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Have Your Adjusted Your Facebook Strategy? Facebook and Twitter User Behavior Changes: New Research Social Media Examiner. Is your business on Facebook and Twitter? Have you considered sharing news with your audience? Research indicates that people are using Facebook and Twitter for more than connecting with friends and brands. They’re now looking to these platforms for updates on current events.

In this article you’ll discover how the way people use Facebook and Twitter is shifting, and how brands can respond. Discover how changes in user behavior on Facebook and Twitter affect marketers. Listen to this article: Listen now: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: iTunes | Android | #1: More People Get Their News From Facebook and Twitter A July 2015 study from Pew Research Center reveals that increasing numbers of Twitter and Facebook users visit the platforms to get news.

Twitter, which was more news-oriented from the beginning, didn’t have as dramatic a leap: 52% to 63% during the two-year period. As recently as 2013, approximately half of Americans used Facebook and Twitter to get their news. 15 Fantastic Facebook Page Management Tips. Facebook pages are powerful platforms that you can use to grow your brand and generate business on Facebook. But Facebook is an addictive site where getting distracted is easy – that’s why I decided to share the 35 tips below, so you can go on to Facebook and know what you need to do to get great results with your page.

Facebook Page Setup Tips 1. Choose Your Page Name Carefully The name of your page is how your fans can find you through Facebook search. If you have an established brand go with that. If not do your best to use descriptive words so people who are searching for what you have to offer can find and connect with you. Use Google’s keyword planner tool for insights into the most searched for keywords related to your page. 2. A vanity URL isn’t just for the vain: Everyone should have one because it makes it easier for people to keep your page URL in their brain.

Match your vanity URL with your page name if possible. You can set up yours at: 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 6 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Posts Social Media Examiner. Are you marketing on Facebook? Do you want better reach for your Facebook posts? Using the right posting tactics will give you better results from your Facebook marketing. In this article you’ll discover six tips for more effective Facebook posts. Discover six tips to improve Facebook posts. Listen to this article: Listen now: Play in new window | Download #1: Create a Posting Road Map Many businesses start posting on Facebook without a plan. Consider creating a road map for your posts covering various topics. For example, if you’re in the fitness industry, your content could cover fitness tips, blog marketing, healthy recipes and so on. Decide what topics you’ll cover on your Facebook page. After you choose the topics you’ll cover, create a calendar.

If you’re not sure how far out to schedule your posts, creating a content calendar for one week in advance is a good rule of thumb. . #2: Write Your Text for Skim Readers Write a description that grabs your audience’s attention. Best Practices for Holiday Facebook Marketing Campaigns. Are you starting to plan your holiday marketing on Facebook? It’s important to focus your marketing campaign on grabbing and holding your audience’s attention. Whichever holiday is at hand, it will be on the consumer’s minds in the weeks preceding it, so it’s important to incorporate what’s trending and capitalize on the holiday for sales opportunities. Adjusting your Facebook campaign for the holidays is pretty straightforward.

We’ll dive into that in this post but essentially, you’ll add holiday features to your current campaign and concentrate Facebook posts with content that suggests the upcoming holiday. Steps in creating your holiday Facebook campaign Cover and Profile Theme Change the theme of your business Facebook page by making a holiday related profile picture or avatar, adding holiday photos and changing your Facebook Page cover image to holiday themed cover image. Plan for the holiday before it happens by sharing tweets and posts, as well as trends about the holiday. Use Hashtags. 9 Ways to Use Facebook Groups for Business Social Media Examiner. Are you participating in Facebook groups? Want to start one to support your business? Facebook groups help businesses promote products, support customers and much more. In this article I’ll share nine ways Facebook groups can benefit your business. Discover nine ways to use facebook groups for business.

Listen to this article: Listen now: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: iTunes | Android | #1: Sell Products As an alternative or addition to selling products or digital goods on your website, you’re now able to sell in Facebook groups. Once you create a For Sale group, you’ll see an option to “sell something” in your Facebook update. The Sell Something feature is available to members of For Sale groups on Facebook. If you don’t yet see this option in your Facebook group, take the opportunity to learn how selling works. . #2: Supplement Video Training Courses It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

. #3: Promote Chats Create a Facebook group to promote upcoming guests on regular chats. How to Tell Stories With Facebook and Instagram Carousel Ads Social Media Examiner. Want to make sure your ads stand out on Facebook and Instagram? Have you tried Carousel Ads? While many businesses use Carousel Ads solely to promote products, the ads also provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand’s unique narrative. In this article, I’ll share how to use storytelling in carousel ads to promote your products and stand out from your competitors. Discover how to tell stories with Facebook and Instagram Carousel ads. #1: Grab Attention With the First Image The first rule of storytelling (and advertising for that matter) is to start out strong. Since users may not scroll through all of the images in the series, you want to get your message across right away.

For example, in Progressive’s #ActYourAge carousel ads, the first image immediately stands out. Make sure the first image in your series grabs attention and can stand on its own. #2: Make Them Swipe With any story, the point is to keep the reader engaged throughout and ultimately to read through to the end. How to Tell Stories With Facebook and Instagram Carousel Ads Social Media Examiner. 17 Killer Facebook Post Ideas For Small Business Owners. 5 Steps To Create More Attractive Photos on Facebook. How to Create More Attractive Photos on Facebook Are you using images to build your social media presence? Would you like to create highly shareable Facebook images?

It’s true Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest are the fastest growing social networks. But the number of active users on Facebook (1.4 Billion) still dwarfs the number of active users on any of these other networks. One of the best ways to make a memorable impression on your Facebook audience is by creating highly shareable images and photos. Images get the Most Engagement on Facebook Images also drive the most engagement. Clearly if you want to be successful on Facebook, you must become skilled at creating quality images. 1.

The simplest image to create to drive the best engagement are, of course, photos. Personal and behind-the-scenes style photos work especially well on Facebook. Create Highly Shareable Facebook Photos of Your Work Share Facebook Photos of Employees at Work 2. Humour is the most shareable emotion. 3. 4. 5. How to bookmark links on Facebook to read them later. There's a lot to look at in your Facebook News Feed, from status updates and videos to shared news stories. But you probably didn't realize there's a handy little tool on each post which lets you bookmark content so you can go back and read it later. Last year, Facebook quietly rolled out a feature allowing users to flag things like links, videos, videos, events and places. Saved content is then housed in a private folder only you can see.

This little-known feature is a helpful way to manage your Feed and make sure you're not missing the things you actually care about. Image: Mashable, Liz Pierson Case and point: if you're secretly browsing Facebook during a meeting and don't have time to watch a video everyone is talking about, you can Save it to your folder and check it out later.

Here's how to use the feature: tap the chevron arrow in the top right corner of a post, video or event (note: as of now, you can't save photos) and select Save. Image: Mashable. How to Post on Facebook - Tabsite Blog. I found this great infographic on It describes how to post on Facebook by using their posting best practices. If you’re looking to grow your Facebook audience, it’s important to understand just who that audience is. Facebook is a place where people go to be part of a community, so you’ll need to become a part of that community, too, rather than a salesperson crashing the party. To build and engage your fan base, adopt these rules for your Facebook posting strategy. Do you have any best practices to share with us? How to Beat Facebook's Declining Organic Reach.

If you’ve managed a Facebook page over the past couple of years, you’ll know that Facebook’s organic reach has declined gradually since 2013. If you’ve created a Facebook page recently and have tried to build and encourage an engaged audience without paying for it; I feel your pain. But it’s not all bad: The organic reach “algorithm” won’t actually matter if you post content that your audience love, and gladly share.

While it’s up to you to figure out what works best for your audience, here are some statistics about the changes to Facebook’s tweaks to your page’s organic reach, and how the different post types rank. The data is based on an audit conducted by Locowise. The infographic was created by Sproutsocial. Why have my posts organic reach reduced? To avoid overcrowding of branded content on users newsfeedsFacebook’s cashing in on Facebook Ads It also takes advantage of their value proposition to advertisers: The possibility of micro-targeting narrowly defined target segments.

SocialMediaMarketing-151-15-06-26. Four Reasons to Take Advantage of Facebook's Evolving Video Strategy. Facebook is investing heavily in its video service, working hard to grow its video reach and ad efficacy. And it's making inroads. In August, Facebook achieved a billion more desktop video views than YouTube, according to comScore, and now serves up more than 3 billion video views every day. Such a strong upswing of video views on Facebook can be attributed to a few things.

First and most obviously is auto play. Facebook video auto plays in the newsfeed, driving video views and interaction. Second, more people are watching videos as they can now play easily on smartphones. Moreover, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg noted about the future of Facebook, "One of the big trends will be the growth of video content on our service. " That quote is not lip service. Here are four reasons marketers need to begin or expand native Facebook video marketing and two things they should know as they dive in. 1.

In some cases, Facebook may not even show the visual thumbnail. 2. 3. 4. Focus on Quality. Looking to get more likes on Facebook? Likes on Facebook do not equal more business. But…. If you build up a relevant audience on Facebook and you understand how this fits into your sales funnel then you have a great opportunity to make money through this fan base. You can build up relevant fans on Facebook using a paid or free strategy. We use a combination of both. If you create amazing content this is going to naturally attract more fans. But, you may also want to leverage some tools to build your fan base. The following infographic outlines tools that you can use to get more likes on Facebook. Copy the following code to embed this infographic on your website. 1.

One great way of building fans is to advertise on Facebook. AdEspresso Upload all your media for running the ads to AdEspresso and run a range of ad split testing as you go. Easy to use platformPreview ads real-time as you are adding contentSplit testing at ad set levelEasy to create rules for automation e.g. if-this-then-that Qwaya Driftrock Social AdsTool 2. Canva Cinemagram. 10 Killer Tips for Boosting Engagement on Facebook. Engagement is the elusive, magic ingredient that will take your Facebook page from invisible to being seen everywhere! Our friends over at Digital Information World shared this educational infographic on “10 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Page Engagement“.

I thought it was so good that I’m sharing it with you. There may be some basics … but it’s always good to double check and make sure you’re covering them all. Here are 4 points I think you should pay attention to: Stay focused and specific 3 – 5 posts per day will do it. 10 Killer Tips for Boosting Engagement on Facebook. 7 Ways to Make Your Facebook Posts Matter. Whether you are new to Facebook or have had a page since it’s launching, at times it seems as your voice is lost in the crowd. With thousands and thousands of people on social media every day, it’s challenging to make your posts visible.

Here are a few ways to make your Facebook posts stand out. Today let’s look at 7 ways to help your posts get engagement. Shorten your message Sometimes smaller is better, especially on Facebook. The day of the week matters Studies have shown that some days are better for engagement than others. A picture’s worth 1,000 comments Not exactly, but posts with photos receive more likes, comments and click-throughs than text-based posts. Smile! Like using photos, the use of emoticons or smileys increases the chances of your audience engaging with your posts. And the winner is … Riff: Make Videos with Friends. By Josh Miller, Product Manager Having fun with friends is at the heart of the Facebook experience.

Recently, a few Facebook employees stayed after-hours to work on a side project. Our hunch was that if you could make videos collaboratively, the creative process would be more fun and the final product would be cooler. Today, we are introducing Riff, a creative tool to make videos with friends. How Riff Works Anyone can start by creating a video. We regularly feature awesome videos to show to people on Riff. 11 Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement for Small Businesses. 50 Innovative Ways To Get More Facebook Fan Page Likes. 14 ways to dramatically improve your Facebook ad campaign. 5 Facebook Features That Help Promote Your Business. 5 High Leverage Ways to Get MASSIVE Results on Facebook. 5 New Facebook Features and How Marketers Should Use Them. Creating your Business Facebook Page in Six Steps. 3 Ways to Use Facebook Groups for Business.

Facebook's Reach Is Terrible, but You're Crazy if You Delete Your Page — The ... How to Download Facebook Videos Without Special Software (Ninja Trick!) 15 Types of Facebook Apps to Enhance Your Facebook Page « Social Media Examiner. 5 Ways I Use Facebook Groups to Sell My Stuff Online. 5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Contests. Msgodigital – 24 tips for managing government Facebook pages. Tips for Last Minute Valentine's Day Facebook Contests. 2 Effortless Ways to Create STUNNING Social Media Images on Your Smartphone. CAUTION: Another Facebook Algorithm Update is Upon Us!

NEW Facebook Lite App is Less Filling (250kb) But Works Great! How to Use Videos on Facebook Pages to Reach MORE Fans. 6 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page Results. 7 Tools To Help You Get Free Facebook Page Likes Fast. Here's What 2015 Holds for the Future of Facebook Marketing. 4 Big-Hearted Ways to Use Facebook for Nonprofits & NGOs. 5 Ways to Grow Your Email List With Facebook Contests. BREAKING: Video for Facebook Pages Just Got AMAZING New Features! 7 Ways Content Shared on Facebook Gives You Priceless Marketing Data (for FREE)

How to Network With Facebook Groups. This device could let deaf people “hear” via their tongues. This device could let deaf people “hear” via their tongues.


WARNING: It's Time to Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings Again! 9 Jolting Predictions About the Future of Facebook Marketing. Top 10 Fatal Facebook Mistakes That Might Be Killing Your Page. 50 Freakin Hilarious Facebook Comment Pictures (that ALWAYS Get Likes) How to Improve Your Facebook News Feed Visibility. How to Improve Your Facebook News Feed Visibility. Facebook News Feed: How to Respond to Facebook Changes. Facebook Stickers: This Week in Social Media. How to Research Your Competition on Facebook. Facebook Mobile Photo Updates: This Week in Social Media. 4 Ways Facebook Groups Can Improve Fan Relationships. 10 Successful Facebook Marketing Examples. Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons: This Week in Social Media. New Facebook Terms: What Marketers Need to Know. How to Create Facebook Video Ads.

9 Tips for Integrating Your Facebook Page With Your Facebook Profile. 10 Ways to Use Your Personal Facebook Profile for Business. How to Convince Your Skeptical Boss That Facebook Marketing Works. WARNING: Here's How to Remove Facebook Apps (that Might be Spying on You) Facebook Marketing: What is working on Facebook right now? How to Create Hyperlinks to Anchor Text on Facebook. Can You Write on Someone's Wall From a Business Page on Facebook? Facebook Business Pages - Are They Still Worth Keeping? 7 Ways to Use Facebook for Customer Service (and Produce BIG Smiles) New Facebook Terms: What Marketers Need to Know. Creative Facebook Cover Photos: 5 Lessons From 10 Brands. 9 Tips for Integrating Your Facebook Page With Your Facebook Profile. How to Set Up a Facebook Page for Business. Essential Facebook Marketing Resources: A Complete Guide.

New Tools and Insights for Publishers | Facebook Media. 69 Amazing Cover Photos for Facebook... All Taken From PROS! Here's the Only Way to Guarantee Your Fans See ALL Your Facebook Posts. 5 Ways to Promote on Facebook Without Being "Overly Promotional" Facebook Etiquette: 19 Rules For Businesses Using Facebook. 10 Facebook Business Page Etiquette Rules | Jess Green: Digital DivaJess Green: Digital Diva. The Rules & Etiquette for Fan Page Admin. 10MB_FB_Public_AssetGuide_Light_060914. Facebook Photos Size Guide -- 2014 Edition. 8 Surprising Ways to Use Your Facebook Profile for Marketing. Facebook Ad Campaign Changes: What Marketers Need to Know. Seven tips for using Facebook if you work in the public sector | Public Leade... Facebook Ads: An Introduction. Facebook Einsteins! Are You Posting At These So-Called OPTIMAL Times?

Is Your Facebook Page Better than Average? Here's the Data You Need to Find Out. 60 Must-Follow Facebook Pages for Non-Profits & Charities. 101 Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook. INFOGRAPHIC: Do This Not That on Facebook. More Ways to Control What You See in Your News Feed. Updating our Terms and Policies: Helping You Understand How Facebook Works and How to Control Your Information. Introducing Say Thanks.