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Panjab Jewelry are manufacturers & wholesalers of all kind of Nose Pin, Bali & CZ Ring

After Nose Piercing risks to avoid - Panjab Jewelry. Gold Sania Bali - Panjab Jewelry. THE SAGA OF THE NATH - Panjab Jewelry. Posted at 12:22h in nose pins by admin Individuals have been piercing their noses for more than 4,000 years, giving nose puncturing one of the longest and most extravagant narratives of a body puncturing.

THE SAGA OF THE NATH - Panjab Jewelry

In the sixteenth century, nose piercing was bought to India from the Middle East by the Mughal heads. In India, a stud (called a “Phul”) or a ring (for example “Nath”) is generally worn in the left nostril, albeit the two nostrils are punctured in certain territories. The explanation about the left nostril getting pierced is that because of that spot being related with female regenerative organs in Ayurveda (for example: Indian drug); the piercing should make labor simpler and decrease period torment. It’s a well-known fact that since the pre-Independence and through the royal dynasties that the nation has seen, India was viewed for the sovereignty the Indian ladies had. The Nath Tale Something other than an Ornament. Perfect Nose pin selections for your Perfect self - Panjab Jewelry.

Posted at 13:21h in nose pins, nose rings by admin Introduction Design wheels have turned around and numerous, Indian Accessories have made a shocking rebound.

Perfect Nose pin selections for your Perfect self - Panjab Jewelry

Wedding as well as many such Indian occasions, the nose ring is adored by Indian ladies and is worn in the majority in such event. Before you push forward to get yourself an exquisite nose ring, one must ensure to read this blog totally so that it works out in a good way for your face shape and your outfit. All of you realize that nose ring sits on the face and draws all consideration along these lines due to which it becomes very important to ensure its shape and size that suits your face shape. 22K / 18K / 14K Gold – Which is better? Clearing the confusion for once and all - Part 1 - Panjab Jewelry. Posted at 19:47h in nose pins, nose rings by admin Since the days of yore, individuals have been known to enhance their beauty through jewelry.

22K / 18K / 14K Gold – Which is better? Clearing the confusion for once and all - Part 1 - Panjab Jewelry

The mountain men frequently utilized leaves, blossoms, wood, bones and so forth to make adornments for their body. At that point they began utilizing uncommon valuable metals like gold and silver, which were later tried as precious metals. In the Indian setting, and pretty much all through the world, gold made an extraordinary spot for itself because of it’s nearly higher worth and style. They calculated that it was the best crude material for gems as it could be liquefied and framed into any shape, and in this way it offers various ways for it to be decorated. So we have seen what makes gold so uncommon. Gold Purity? Before we begin discriminating Gold, can you tell us the difference between the milk brought to you by the 3 milkmen Ram lal, Rakesh and Mohan?

100% Pure Gold = 24 Karat (or) 24K 22K, 18K & 14K Gold – Why these? Bridal Nose Ring 101: Tips for Brides with Piercing and Without One - Panjab Jewelry. Posted at 10:16h in nose rings by admin Any girl, who likes or dislikes dressing up, has thought over her wedding day look a million times in her head.

Bridal Nose Ring 101: Tips for Brides with Piercing and Without One - Panjab Jewelry

There are tons of options available for jewelry in the market today, but bridal jewelry and bridal naths play an integral part of your bridal look. The adorned nose loop can enlighten the face of a bride of beautifully. Gold Nose Pin Manufacturer. Buy Nose Pin online Nose pins are a perfect addition to your daily wear jewelry to help you enhance your looks or even create a signature style for you.

Gold Nose Pin Manufacturer

Due to nose pins being a popular trend these days it is available on most online platforms. What Panjab Jewelry offers you is the newest, trendiest and the original designs which you wouldn’t find anywhere else; in the purest of gold. Along with offering exquisite designs and pure quality Punjab Jewelry offer a wide variety of collections for every occasion from daily wear to special occasions. Significance of Nose Pin Being traditionally in India, Middle East and Africa, the nose pin has been around for thousands of years. Tradition or defiance, nose pins are a beautiful fashion accessory to suit all faces types and all age groups.

Come explore the history, fashion and trend of the nose pin with Panjab Jewelry. How to carry a bridal nose ring like a boss? - Panjab Jewelry. Posted at 20:12h in nose rings by admin The day you dreamt of since you were a little girl is finally arriving, and every little detail about your wedding day, from your lehenga down to the choice of your nose ring must be absolutely perfect.

How to carry a bridal nose ring like a boss? - Panjab Jewelry

For an Indian Bride wearing a nose ring on the wedding day carries cultural significance. The nose ring is considered as a symbol of being married and wearing a nose ring is also an ode of respect to the Indian goddess Parvati. Along with the cultural significance of a nose ring, it also plays a crucial role adorning the face of the bride and believe it or not this small accessory has the power to make or break your bridal avatar. Making nose pins a fashion statement, move with fashion trends - Panjab Jewelry. Recommendations for choosing the best metal for your Nose Ring - Panjab Jewelry. Posted at 10:50h in nose pins, nose rings by admin Buying a nose ring becomes potentially complicated.

Recommendations for choosing the best metal for your Nose Ring - Panjab Jewelry

It happens with any jewelry which you are going to wear. So, it becomes necessary to take essential precautions to minimize discomfort and other health risks. Most people face two common issues regarding this are they get infections and allergies after wearing a nose ring. There can be many factors that contribute to this problem. Here, in this handout, you will come to know the best metals to choose for your nose rings. Online Gold Jewelry Manufacturer India - Panjab Jewelry.