a group of four to six children, often strangers, will all happily play and work together without conflict. Should You Use a Homeschool Curriculum In Your Pandemic Pod or Microschool?

Due to COVID-19, many states and districts have announced that children will either not be returning to in-person learning when schools return to session in a few weeks or they will be utilizing a hybrid model where children engage in part-time distance learning some days and are present in school other days. In response to this, pandemic pods and microschools are forming across the country. Pandemic pods and microschools are small groups of children, usually four to six, meeting on a regular basis.

These pods often serve to either supplement or replace distance learning and are usually designed with the hopes that children do not fall behind academically. If you establish a pandemic pod or microschool, there are many factors to take into consideration regarding the structure. One major consideration is whether you should keep your child enrolled in their current school or withdraw your and use a homeschool curriculum. What Are Pandemic Pods and Microschools? Pandemic pods and microschools are sweeping the nation after school districts across the country announced plans to keep children out of school physically either full-time or part-time due to COVID-19.

Children and parents alike struggled with distance learning during the spring semester. Teachers, understandably, were unprepared and untrained to shift their lessons online, with some, often younger tech-savvy teachers, having more success than others. Stressed out parents suddenly had to find a way to work from home with children present or figure out care and create opportunities for young children to stay engaged.

Fears of children falling behind were abound and those fears worsened with fall distance learning plans released. While many states, cities, and school districts have announced major investments in distance learning in preparation for the fall, parents have significant concerns that their child’s education won’t be adequate. How to Encourage Parental Involvement in Preschool. Facilitating parent involvement in your daycare or preschool is critical to your success. Ultimately, you’re not just running a business, you’re affecting the lives of children for years to come. Plus, a highly engaged parent is more likely to evangelize you to friends and families, leading to more business.

Not only does parental involvement benefit you, it benefits their children. A child has a much greater chance of academic success when parents are involved in their education and simply reading to children at home improves their behavior, reduces harsh punishment doled out by parents, and creates strong bonds. You have the opportunity to involve and educate parents and make a child’s home life an extension of the amazing daycare or preschool environment you’ve created. 4 Components of a Great Kindergarten Pod or Microschool. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic took children from their regular school atmosphere to full- or part-time distance learning, parents everywhere were stressed out about kindergarten.

Kindergarten readiness is a hot topic as kindergartens have become increasingly academic over the last several decades. When we look at how kindergarten has changed between 1998 and 2010 we see that teacher expectations have changed. It comes as no surprise that younger children – especially kindergarteners – will likely struggle with distance learning whether or not it’s live or pre-recorded. Play should be the most important learning tool in kindergarten and it’s not facilitated well online. Pros and Cons of Mixed-Grade Pods and Microschools. Pods and microschools can be a great way to support your child’s academic and social education. For many parents, it also serves as much-needed childcare. When forming or joining a pod or microschool, there are many considerations to take into account.

You need to find space for your pod, establish your COVID-19 protocols, figure out if you’ll use your school’s curriculum or if you will supply your own, find a tutor or pod facilitator, determine payment methods, create a contract, and more. Your Guide to a Perfect Daycare or Preschool Website. What Tutors Need to Know Before Joining a Pod or Microschool. Teachers, tutors, and sitters are highly sought after in the current COVID-19 environment. Daniel Tiger’s Neighbhorhood’s New Season Helps Children Address COVID-19 Challenges. Ding, ding! Childhood favorite, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is getting ready to start a new season but things look different in the neighborhood. Childcare Providers Urged to Require Flu Vaccine for Children & Staff. A recent study published in the Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society found that less than 25% of daycare and preschool directors require that enrolled children receive the flu vaccine.

The CDC recommends that everyone over 6 months of age get vaccinated, with exceptions for certain medical conditions. Only 13.1% require caregivers get vaccinated. What You Need to Know Before Creating a Pod or Microschool. The Problem with Stickers, Star Charts, and Candy for Preschool Children - Extrinsic Rewards Don't Work. There is not a preschool in the world that at some point has not tried using extrinsic rewards for behavior, achievement, or other goals. A Preschool Without Toys. 10 Strategies to Foster Independent Play. From an early age children desire independence. “I can do it myself!”

How Your Daycare Or Preschool Can Thrive in a Recession. On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal reported that 56% of US chief financial officers are anticipating a recession in 2020, which is two consecutive quarters of declining performance across an economy. The good news is that some economists have lowered the risk of an upcoming recession but the reality is that it will happen eventually, and it’s critical to know how to adapt your daycare or preschool. While there’s no way to absolutely predict how you’ll be affected, we can look to the Great Recession that lasted from December 2007 to June 2009 and see how working mothers were impacted. During the Great Recession, women saw greater job loss than they had during the 2001 recession.

Between December 2007 and April 2010, women lost 46 jobs for every 100 men lost, a significant increase over the 17 they lost per 100 jobs for men in 2001. Creating a Trauma Sensitive Environment in Your Preschool. Can Preschool Be the Great Equalizer That K-12 Has Failed to Be? Effective Behavior Management Strategies in Preschool. The Waldorf Philosophy for Preschool & Beyond. Stop Saying Kids Are Resilient & How to Raise Children Who Thrive.

Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts for Preschool Teachers Under $15. The Importance of Play In All Weather. Parents Aren't Reading Your Handbook (And What You Can Do About It) - Tips For The Perfect Parent Handbook. The One-Question Survey Childcare Providers Need to Send to Parents - Find Our Your Net Promoter Score. Understanding and Implementing an Anti-Bias Curriculum in Early Childhood Education. The Anti-Bias Curriculum in Preschool. $10 Billion In COVID-19 Grant Funding for Childcare Providers Passed By House. College Degrees Should Not Be Required For Childcare Workers. New Bill in Congress Seeks to Provide the Childcare Industry More COVID-19 Relief. Supporting Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Preschool Teachers. 7 Ways You Can Use Technology to Appeal to Millennial Parents. 3 Tips to Increase Conversions on Tours. 5 Creative Ways to Use Painted Rocks at Your Preschool or Daycare.

Study Finds One Thing Reduces Spread of Cold & Flu in Preschool. Teach Preschool Children to Communicate, Not to Write. How to Be a Great Preschool Boss. The Importance of Raising Kind Kids and Introducing Queer Topics. When Does Mandated Reporting Apply To Marijuana Use? Using Signage to Boost Enrollment In Your Preschool or Daycare. Online Preschool is Here For Better or For Worse. California Childcare Workers Win Right to Unionize. The Importance of Queer Education in Preschool - Meet Lindsay Amer of Queer Kids Stuff. 7 Tactics for Brand Awareness of Your Preschool or Childcare Center on a Budget. Dear Paper Pinecone - Questions from Parents: Is it Safe to Send My Son Back to Daycare During the COVID-19 Pandemic? Feature: Wow & Flutterville Playgardens Has Put Anti-Bias Education at the Forefront for Over a Decade. Children's Books by Black Authors With Black Characters to Help You Talk About Race with Preschoolers.

PBS Kids Hosts Special Event for Parents & Educators About Talking to Children About Race. How to Look for Diversity and Anti-Racism in a Daycare or Preschool. 3 Fun Activities to Get Your Kids Outside This Summer. Sesame Street & CNN Partner to Host Town Hall Addressing Racism. Black-Owned Businesses Father's Day Gift Guide. Father's Day Gift Guide Featuring Products & Services Exclusively From Women-Owned Businesses. Play-Based Learning at Home for Preschoolers - No Projects Needed. Empathy Blockers - What Are They, Why Should You Avoid Them, And What To Do Instead? Paper Pinecone.

Sesame Street's Louie Reminds Parents They're Doing Great. Changes Parents Can Expect In Daycare or Preschool in Response to COVID-19. Tips to Facilitate Online Learning for Preschoolers During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Avoiding Asthma Attacks: How to Help Children With Respiratory Issues. Supporting Children's Emotional Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Most Comprehensive List of Online Learning Resources Offered Free During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak. How to Keep Toddlers & Preschoolers Engaged & Learning During Coronavirus Shut Downs. How to Talk to Children About Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dear Paper Pinecone - Questions from Parents: Will I Have to Pay Tuition If Preschool Closes for Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

What Parents Should Know About Childhood Dental Health. 101 Activities To Do At Home with Toddlers & Preschoolers. Introducing Your Toddler to Pets: 5 Steps to Make Sure It Goes Smoothly. Potential Dangers in Your Home That Can Impact Your Family’s Health. California Department of Health Guidelines for Coronavirus in Daycare and Preschool. New Children's Book 'Her Body Can' Focuses on Body Positivity. Understanding the Benefits of Forest & Outdoor Preschool.

The Benefits of Language Immersion Preschool. Wedding Dresses May Be In Short Supply Because of the Coronavirus. How to Potty Train Your Toddler: Tips & Tricks for Potty Training. 10 Spring Dresses at Target to Buy Your Little One Right Now. Study Shows Why Reading Print Books to Your Children is Better Than Reading on Tablets. Should You Look For A Daycare or Preschool With Cameras?

Should You Look For A Daycare or Preschool With Cameras? Study: Late Bedtimes for Children Age 2-6 is Linked to Obesity. The Benefits of Mixed-Age Classrooms in Preschool. Dear Paper Pinecone - Questions From Parents: My Child Keeps Getting Bit By Another Kid at Daycare. What Should I Do? Recall Alert: Infantino Carriers Sold at Target and Amazon. 4 Strategies for Covering Unexpected Family Expenses.

Factors to Consider When Your Family Is Moving. Dear Paper Pinecone - Questions From Parents: Are There 'Sneaky' Red Flags To Look For on a Preschool Tour? Viral LinkedIn Post - Maternity Leave Is Not a Vacation. The Do's And Don'ts Of Using A Nanny Cam. The Pros and Cons of Montessori Preschool. How to Minimize Distractions When Driving With Kids. Hospital Worker Reads to Sick Kids & Needs Book Donations.