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Service Design: case studies, methods, tools

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“So you want to be a service designer” by Jamin Hegeman. Inspired by the blog post So you want to be an interaction designer by Robert Reimann in his talk Jamin Hegeman at Productized Conference 2016 addresses what service designer job looks like, and the future of service design.

“So you want to be a service designer” by Jamin Hegeman

Hey, service design job seekers, we need to talk. – Practical Service Design. Publications - Liveworkstudio. The Service Experience Conference 2017. Service Design Global Conference. SDN is looking forward to more than 600 participants from all over the world coming together to learn, share and network with business partners, designers and academics.

Service Design Global Conference

The exchange of experiences, ideas and different perspectives with the open-minded and creative service design community is the highlight of the service design year! Side-events such as the Exclusive SDN Members Event and Reception, Young Talents Day, Service Design Tours and the annual Service Design Award make this a must for anyone interested in public or private sector service innovation. Become a part of this annual get together of thinkers, doers and leaders. How An Offers & Needs Market Helps Build Sustainable Practice.

The irony of the modern market is that it can get a spare part from across the world, but a neighbour still might not know that the mechanic with the skills to fix the car is right next door – Donnie Maclurcan So often, people working on sustainability in different organisations or communities are facing the same challenges.

How An Offers & Needs Market Helps Build Sustainable Practice

Sometimes, we’ve got people to turn to for support or advice – sometimes, or on some issues, we haven’t. What if we could know how to connect with that support? Running an ‘Offers and Needs’ Market is a way of discovering what kinds of support you might be able to provide to others, and what kinds you might need. Exploring the evidence. If I’m honest, I find it really hard to read a long report unless I’ve got a particular question to answer.

Exploring the evidence

And if I’m really, really honest, sometimes I forget to do my pre-reading the night before a workshop. So when Uscreates got people to go on an ‘evidence safari’ to explore evidence from Policy Lab’s health and work project, I thought “we should do more of that”! "What on earth is an evidence safari?” You might ask. Its not half as exotic as it sounds. The best thing about an evidence safari is you can do it in many different ways. You can do it with huge amounts of evidence. Open Policy 2015: Prototyping in government workshop.

27 Non-UX Books to Sharpen Your UX Skills. A relatively new discipline, UX design is greatly influenced by psychology, business, and architecture.

27 Non-UX Books to Sharpen Your UX Skills

UX does not live in a vacuum. As a psychologist-turned-designer-turned-entrepreneur, I’d like to share with you all the books that helped define my current approach to UX strategy and process. As I’ve learned in the past 6 years since cofounding UXPin, the right design solution is rarely linear – you might achieve surprising breakthroughs when you attack a problem from a completely new angle. Here’s my favorite non-UX books for UXers. Psychology 1. 2. 3. 4. Top 11 Skills of an Effective Facilitator. 28 Jun Top 11 Skills of an Effective Facilitator By: Hannah Feldberg-Dubin Facilitating is no easy task, you’re not only responsible for securing productive participation from all the individuals in the room, but also for guiding those individuals with different personalities and work styles to a common outcome.

Top 11 Skills of an Effective Facilitator

That’s giving me sweaty palms just thinking about it. However, the good news: there are certain skills you can work on or acquire that will help you in your journey to becoming an effective facilitator. Warning: read with caution, this list may just make you the go-to meeting leader. Service Innovation Handbook. People & Connections Map. Causes Diagram. Agile & Design Thinking: Competing or Completing? Posted by Andy on Jun 07, 2016 in Articles, Community, Design Thinking, Understand Recently, a colleague caught up with me and, with a look of bewilderment on his face, asked a question.

Agile & Design Thinking: Competing or Completing?

My colleague seemed frustrated from much searching and little resolution. “Everyone is talking about Agile and Design Thinking, but how do they relate?” He was giving voice to the crowd of organizational leaders and business practitioners retooling in an effort to solve old problems in new ways. Many of them wondering, “Which practices should we adopt? Although these concepts have been around for years, their application in large organizations is still emerging—resulting in occasional confusion and mixed signals on their application, adoption and coexistence. It’s all about culture. Culture is King Several years ago, I was working at a high-tech startup designing and building superconducting particle accelerators for secret projects and groundbreaking research. Play-Doh, Pipe Cleaners and Post-Its: Our Favorite Supplies For Keeping Meetings Creative. Posted by Andy on Jun 22, 2016 in Articles, Design Thinking, Ideate, Understand Meetings.

Play-Doh, Pipe Cleaners and Post-Its: Our Favorite Supplies For Keeping Meetings Creative

The word can inspire dread in office workers around the world—and who can blame them? For some, “meetings” conjures up images of gray rooms and hours of slide shows. That doesn’t exactly sound like a recipe for creativity. But meetings are an important part of running a business, so the answer isn’t just to stop having them. Design%20methods%20for%20developing%20services. Service Design Toolkit – Downloads. People & Connections Map. Experientia - The Pharmacy of the Future - 04 Martha. Smaply features — Personas, Journey Maps, Stakeholder Maps.

How to build an experience map. How to build an experience map An experience map shows the journey a customer has while experiencing a product or service.

How to build an experience map

It also shows what competitors and your business are doing relative to this journey. Mapping the experience from a customer perspective helps organisations identify strategic opportunities, customer pain-points and generate innovative projects. Why build an experience map? An Experience map helps the organisation to see the bigger picture, and make decisions about where to focus activity based on research. Identify projects and build a road map of workIdentify opportunities for innovationUnderstand where the user experience is currently being well supported. Building Exceptional Experiences: Experience Design Tips From The Design Gym - +Acumen. We first met The Design Gym in 2013 when they invited us to be their client partner for the weekend version of their Design Thinking Bootcamp.

Building Exceptional Experiences: Experience Design Tips From The Design Gym - +Acumen

We were just starting to build our suite of free online courses for social change leaders, so it was a great opportunity to crowd source ideas. Fast-forward, and we’ve engaged them on a number of occasions—the latest being a workshop for the 2016 Acumen Global Fellows. We’ve learned a great deal about exceptional experience design while becoming good friends. Like us, The Design Gym derives great joy from equipping people with tools to tackle problems in new and exciting ways. Their main tools of choice are events and workshops, which are anything but typical. Lean UX: Getting Out Of The Deliverables Business. User experience design for the Web (and its siblings, interaction design, UI design, et al) has traditionally been a deliverables-based practice.

Wireframes, site maps, flow diagrams, content inventories, taxonomies, mockups and the ever-sacred specifications document (aka “The Spec”) helped define the practice in its infancy. These deliverables crystallized the value that the UX discipline brought to an organization. Over time, though, this deliverables-heavy process has put UX designers in the deliverables business — measured and compensated for the depth and breadth of their deliverables instead of the quality and success of the experiences they design. Designers have become documentation subject matter experts, known for the quality of the documents they create instead of the end-state experiences being designed and developed.

Further Reading on SmashingMag: Link. Mappingexperiences. Design Facilitation. A New Language for Movement Last week Adaptive Path brought together designers from IDEO, Adaptive Path,, Rackspace, Granular, Capital One, Samsung, SAP Labs, Narrative... Experience Mapping. The Baseline Journey Managing a customer’s journey across time and touchpoint is a labor of love. Attempting to manage different journeys for different customer types ... Our Guide to Experience Mapping. The Anatomy of an Experience Map. Experience maps have become more prominent over the past few years, largely because companies are realizing the interconnectedness of the cross-channel experience.

It’s becoming increasingly useful to gain insight in order to orchestrate service touchpoints over time and space. But I still see a dearth of quality references. When someone asks me for examples, the only good one I can reference is nForm’s published nearly two years ago. Exploratorium: Mapping the Experience of Experiments. We’re huge fans of our soon to be San Francisco waterfront neighbors, the Exploratorium. So when we had the opportunity to help them map out their visitor experience, we jumped, ran, and flew at it.

You might call the Exploratorium a science museum, but you’d be wrong. They don’t quite have exhibits, as much as they have experiments. Service Design. Design Thinking Quick Reference Guide (Cheat Sheet, Fast Reference, User Guide): Digital eBook - DCC. An ideal reference for students, teachers designers and managers learning about design thinking. PSD manual UK LR. Co-designing with the State Library of Victoria: How we did it, and why it paves the way for change. Recently Meld Studios partnered with the State Library of Victoria to help envision a way it might do things differently (and better) in the future. A future where the services they offered remained relevant to customers and created positive experiences for visitors and staff. This did not mean telling the Library what to do and expecting the future to be a reality tomorrow.

We both understood it was critical to engage the broader organisation throughout the project so that the shift required could actually happen. Service Design Research. Service Design Books. Design and business. Excerpt: Prototyping and playing design games. ENGINE_ServiceDesign_TOOLBOX. A-Laboratory-Concept-for-Service-Prototyping-%E2%80%93-Service-Innovation-Corner-SINCO1.pdf. Change through Service Design – Service Prototyping as a Tool for Learning and Transformation.

Dearest Scotland’s School Letter Writing Kits Go Live. Since our launch, one of our ambitions has been to receive Dearest Scotland letters written by more and more young people. ATO finds myths dominate digital workplace 'rules' The Tax Office asked its staff how they use technology in their work — and were surprised at some of the preferences of digital natives.

People & Connections Map. RobertaTassi_DESIGN_DELLA_COMUNICAZIONE_E_DESIGN_DEI_SERVIZI. About. This website is the result of the research activity done by Roberta Tassi during her graduation thesis, further developed within the framework of the cooperation between DensityDesign research group at INDACO Department - Politecnico di Milano and DARC - the Research & Consulting Center of Domus Academy. Service Design Tools is conceived as an open platform of knowledge, to be shared with the design research community. Design for Service Innovation & Development: Final Report. DeSID report examines the growth of service design. Design methods for developing services. Touchpoint_articles. Design patterns and human behaviour. Clatworthy.pdf. Service Innovation » Blog Archive » Touch-point cards now available. Designing cross-sectoral multi-stakeholder business models – The case of redesigning the energy sector for conversion to sustainable energy.

Design thinking without deep analysis is reckless. A more balanced approach is needed. - Putting people first. A lean business model canvas for social entrepreneurs.

Business model canvas guides