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Let’s talk healthcare design: Julie Guinn – designinghealth. Julie Guinn wears two hats, and she likes teaching others to do the same.

Let’s talk healthcare design: Julie Guinn – designinghealth

That’s why as well as being an Experience Designer in a hospital, she’s also training doctors to become designers. We caught up to hear about her combined role at Jefferson, what she’s learnt from a career in tech and how that’s shaping her work in healthcare. What’s your current role and how did you get there? I work at Jefferson, which includes Jefferson Health and Thomas Jefferson University, in Philadelphia. I have a dual role here: I’m an experience designer in the Center for Digital Innovation and Consumer Experience and I co-direct the JeffDESIGN program at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College. Designinghealth. Empathy. Horticultural Therapy. Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre Sensory Garden on Gardening Australia - July 2007.

Horticultural therapy and gardens for healing - Blueprint for Living. Steven Wells is a trained nurse and horticulturalist who has combined his two areas of expertise to help patients at a brain injury rehabilitation centre.

Horticultural therapy and gardens for healing - Blueprint for Living

There is no dedicated course for horticultural therapy in Australia, but this week Steven leaves on a Churchill Fellowship to study therapeutic gardens overseas. Tim Entwisle takes a tour of Steven's garden at the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre in Melbourne to hear about the power of gardens in the healing process. Have your say on this or other Blueprint stories—leave a comment below or email us. Steve Wells - Austin Health Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre Sensory Garden. SECURA Hinge - continuous door hinge. Top to bottom hinge safety.

SECURA Hinge - continuous door hinge

Closing the gap on Safety and Aesthetics. BENDIGO HEALTH - Patients and Families -  Hospital Maps. Cultural Probes - Qualitative Contextual Design Research. Cultural Probes. Royal College of Art. The European SuslabNWE study (2012-2015) saw 11 partners from Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden and the UK come together to investigate energy use in the home.

Royal College of Art

At the Royal College of Art, our work in partnership with SustainRCA looked at bringing together two practices ± that of inclusive design and environmental sustainability. Both often have different starting points, with inclusive design usually focusing on needs and capabilities at the domestic scale, and sustainability typically addressing large systemic change.

A major project output this year was a publication entitled Drawing Energy, based on a drawing-based research project to explore people's perceptions of energy. Drawing Energy — Exploring perceptions of the invisible. Max neef. Ethnography - Social Research Methods Resources - All guides at RMIT University. SERVICE PROTOTYPING / Desktop walkthrough of a new service concept. Paper Prototyping - Design Thinking Book. Prototyping framework. Prototyping framework < Stories and Ideas < thinkpublic. Put Design Thinking to Work — Stanford Design thinking can be used for diverse work, but it most easily adopted for the discovery phase of a project: when you are still seeking the meaningful problem to work on, or the right solution to pursue.

Put Design Thinking to Work — Stanford

So choose a project in its early stages or one you really want to shake up. Second, choose a challenge that has a human element to it. Design thinking helps you excel in understanding people, gaining insights that you can leverage, and experimenting your way to a solution. So pick something in which people matter. That said, it doesn’t have to be a consumer project. One way to frame your project around people, is to (re)state the challenge using this format:“Redesign the [ topic ] experience for [ user ].”The first blank is the project area/topic/goal (but make sure the solution isn’t already dictated). Some examples: Design Kit. Design Kit. Creative Confidence Map — Stanford Reading List — Stanford The best way to learn about design thinking is to do it, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out some of the books that help contextualize what we do. Reading List — Stanford

If you want to deepen your understanding of design thinking process and application, here’s a book list to get you started. We’re being selective, not exhaustive, here – think of it as the “staff favorites” section in your local bookstore. Innovation Process The Art of Innovation, by Tom Kelley* Insight Out, by Tina Seelig* Affinity Diagramming. Affinity Mapping. Affinity Diagram - Design Thinking Book. Prototyping made simple < Stories and Ideas < thinkpublic.

Thinkpublic has worked with Designers Front to produce a new animation, Prototyping made simple, to show public services how they can use prototyping to quickly and cheaply develop and test new services.

Prototyping made simple < Stories and Ideas < thinkpublic

Although a well-established part of service design, prototyping has not been widely applied to the design of public services. NESTA believes that prototyping could be part of a strong approach to developing new services that deliver better outcomes for less money. Prototyping made simple offers a fun and creative way for public service professionals to learn about the contribution prototyping can make to tackling the big social challenges. At present, public services face two main challenges. Faced with deep budget reductions, they must find new ways to do more with less. Games people play during user research. How and why I use games as ‘tools for talking’ during fieldwork interviews… A couple of universal truths stand in the way of discovering what people actually think and do: What people do and what people say are rarely the same.

Games people play during user research

Equally, what people think, and what they say are very different. Annoyingly, but reliably, these rear their heads during customer interviews and ethnographic studies – the two main methods I use to gain insights from people. In practice they work like this: 378 2047 1 PB. Thinkpublic book by thinkpublic. Forum – Serious Play Forum – Serious Play Pro. Hi Mark, Thanks for sharing information about Creativity Boxes.

Forum – Serious Play Forum – Serious Play Pro

My first reaction would be – sure, go for it! I have advocated for the use of any bricks for your LSP session. I have tested various sets myself and they work nicely. There was a blog post that I wrote about this a long time ago on the arguments that I have used: Prototype Testing Plan. Prototyping is something we all do in our daily lives when we try out new things – from trying out new recipes while cooking to trying out different routes while going somewhere: it simply involves trying out an idea to see how it can be improved.

Prototype Testing Plan

At work however, prototyping is more than just ‘trying out’; it is a structured way to check that you have an efficient and fitting solution or approach before rolling it out or making a big investment in it. The Prototype Testing Plan gives a basic, but useful overview of the different ways in which you can test your work, as well as when to test it. You can build a prototype using various materials, or simply draw or act out your idea. The Prototype Testing Plan also helps structure the testing process. Tools. Information & Design. Cultural probes (also known as diary studies) provide a way of gathering information about people and their activities. Unlike direct observation (like usability testing or traditional field studies), the technique allows users to self-report.

Information gathered from cultural probes is particularly useful early in the design process. When are Cultural Probes appropriate? Cultural probes are appropriate when you need to gather information from users with minimal influence on their actions, or when the process or event you’re exploring takes place intermittently or over a long period. For example, you could use cultural probes to explore how patients feel over the weeks or months following a surgical procedure, or how travelling salespeople manage their work. Cultural probes kit. Cultural probes kit. Design Research Techniques. Useful literature on the subject of design/cultural probes - please contribute. Thought the following might be useful to anyone working in the area - feel free to contribute other references/weblinks as you find them: Gaver, W., Boucher, A., Pennington, S. & Walker, B. (2004). Cultural Probes and the Value of Uncertainty.

Interactions. 11 (5): 53-56 Hemmings, T., Crabtree, A., Rodden, T., Clarke, K. and Rouncefield, M. (2002). Probing the Probes. Mattelmäki, T. (2006). Mattelmäki, T. (2003) Probes: Studying Experiences for Design Empathy. Mattelmäki, T. ,& Battarbee, K. (2002) Empathy Probes. Developing design probes and cultural probes. Liv On. TP05 1P54. Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Excerpt: Behaving and experiencing. Approaches to designing experiences This example of trying to visualize an experience opens up the challenges facing people designing innovative services.

The example of the airport illustrated how organizations can be seen as offering multiple and diverse experiences over time, shaped by – and shaping – people’s behaviours . For users, customers, employees, partners and stakeholders, organizations are the sum of their experiences with organizations over time. SIH method12. SIH method11. SIH method4. Mappingexperiences. Download Our Guide to Service Blueprinting – ONE Design Community – Medium. By Nick Remis Let’s be honest, we’re all demanding customers with high expectations. We live in the era of touchpoint proliferation, where we expect services to be available whenever and wherever we want them. But at the same time, we expect it to work seamlessly, like magic. This is extremely difficult for an organization to deliver, because it’s so difficult to untangle the operational capabilities to meet the varying needs and pathways of the customer over time. Fisher-Price The Future of Parenting. Continuum Case Studies. Making it Real.

As a result of software eating the world, physical products and environments are smart and connected. There is a shift from focusing on product to multi-channel user experience, and successful companies are employing multidisciplinary teams involving the disciplines of interaction design, industrial design, architecture, branding and service design.

Prototyping has become a way to ensure teams are designing and building the right system of interdependent touchpoints. At Adaptive Path, we employ rapid prototyping in nearly every design iteration. Our clients enjoy the benefits of risk reduction and concept validation, and through prototyping with standardized kits, we also avoid unnecessarily long timelines and bloated budgets. Our two primary kits, Small Object and Environmental, are comprised of commonly used tools, materials, and artifacts that can be quickly assembled to represent a complete customer experience. Continuum Innovation Resources. 3D for Everyone. The story of co-design film < Stories and Ideas < thinkpublic.

The Story of Co-Design. AI and the future of design: What will the designer of 2025 look like? For anyone doubting that AI is here, the New York Times recently reported that Carnegie Mellon University plans to create a research center that focuses on the ethics of artificial intelligence. Harvard Business Review started laying the foundation for what it means for management, and CNBC started analyzing promising AI stocks.

IDEO Labs. Veggie Vision. Tools We Like v1. Between client projects and personal ventures, IDEO interaction designers and software engineers across our global offices spend a significant amount of time designing and building apps for iPhones and iPads. We’re part of the thousands of iOS developers worldwide beholden to the operating system’s wild popularity and sound frameworks. Design Thinking - Business Innovation. Prototyping for Elmo's Monster Maker iPhone App. Design Kit. Design Kit. "Don't think of it as failure, think of it as designing experiments through which you’re going to learn.

" Failure is an incredibly powerful tool for learning. Designing experiments, prototypes, and interactions and testing them is at the heart of human-centered design. So is an understanding that not all of them are going to work. Design Kit. Gaby Brink Founder, Tomorrow Partners. Rapid prototyping Google Glass - Tom Chi. De Bono Institute—designing learning for schools — Huddle. Strategic design for social innovation in Melbourne, Australia. Design Research. Designresearchtechniques. Untitled. Empathicdesign. Building a Social Innovation Lab to develop services - Work - Engine Service Design. Challenges and opportunities Kent County Council (KCC) are a recognised leader in innovative practice in the public sector.

With high expectations and reduced budgets, many local governments are having to become more innovative to meet more complex challenges, expanded responsibilities and more discerning residents. Developing a service culture for local residents - Work - Engine Service Design. Embedding community engagement - Work - Engine Service Design. Designing a new decision-making process - Work - Engine Service Design. ModeGuideBOOTCAMP2010L. Designing Interactions.

ENGINE ServiceDesign TOOLBOX. Rough prototyping. Experience prototype. Service prototype. Testing & Prototyping. Experience some aspects of the service idea with customers, stakeholders or professionals in order to improve the solutions before they are realized. Service design tools. Service Design research and exploration - Views - Engine Service Design. Making the case for Service Design toolkits - Views - Engine Service Design. Digital Learning Team. Probious: Researching Australian Communication Design Through Collaboration and Design Practice. Draw Toast. Tom Wujec. Design thinking. Marshmallow Challenge. The Marshmallow Challenge Team Bonding and Building for Student Journalists. Spaghetti Tower Marshmallow Challenge. Toastmasters International -Marshmallow Challenge. Spaghetti challenge. Tom Wujec: Build a tower, build a team. The growing field making the world better for humans, and providing great careers for women.

The Little Book of Design Research Ethics. Let’s stop calling them ‘soft skills’ – It’s Your Turn.