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Software e didattica - 3.7 - Programmi per quiz e test - Parte 1

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QuizFaber. WinAsks Professional. SmartLite Software ( offre gratuitamente WinAsks Professional - in una speciale versione personalizzata - ai lettori di Educazione&Scuola. WinAsks Professional è un software per la creazione, la gestione, l'analisi di questionari e sondaggi multimediali. Può essere utilizzato sia a scopo didattico (test, prove di valutazione, verifiche, ...) sia professionale (corsi di formazione, sondaggi, analisi, ricerche di mercato, ...). Caratteristiche WinAsks Professional è composto da tre moduli principali: Creazione dei questionari / sondaggi Svolgimento dei questionari / sondaggi Visualizzazione e analisi delle risposte I questionari possono essere svolti direttamente a video, stampati su carta oppure esportati in altre applicazioni.

Il programma supporta quattro tipologie di domande (scelta multipla, inserimento, vero / falso, associazione), ognuna completamente personalizzabile. Tutte le risposte e i risultati possono essere visualizzati ed analizzati. Schermate Download Help. QuestBase. NetQuiz Pro. Christine Blais, Lucie Trépanier and Robert Szczech Netquiz Pro 4 makes it possible to design exercises, games or formative tests and post them online. It does not require any programming knowledge. Images, tests, sounds and video sequences can be included in every type of question and many different parameters can be customized. Unlike Netquiz Pro 2.9, this version can only be used to create formative tests, but it has two new types of questions (labelling and classification), new parameters for the short answer and fill-in-the-blank questions, pages with sections for subdividing the test, global customization for all questions in a test and a new Web test interface.

Users who want to create summative tests or collate results on a server can download Netquiz Pro 2.9 for free. Note: Netquiz Pro 4 has been replaced by Netquiz Web, which not only produces formative tests but also publishes them to the Web with a simple click. French version also available: Netquiz Pro 4 Features Remarks. OpenTeacher. WRDS. Important WRDS Alert Wednesday, August 7, 2019, 05:00 PM Downtime Scheduled for Aug 23rd 2019 The WRDS technical infrastructure will be undergoing a major upgrade from 8:00 - 11:00 AM EDT (GMT -4) on Friday, Aug 23rd 2019. During this time, most WRDS services will be unavailable. The website should only be inaccessible for 30 minutes near the beginning, but interactive services -- including the WRDS Cloud, SAS/Connect, SAS/Studio, Python, R, MATLAB, Stata, etc -- will be offline for the full duration of the window.

Unique to this downtime only, all WRDS Cloud grid jobs -- both batch and interactive -- will be terminated. This is being done as part of a large-scale effort to upgrade WRDS infrastructure to the latest hardware and network configuration, to provide the best large-scale research platform we can. Quizlet. Studystack. Woordjesleren. Quest. Tester 2. Vbscuola. Veritest 2. VerificheMachine & Verifiche. GMTest. Flash Quiz. Cloze. Ludiscape. Fidenia.

QuestBase. QuestBase - Ricerca dei test. QuestBase - Guida ufficiale. QuestBase - Videotutorial.