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Different Ways to Deal with Dead Car Battery · Carfit. Best Driving Practices to Improve Your Exide Car Battery Life · Carfit. When it comes to car batteries, there is none like Exide.

Best Driving Practices to Improve Your Exide Car Battery Life · Carfit

Exide has been an industry leader in manufacturing high-performance car batteries. Renowned for its cutting-edge technology, long-lasting life, and low-maintenance needs, the Exide car battery powers an enormous majority of cars on Indian roads. Even though Exide car battery is often perceived as the epitome for high performance and superior quality, it has a limited life just like any other manufactured product. An Exide car battery is designed to withstand a lot more than other average batteries in the market. As a responsible car owner, you can take up certain effective practices to ensure that your Exide car battery performs at its very optimum. Given below are a few of the best practices that every car owner must follow. Long Rides over Short Rides.

Tips to Find the Best Car Battery Shop Near Me · Carfit. Not all car battery shops offer genuine products.

Tips to Find the Best Car Battery Shop Near Me · Carfit

In truth, some battery dealers supply duplicate car batteries claiming to be authentic. They provide neither warranty nor professional installation service, offering substandard performance. When Is Car Wiper Blade Replacement Important? · Carfit. Did you know most road accidents occur because of poor visibility?

When Is Car Wiper Blade Replacement Important? · Carfit

Yet motorists overlook the significance of car wiper blades in offering a safe driving experience. Car wiper blades are one of the essential safety features in a car. They keep away both physical elements and flying debris – heavy rains, insects, hail, dust, etc. to provide optimum visibility. They also keep the line-of-sight clear for both the front and back view. Over a period of time, the car wipers tend to deteriorate. Warning Signs Everyday use can wear out car wiper blades and cause windshield damage if not replaced timely. Other important warning signs include rubber blade issues (cracks or breaks), windshield streaking, bent metal frames, skipping blades, among others. If your car wiper blades are unable to wipe away dirt and instead, smear it across the windshield, you need new ones. Lastly, look out for the most obvious warning sign – the wiper’s age.

How to Extract Maximum Performance from Your Car battery: A Guide to Increase Battery Life · Carfit. A car battery provides the zap of electricity needed to keep your car running.

How to Extract Maximum Performance from Your Car battery: A Guide to Increase Battery Life · Carfit

From the engine to the air-conditioner in your car – everything is powered by the battery. In fact, a car battery is the most significant component under the hood. But like humans, batteries also have finite lives. Types of Car Batteries · Carfit. Car batteries come in different shapes, sizes, and designs – which one to buy?

Types of Car Batteries · Carfit

If you are riddled with confusion over which type of battery suits your car the most, you are not alone. Surprisingly, most car owners remain unaware of the variety of car batteries that are available in the market today. As a result, they end up settling for substandard, ill-fitted, and cheap car batteries that underperform in the long run. And let’s not forget: car batteries are an integral part of a car’s ignition system. They are responsible for supplying electrical energy to the car’s starter for cranking up the engine and powering up various car components like radio, lights, etc. So, to help you streamline the selection process, here is a list of five common car battery types that everyone should know about. Changing Car Wipers · Carfit. For drivers, unobstructed visibility is paramount.

Changing Car Wipers · Carfit

If the windshield is dirty or damaged, it will adversely affect the driver’s visibility and cause safety concerns: impaired windshields often lead to road accidents. To prevent such situations, cars come equipped with automated windshield cleaners called wipers. Car Wiper Blades · Carfit. Efficient car wiper blades are integral to the driver’s visibility.

Car Wiper Blades · Carfit

Think of the various environmental conditions that crop up on the road – heavy rain, sleet, snow, flying debris, dust storms, and many more. If the car wiper blades malfunction, the driver’s visibility will be obstructed and cause safety concerns. Notice your car wiper blades – are they streaking, cracking, vibrating, or splitting? If yes, then you should get it checked and replaced immediately as damaged wiper blades often lead to windshield damage with prolonged use.

Nonetheless, regular inspection and maintenance of car wiper blades is important as well. Where Can I Find Car Battery Replacement Near Me? · Carfit. There are no two ways about it – a car battery is the most significant component inside your car and without which, you cannot turn on the vehicle.

Where Can I Find Car Battery Replacement Near Me? · Carfit

Here’s why: When you turn on the ignition key, a signal is sent to the car battery. Once the car battery receives the signal, it starts to convert the chemical energy into electrical energy and then, supplies the electrical signals to the starter. The starter feeds on the electrical energy to crank up the engine in response. After the engine starts to run, electrical energy from the battery is used to power up the electrical accessories in the car such as lights, air conditioning system, radio, etc. How to Care for Your Car during Coronavirus · Carfit. Undoubtedly, we are living in unprecedented times.

How to Care for Your Car during Coronavirus · Carfit

With the whole world being taken over by the novel coronavirus, life, as we had known it so far has changed tremendously. With civilian movement being restricted, our vehicles are sitting idle. But, as much as you may miss family road trips and weekend getaways in your mechanical ladylove, the problem is graver still – Vehicles left idle for prolonged periods can develop some very serious problems, such as battery discharge, deterioration of tyres, moisture build-up, and so on.

Smart Exide Car Battery Replacement Tips · Carfit. From powerful engines to air-conditioners and seat-warmers, contemporary cars are loaded with advanced driver safety and assistance features.

Smart Exide Car Battery Replacement Tips · Carfit

However, a high-performance car battery that powers them all stands in a class of its own. After all, without a healthy battery, all such features are useless and your vehicle is as good as dead. When it comes to the automotive market, Exide is a name that needs no introduction. This undisputed car battery manufacturer’s name is often used as an epitome for premium-quality and high-performance batteries. Exide has an extensive range of car batteries that fits the requirements of a wide variety of cars – be it a compact hatchback or a luxurious SUV. Taking Care of the Car Battery – 5 tips · Carfit. The last thing you want is dead car battery within a couple of years.

On an average, a car battery lasts for 3 to 5 years but due to certain internal and external factors, its life reduces significantly. For instance, if you have been driving in extreme weather conditions, the longevity of your car battery is compromised. That’s where proper maintenance comes to the rescue. So, if you want to prolong the life of your car’s battery, the following maintenance tips will certainly help you: Ensure that the battery is properly fastened. Amaron Car Battery Quality Maintenance: 5 Tips · Carfit.

Car batteries are vital for turning on your engine and keeping other electrical systems of your car intact. They act as a powerhouse for your car without which your car cannot function. Car batteries are available in several variants. Amaron is the leading automotive battery manufacturing company in India. Amaron car batteries are well-known for being highly optimised, impressive performance, and reasonable costs. Moreover, you can easily purchase Amaron battery online for a hassle-free purchase. Tips to Keep Your Car Battery Safe in Rains · Carfit. What’s not to love about a monsoon road trip? The intoxicating smell of rain that has freshly kissed the earth, the mild breeze that gently blows against the skin; it seems like the clouds’ burdens pour down to lighten ours.

However, the same is not true for your beloved car, which has to overcome muddy and slippery roads. Moreover, the monsoons are not your car battery’s best friend either. Just like you prepare for the monsoons with umbrellas, rain jackets and boots, your car’s battery also needs protection against the humid months. Car Battery Care Tips During Coronavirus Lockdown · Carfit. With the pandemic-induced lockdown, a temporary stop has been put on our mobility. Cars remain parked in their places as the dust settles on them. And it must be noted that if cars remain idle for the duration of lockdown, they may experience malfunctioning. Most importantly, it is the battery inside your car that needs immediate attention.

As you wait for the lockdown to be over and maintain a social distance, it is also essential that you upkeep your car battery’s health. As you know, machines behave in a simple manner – if left unused, they start to lose efficiency. Amaron Car Battery Replacement Tips · Carfit. Your car battery does not just sit inside the hood of the car. It is, in fact, the powerhouse of your vehicle. 5 Prime Reasons to Pick Exide Battery for Your Car · Carfit. Ask yourself, when was the last time you witnessed or experienced a battery failure? Power Your Car Battery Life with Amaron Battery · Carfit. Points to Consider Before Buying Amaron Car Battery · Carfit. Car Batteries are not ordinary components that sit inside the hood of your vehicle. They are the soul and the powerhouse of your car. Amaron Car Battery Quality Maintenance: 5 Tips · Carfit.

Amaron: A Zero-Maintenance Car Battery · Carfit. Automotive batteries are essential for engine start-up and the optimal functioning of the vehicle’s electrical components. Due to their importance in the functioning of your car, intense research and innovation have gone into their construction. Through the ages, automotive batteries have evolved to incorporate powerful technologies that make them easier to handle and high-performance. One of the most revolutionary automotive battery types is the Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery (VRLA), also commonly known as a maintenance-free battery or zero-maintenance battery.

In India, Amaron manufactures world-class zero-maintenance batteries. Besides being high-performance, their most significant advantage is that they require minimal care. The Basics of Zero-Maintenance Automotive Batteries. 5 Reasons to Have Exide Battery from Car Fit Experts · Carfit. 5 Secrets to Make Your Car Exterior Detailing Look Amazing · Carfit. Easy Winter Tips for Car Battery Maintenance · Carfit. Be it powering your headlights or revving up the engine; car batteries are responsible for it all. In modern cars, batteries also support complicated driver-assistance features and added lighting. An automotive cell is the life of your vehicle and requires care and maintenance. Despite being the powerhouse of your vehicle, automotive batteries have a limited lifespan.

Tips to Find a Reliable Car Battery Replacement and Installation Provider · Carfit. Taking Care of the Car Battery – 5 tips · Carfit. Top Reasons for Car Batteries to Die · Carfit. What if your car suddenly stops while you are driving and won’t start again? Sudden mishaps like these occur due to several reasons, battery death being the most common of them. 5 Ways to Improve Car Headlight Beam · Carfit. Do you live in areas with extreme fog or perhaps you’re travelling in an area at night with no street lights? Tips to Fix Common Car Battery Delivery & Installation Related Problems · Carfit. A car battery forms the heart and soul of every vehicle.

As the sole source of power and electricity, a battery assists in the single most important function of a car – driving. Best Wiper Blade Options for Maruti, Toyota and Honda Cars · Carfit. Tips to Install a New Battery in Car · Carfit. How to Keep Your New Car Battery Running Longer? · Carfit. A Complete Guide on Car Battery Delivery and Installation: Must Read · Carfit.